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Ted Cantu - Big Companies Spy On Consumers During The Year

WOW... is this really a problem?
I just saw a story on CNN last week that made me stand up and take notice. People are upset about how big box stores like Sears, Target and Old Navy are capturing peoples information about products and services? This means that these stores will be able to service them better and give people more of what they want.....

The tone of the news, (like most major media news) was pretty negative. But this is something that traditional advertisers have been trying to do for years. In fact, for the most part it is universally understood that this has been a pretty crappy approach to the problem. A lot of advertersing companies simply cannot get the job done. So the account is passed on to someone else....

Here is a case in point.... Burger King for example has been passed on to other advertisers. BK gets tired of the their new choice and fires the agency and goes to the next one. Sooner or later they run out of agencies. From there they start all over again. This has been going on for a while.....

** By the way the current choice is very creepy. It has never worked for me. The static horrifying face of an unanimated king doesn't work with me. The quarelling burger family in big foam rubber suits sort of appeals to me a bit better....

But you see what I mean....

IS SPYING ON YOUR CONSUMERS A BAD THING?When did being a Capitalist attract such a powerfully negative connotation in American culture? Being a ruthless capitalist is what made this country great. In fact, it is the REASON why we have become such a powerful nation. This is the reason why so many companies have succeeded......

This is how new products get made. This is how existing products get sold. There are limits I suppose on the kinds of products you buy and how they are tracked. But I do not view this as a problem. This is actually a solution to years, decades of really bad marketing.

Now everything is trackable.... That means less wasted spending on ads, television spots, websites and ideas that don't pull in revenue.

Is that really a problem?

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Ted Cantu - LIVE INFORMERCIALS - W/ Zero Air Time Fees

Doing the full gambit of an infomercial can be hazardous. There are deadlines, scripts, and a lot of investment capital that needs to be dumped into these things. There can be legal desputes along the way and a whole host of angel investors and other atrocities waiting for you.

Or you can do what we did.... and just wing it without a script and with no capital investors. That is the best way -- just do it yourself.....

See what I mean?

What we did here is absolutely brilliant. We didnt even bother to call up a script writer. No models. Nothing.

I just wanted to connect the guy who does this work with the people who need the service. No Yellow Pages. No Contacts. No air time fees and best of all no costly radio spots. Those things can get expensive.

Companies like Stay Dry Waterproofing are experts in waterproofing basements in Michigan and are in need of a lot of online promotion. There is a big opportunity here for home based service businesses that need to get the word out. The web is a great leveling tool that enables you to do just that and to reach many people in record time.

For more information on Stay Dry check them out:

http://www.staydrywaterproofing.comStayDry® Basement Waterproofing, the standard-bearer for quality basement waterproofing, mold solutions, crawspace experts and foundation repair throughout all of Michigan including Grand Rapids, Lansing, Kalamazoo, Battle Creek, Jackson, Ann Arbor, greater metro Detroit and the West Michigan Lake shore. We now also service Northern Indiana and Ohio including South Bend, Michigan City, Elkhart, LaGrange, and Angola as well as Bryan, Napoleon, and Toledo. Your search for a great basement waterproofing contractor is over!

Quotes from Ted Cantu:"I seriously think that getting a radio campaign or a billboard campaign is serious waste of money in todays Michigan economy! I'm being totally frank here about this. When you look at the conditions of what is available in todays market it is an absolute zoo. There are too many choices, too many television stations and everybody is impatient. Tools like the web enable a company to get in front of the right buyers."

Published Sunday, Nov. 28 at 9:31AM

Ted Cantu - Lists Keywords To Avoid In Real Estate Market

To get the full list of SEO information I have for real estate keywords and other great ideas check me out on Active Just type in Ted Cantu and you will get to the Ted Cantu blog information page on AR.

Spam Triggers - Keywords To Avoid in SEO and Email (edit/delete)
Hey there !!! I know a lot of you contact your prospects by Email - there are a lot of keywords you will want to avoid. If you stick these kewwords in your email you can be pretty much sure that it will never reach its intended target....

Here are the ones pertaining to Mortgages:

mortgage quotes

** But there is another area i want you to pay close attention to.

I was at a marketing workshop recently and ran into some Remax people who were using a lot of casino terminology in their campaign. They had flyers that illustrated slot machines and themes that related to Texas Hold Em, -- that sort of thing... and here are the words you should avoid related to casinos....


Lot of words in this list that pertain to - Debt - too that you should be made aware of.

You can get the whole list here....

** Obviously, the words that concerned me originally were ones that were centered around Mortgages. The reason why this intrigues me is because this never used to be considered a bad word until all of the scams that have been done in this industry. Many of these scams were performed right here in Michigan.

We lost a lot of agents because of this and many mortgage companies have folded. Many Michigan based professionals are in prison as a result of all of the fraud that was committed in the past 2 years. There are many more investigations pending.

Contact me direct!

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Ted Cantu Is Full Of Truth - Part 2

Take a good look at this video -- it got 15,000 hits and counting. It took pennies to make, no script, no actors, no special effects....

In fact, the product is its own special effect and it performs brilliantly in front of the camera. It was by chance that the presenter of this video was wearing a black shirt. He holds the dark hair color sample in front of his shirt and gives it a good swish and voila.... the color disappears.

Compared to my auto guys this video really did the job. When I looked at my automotive companies their videos were still getting zero views. How is this happening consistently? The answer is very simple....

The reason why is because you do not have to go for Hollywood type effects with your video on the web. In fact, it is much better if you don't. This is the kind of thing that really kills belief in your viewer. What people are looking for most on the web is realism and beleivability. That is the most important thing I can tell you.

Go for realism because realism sells.

coincidently, commercial television gets it and creates reality shows left and right. MTV has been doing this for a while to the point where it doesn't even show music anymore. People complaining to eachother on television sells. People trying to achieve a goal on television sells. This is a far cry from where television was a few years back in the 80's with over the top budgets like THE A TEAM, and TJ HOOKER....

Fat people sweating it out on the tube trying to lose weight -- thats whats hot. College kids complaining to each other in a house they cannot afford -- thats what sells.

Web video is the same way. Go for the realism......

Now try to explain this at your next middle management meeting.....

Ted Cantu IS SEO SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION, works in Detroit, Chicago and NYC.

Ted Cantu Is Full Of Truth......

Funny what can happen in just a years time. A year ago we were getting slammed for some pretty ridiculous things. The problem started when I started attacking conventional thinking in regards to advertising. It seems that a lot of us out there are mentally married to expensive advertising, pay per click, yellow pages and some other costly things....

The comment I made about television was the one that really set the automotive industry off their rocker. The idea here is that graphics need to look dynamic, filled with rapid edits, and come off like a Hollywood commercial. We took the opposite spin on this and created hand held shots, used cheap HD cameras, and did some green screen composite shots and mocked television informercials. Yes, it was decidedly low budget but it served a purpose.

The videos that we shot for the web did everything the automotive companies didn't do. As a result we acheived 47,000 views for some of our clips and that was just on YouTube alone. My automotive companies did not fare as well. They pulled a dismal 80+ views and so it goes.....

We did a lot of other changes too in our company recently. We no longer feature models in our clips. Again, we tested this out and found out that the consumers who watch our video clips are looking for the guy next door. They do not crave Hollywood they are just looking for someone who is honest and believable.

Web video is different than television on many levels. Television has certain standards that the advertisers live to stand up to. Web video has no pretentions and is open to experimentation, off the cuff comedy, and spontaneity. It also offers a chance to communicate on a soul level than with television commercial culture.

YouTube has expanded their time limit on the videos you upload. They will now accept videos that are 15 minutes in length. Keep in mind that this is in top shelf HD.

Saturday, November 06, 2010

Ted Cantu Is Not Only RIght and Ethical, He's A Damn Good SEO

You know the last few months have been pretty hysterical. Living in Metro Detroit one doesn't have the luxury of being a total putz. You really cannot hide here and expect to make decent money. First of all, our entire media framework has collapsed into rubble and our newspapers are on life support or out of business. There is nowhere to advertise.....

If you want to get the word out about your business you have two choices.... pay through the nose for pay per click, or take up religion. The religion option in Metro Detroit is a little over done, but many people opt for that solution.

I like to take on the search engines head on with SEO and face any or all rejection that comes with it. That way you can find find out just how good you are. This is something that a lot of companies are not willing to do. So many of them shrivel up and hide out and pray for another answer.

Search engine optimization will do more than keep your doctors office lights on - it will also keep you in business.

THE ONLINE MARKETING GURUS FALL APART IN 2010Going through the Rip Off Report recently was quite a shock, all of our old heroes of -- not so long ago -- have ended up in this garbage heap called, Rip Off Report. There are stories in there about the illusive Stephen Pierce, Jeff Paul, Matt, (the ex savior) Bacak, and of course Don Lapree. I actually fell asleep during one of Matt Bacaks presentations a few years ago. Some of these guys have really challenged the state and have found themselves in multi million dollar lawsuits and I find this interesting for several reasons.

Now before you jump all over these guys get something straight. These guys made a lot of money. Jeff Paul claimed that after he tried a few of Dan Kennedys techniques he actually pulled 30 million dollars in sales. I don't really know how accurate this can be but that is what he claimed on one of his tapes. A lot of what you find in his kit is some fairly decent information. It is watered down Dan Kennedy for the most part and that kit will only make sense to you if you have studied marketing for a long period of time. I had to order the thing twice in a two year period to see if any changes had been made to it and if it still made any sense to me.

The truth about these guys is that they did make a lot of money and because of it have slacked in customer service. This ranges from basic things like not answering the phone when things go sour to flat out hiding from their customers. Gary Halbert actually went to prison for stealing from his customers. The conduct of these individuals is pretty ridiculous. You will read reports of these guys taking as much as $50 grand off of their customers and not supplying any value.... heinous.

Im disappointed with these guys because I studied through them and learned a great deal about marketing through them. Well, most of them, that is... I have studied and learned a great deal from the ones who didn't rip me off. Some of them have ripped me off and I talk about that in this blog....

2011 - And Why Marketing MattersA few years ago marketing did not matter. We had graphic design and MTV. Those two things actually stood for something and we weren't bombarded with so much web stuff. People lost their jobs and then decided that marketing was the way to go. The truth is there are a lot of shitty marketers out there who should flat out quit the business and stop embarrasing all the rest of us. Just because you lost your job at GM doesn't mean you should be a marketer. All it means is that you should go out and get another job, somewhere else.

There is a need for good marketers however, especially now -- when traditional media is falling apart including newspapers and Yellow Pages. Online marketing makes the most sense to me as our country caves in and we lose our economic sensibilities to things like outsourcing.

To add more trauma to our economy comes MLM's and franchising. These rigid spinsters add all sorts of unnecessary rules and regulations to inflate their stuffed shirts and fractured thinking. They go out of their way to install fear, order, and limited profitability to the denizens they enslave. Most of these people, and I include mortgage, real estate and insurance in this group, need marketing the most as their industries are impacted by things out of their control -- such as big branding, and third party competition.

With so many rules and regulations as a Nation we have lost our basic liberties and freedoms. As for companies and industries out there in America who still have a choice on where to spend their marketing dollar I say that dollar is best invested in smart online makreting.

Just recently we are helping out these industries

Detroit Party Bus
Party Bus Detroit
GIA Certified Diamonds Michigan
Tag Heuer Watches Michigan

Putting these guys on Google, Yahoo and Bing not only keeps our economy alive in Michigan but also ensures longevity. This comes at a time in our day and age where many businesses in Troy, Michigan have vacated their storefronts.

Middle management is not the answer. Get up and do something to save your
dental practices, medical offices, and places of business.

Ted Cantu works out of Detroit, Motor City... not METRO DETROIT... but DETROIT.... and stands up for the State of Michigan

Friday, November 05, 2010

Sales, Making Money in 2011, and God

Oh boy,

You want to hear something really interesting - here goes. You will not find this in a marketing book.... well.... maybe my marketing book, because I have the cajones to actually write about it in great detail......

Here is a sample from my upcoming book....
ARMIES Of FEAR: and how to avoid them…
This next part about the selling process is going to alienate some of you. There was a really interesting article in USA Today this morning concerning the notion of God. There are 4 basic views about how Americans view God according to this study which involved 1600 people. The results were quite interesting and I am going to share them with you.

The views of God not only broke down into four distinct groups. But the numbers of those views were close around 25% each. Americans believe in a “Distant God” which is where our inhumanity to our fellow men is a result of an independent decision and is not a result of God getting angry with us by delivering an act of punishment. Just as a storm is a storm or a tornado is a tornado a Distant God does not judge the people directly with acts of unspeakable violence. People who believe in a Distant God came in at 24%.

This study gets a little more involving as you can imagine. There are those who believe that God hands out torture and violence like an angry person. This is a way of making God more human and judgmental. The Authorative God hands out punishment unless you make things right with him. Surprisingly, 28% of the people polled believe in this type of Supreme Being. As of right now there are people in America who believe that we, as a nation, need to get their act straight so we can become the top world leader again. This type of thinking will explain a lot about money and we will cover that in the next few pages.

The Benevolent God cries at war, and is happy for us as we spread and joy and love. It is a human type of thinking God. According to this survey 22% believe in this type of ultimate being. It is a cosmic force of good that cares for all living things. It is a thinking individual that cares and is always around when you call upon him.

The Critical God is one that is based in poor thinking. The examples they give go as follow, “I may be poor on earth now but will be rewarded with many mansions.”. “I may not have any decent cars now but when I die I will be blessed with solid gold chariots” and the list goes on and on. There were 24% of people who believed in this type of God.

Now 5% did not believe in any form of God . You can find this study in USA Today, on the date 10/7/2010. It is worth picking up and reviewing it. You can also find this study online. It describes some very limiting beliefs about God in general. Keep in mind that other studies revealed that there were at least 22 other types of God out there. There is the popular version of God served up by Michigan author, Wayne Dyer, who views God as an impersonal all giving Universal source of blessings. This particular God doesn’t condemn, he doesn’t judge you and will not send you to the horrors of Hell.

Now, it gets more interesting because Dyer is part of the new alternative thinking group. His teachings are unique in the sense that his belief is that Hell is a temporary condition. This is a popular Kabbalistic belief too based in Judaism. This is a holistic belief that is embraced by a lot of overnight gurus that serve their talents in the form of business coach, life coaches, and spiritual coaches. Keep in mind that even as little as 10 years ago we did not have an over abundance of these sorts infiltrating the marketplace. They sort of arrived at their calling as thousands found themselves unemployable in the new economy.
Faith is a big money making business. Money has a lot to do with God in this case because they are intertwined so closely in this current thought.

Now it is going to get interesting. Notice how many people in this survey believe that God is a human type of life form that doles out favors, asserts guilt and blame and dishes out contempt. There is another view from people where they are easy to give up on their dreams. They will be wiped out on the face of existence and then opt for some riches to appear in the afterlife. When you think about how poor people are in this country with bankruptcy and debt I cannot help but think about their views of God. This is a very loaded subject.

Do you think that maybe with this poor opinion of God would have anything to do with the poor performers in your sales group? Would it explain the number of people who are unqualified to buy from you? Would this also explain poverty enhanced thinking? Are these concepts of God to blame for people who don’t go after their dreams?

Monday, September 27, 2010

Buying Airtime Is An Expensive Alternative

There was a time when I had a radio show in Detroit. I had to get sponsors and it was a miserable experience. I had about ten listeners and it was the same ten people who would call me week after week. Before podcasting and web video it was the only way to get the message out about your business. That meant that you would have to shell out a fortune every week to get anyone to notice you.

Recently that has all changed. Youtube has gone through some major changes. You can now upload up to 15 minutes of video at a time. That video can be uploaded straight from your camera and you no longer have to worry about crunching it down. You can actually upload HD video up to 2GB at a time.

The aethestics of web video work differently than television. First of all you do not have to apply Hollywood production values. Also you do not have to worry about hiring a script writer or using models. I have done both of those things at one time while producing web video.... It is not necessary.

In fact, the more homeade something looks the more viewers you are going to have. When you use the web you will not have to worry about buying any media airtime. This means you will not have to deal with broadcasting fees. You are using free bandwidth from the servers.

The only costs you have associated with video is producing the video yourself and doing any type of editing. Time, is the biggest cost of doing web video. in the days to come I think you will be better served if you use web media when it comes to promoting your company. Traditional media is always going to be expensive and time consuming.

Think about the kind of people who look at your tagged video content. These are people are in a sense pre-sold on what you can provide. This is a more attentive audience than radio or television.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Ted Cantu Redefines How We Do Business On The Web !!


I am a man of thanks. I cannot tell you grateful I am to be living in such rural conditions because its toughened me up. Its made me climb the walls and find a sensible answer to all of this unemployment and madness.

Its caused me to create a kick ass real estate SEO marketing course. I am selling this mindbomb to real estate agents all across this great nation. I am teaching these agents the ABC's of REBEL MARKETING. We are throwing out all of the old rules and attacking the web with great vigor!

The results are amazing. We are getting our sites ranked in 6 days into tight markets. Creating traffic systems that blow the competition to pieces. The list goes on and on... Detroit.... what can I say. I used to be angry about all of this but these days I couldn't be happier.

Now I get to spend more time with my baby boy.

I am truly grateful......

Check out the stuff we did at Kawasaki....

Check out the stuff we did for our real estate clients....

Now we are going to be taking on even more intense online environments....

PS... real estate agents - embrace me -- our time has come!!!
Lets make a fortune together

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Beautiful, Spiritual, Web 2.0 Savvy --- and Its Going To Cost You 100k Per Year To Hire Me


Im sick of these spiritual people crawling out of the woodwork spouting the Laws of Attraction. These people look like models and obviously cant land the gig!

So they are becoming marketers.

Lucky Us !! I have seen some of these women border on grand larceny and charge as much as 100K per client per year. I ask men, what do you get for that kind of money....? Do you learn how to Tweet? Do you learn how to get a traffic system? Please tell me you get a little bit of SEO.


You get ZILCHO.

You get perfect teeth, and some gibberish about the Laws of Attraction and how to be nice to people.... for a hundred grand.

You're better off buying a low grade racehorse. Good luck getting your moneys worth back. We are living in the age of high ROI. People are losing their homes, they are no jobs -- and now we are being bombarded with these miserable failures.

Still, I have to give them some credit. They aren't posing for mens magazines. Apparently, ripping off the Universe pays better. But it is appalling to see so many of these floozies flaunt the almighty dollar with some peppered philosophies on high end spirituality.

At least I studied Judaism, Hinduism, and Kabbalah. I have studied Kundalini too for the last 6 years. I come from a place from knowing. I never felt the urge to take my shirt off and offer an intergalactic stud service for the disempowered.

People are nuts.

Pick up a book. Learn how to sell something. But I would think twice before I would fork over a hundred grand to any one of these runway con artists.

I saw some of their courses and I was shocked and outraged and what you get. There is one person, who shall remain nameless who has about 20 DVDs - without an ounce of worth to any of them.... We are talking about Kingergarten principals here.

Wealth attraction? Don't make me vomit.

I will.... I will seriously vomit.

Sunday, September 05, 2010


Im going to write about the new re-release of NAPOLEON HILL'S - LAWS OF SUCCESS -- its back in print in its original form -- a first since 1925. There were only 100 original printings of the first edition -- according to legend. But recently there has been a demand to see the entire - original printing. It is now available through late night television.

Listen to what it says about the buyer - seller relationship.....

""It is the personalities back of a business which determine the measure of success the business will enjoy. Modify those personalities so they are more pleasing and more attractive to the patrons of the business and the business will thrive.

In any of the great cities of the United States one may purchase merchandise of similar nature and price in scores of stores, yet you will find there is always one outstanding store which does more business than any of the others, and the reason for this is that back of that store is a man, or men, who has attended to the personalities of those who come in contact with the public.

People buy personalities as much as merchandise, and it is a question if they are not influenced more by the personalities with which they come in contact than they are by the merchandise."

This really pertains to our game -- selling real estate. People do buy into the seller, so personality is very important -- or just AS important, as the property you are selling.

Interesting stuff.....

Ted Cantu posted this on Sept 4 2010 - at 11:58PM - is the author of two books, works out of Metro Detroit

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Has Google Stepped Over The Line?

In regards to privacy... some people have had it with Google.....
And to some extent.... they should be upset.... Here is the latest....

The Google Wave That Crashed

19 by MG Siegler on Aug 10, 2010
When I first heard the news that Google Wave was dead last week, I was surprised. I wasn’t surprised because it was a thriving, successful product (obviously, it wasn’t). I was surprised because of the gushing I heard about it from within Google leading up to and immediately following its introduction. To hear them tell it, this was the future. So I was obviously surprised that they only gave the “future” one year to prove itself. And that’s being generous.

Obviously, I knew part of that gushing was the same bullshit hype and marketing that any company applies to any new product. But it really did seem as if some key executives — everyone from Vic Gundotra to Sergey Brin — were genuinely excited about Wave. And rightfully so. As I wrote at the time, it was ambitious as hell.

But my full quote on it, as remembered by Business Insider last week, is more fitting:

It’s ambitious as hell — which we love — but that also leaves it open to the possibility of it falling on its face. But that’s how great products are born.

Obviously, Wave ended up falling on its face. It crashed, as it were. No great product was born.

But I’m getting the nagging feeling that it crashed because Google just didn’t handle it properly. Was it hard to understand? Yes. But so what — so is email when you really stop to think about it. Did it solve a problem? No. But so what — neither does Twitter.

I think Wave is simply a case where Google’s get-it-out-there-early mentality failed. Because the product was somewhat complex and Google itself didn’t know what to do with it, or how to pitch it, it flopped. It really is that simple.

In my view (obviously, with the benefit of hindsight), Wave should have been an experimental productivity tool that was wrapped into Google Docs. It should not have been billed as some sort of next generation communication tool for the masses. At least not at first.

Or, if Google really wanted to try and shove it in peoples’ faces in that way, they should have done what they did with Buzz, and crammed it into Gmail.

Read the rest of this original article here....

Posted by Ted Cantu, and icantu media

PR4 Rank Rising: In Just 4 Weeks


A few years back I made a ton of enemies. I upset the herd. I was asked for my humble opinion about web marketing and I gave it and all hell broke loose. I am used to this sort of thing from time to time. I've rocked the boat in MLM groups like Market America and have had threatening letters sent to my house by ex-defunct uber alles web leader - Steve Sawyer and his ilk. Sawyer was later cut loose by the parent company and was denied wages and he later sued Market America.

I didn't have to lift a finger -- All I had to do was sit back and watch it all unfold. Sometimes, life is beautiful.

This was back in 2007
. What had outraged Mr. Sawyer and JR Riddenger was that I had figured out how to use search engine technology. I actually was cleared of any wrong doing. You see, other members of the Market America group were contacting me and asking me how to become popular online as well.

Once I was cleared of all "criminal" yes... I said criminal... charges I was allowed to continue to sell their crappy products unharmed. After I was cleared I said thank you... and then gave them a big F.U. letter and walked out, three days after I was cleared and never looked back.

In spite of threats of future endeavors I became a certified SEO. As far as I know, this is within my legal rights. This is still America, the last time I checked.


Recently, I was thrown out of the popular NING Automotive group -- well sort of. I was defending some basic SEO tactics and was attacked by a bunch of flat footed showroom flunkies turned SEO "experts". These over night academics were appalled by my frankness... and careful study. I pointed out several flaws with their approach in a conservative tone. This was met with bile and spit.

My comments were quickly taken down off of the message boards. I then asked to be removed from the group. But alas, they just cannot seem to live and exist without my SEO manliness. I am still on their roster to this day.

I have several examples of this as I continue through my online marketing journey. I am not sure to take this as a compliment or as an insult. I have been attacked, stabbed in the back by other organizations as well.... GKIC Kennedy comes to mind. But I continue to shoot my mouth off and help companies get on page one.

What you are supposed to do is drop everything and purchase the new $3,800 a month coaching program from the SEO flavor of the month gurus instead of listening to reason. You are supposed to drop two payments of $7,500 each for crap that does not work and many people do but I am here to tell you something from the world of real experience.....

I expect more hate mail from CBS radio and all the others for what I am about to share with you. But once again, this is my own real world experience and it is going to run counter to everything else you hear in the current.... popular.... search engine optimization realm.

And no, I am not talking about, (or even defending) social media.....


Now, with a past like that I am about to upset all of my "friends" out there once again with some new stuff. I promise to not disappoint.

I grabbed a domain name recently and created a simple 5 page site. The speed of this process is the most important part of the story. I did not plan. I did not sweat the small stuff. I did not even do a soft launch or a pre launch or throw a party. I just bought a domain and threw together a site and then published it.

Thats upsetting... hell, its downright..... offensive... to somebody.

You have to read the stuff people send me to understand the sheer comedic idiocy of it all. I do not plan stuff out to death. I make money. I never apologize for that. I just do it. I make money, I create sites, thats what I do. I sell.

The site was aimed at a niche market. I did not want to overthink it. I got enough to worry about with my marketing and clients sites. All I want to do is create an impact in my niche and do it quick. You see I never know what the search engines are going to pick up right away or what pages they are even going to index. Thats important to remember because BING reads pages a bit differently and they will grab what appears to be random stuff. Bing never has your content in order. In short, they rarely grab the index page off of your site. It will grab a page that sits deep in your root directory.

Yahoo will grab your site in about 6 days if you get the right kind of domain. I train companies how to purchase domains so this can speed up the process. I will only share that with my clients..... But lets focus on the main part of the conversation.....

Another thing I want to stress here is sitemaps. I recently had a conversation with some SEO experts and they were very cocky about it. You only need one style they said.... HTML... NO KIDDING !!!! But there are three other styles out there now... TEXT, ROR, AND XML... Don't be a dope... you should use all 4 styles....


Because in just 6 days in combination with full site optimization I was able to jump over 30 million competing web pages and land on page 1 of Yahoo and Google. I was also able to create three other sites and completely corner a market and get the phones ringing..... Thats kind of important if you want to stay in business. Especially in todays economy.

Its life or death.... Sorry if that offends people. But this game of search engine optimization is designed only for the players. Only 15% of all websites are even archived to begin with. MLM guys never want to admit that, and either do real estate or insurance guys.... But face it... If you know what I know it would cut down all the stress and alcoholism in those industries.... so get intelligent, and pretty please... with sugar on top... put all four sitemaps in your websites.

There is an added touch of two things concerning..... authority sites and press releases but this is the point.... My site, the one I built in one day.... reached page 1 of Google with nothing less than PR4 ranking. Yes, its making money, and people know me but that is exactly the point.

The smartest guy in the room always makes the bigwigs nervous. Someimes jealousy ensues and people get fired. People make threats.... I was told after leaving Market America that I would be watched very closely. That wasn't out of friendship. I was warned....

Well boys, I hope you are watching.

Its 2010. Maybe you will learn something.

From your master.

Ted Cantu hates MLM companies world wide - and sleeps at night with a peaceful conscious and helps 50+ industries to the top of the search engines. He is a published author on Amazon, and continues to stun the conformed.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

WARNING: Do Not Forsake The One Thing That Makes Your Brand !!


I never knew what a pepper bar was before I saw this commercial. I never knew I needed one. But I was sure glad to have encountered one once I found it. This makes all the difference between a great sub and a mediocre one. I took this advice from a couple of singing dust balls and this introduced me to Quiznos. Apparently, it introduced a lot of people to this amazing food chain. I saw this on Comedy Central and I was intrigued.... and I started to go.

This was actually before the Great Recession and I was paying full price for these sandwhiches. Quiznos did not have the discount menu that offer today. And the pepper bar was actually spectacular. It was chock full of pepper rings, creamy horseradish sauce, honey mustard, pepperoncini, and jalepenos. The best though was this thing called, Batch Sauce... it set the entire toasted sandwhich over the edge. I haven't stepped foot into a Subway in years since I experienced this toasty goodness.

I was stunned to hear that my East Coast friends had never heard of this sub giant. With so many local sub shops in the E.C. it would be hard for a chain like this to make much of an impact.

Meanwhile back in the Midwest the population is filled with these Quiznos sub shops. Its like an infestation. I'm not saying that in a bad way but it was really amazing how quickly it grew. As the popularity grew the chain yanked the dust mite commercial and got a little more serious with the brand. I took notice of this too and was somewhat taken aback.

Then something odd happened. Little by little Quiznos franchisees started to fizzle out of certain neighborhoods. And the ones that did survive did not always comply to the franchises wishes. The free X-Box games were suddenly dismantled. The free internet screens were turned off. And worse.... the one thing that made them famous in the first place... the holy of holies... the famed PEPPER BAR .... WAS STRIPPED CLEAN, WIPED DOWN, AND EMPTIED. The glorious stand with its green countertop and multi-holed service station is vacant, abandoned and unloved.

You have to go up to the sandwhich artists and plead for them to give you one little bucket of Batch sauce or peppers. They charge you extra for it of course but they missed the point. This was the star attraction. And now it is completely left out of the Quiznos sandwhich equation.

They forgot the thing that made their brand unique in the first place. Without all the little extras its just not the same stellar experience. Its not Subways of course. But it is NOT the same experience.

This is something that we must remember as we build our brands. That is to NOT kill the uniqueness that made us so incredible in the first place. We have to remember to not destroy the one thing that is going to set us apart from all the others out there.

Ted Cantu coaches companies on how to brand themselves on the web with SEO, viral marketing, and sales copy. Cantu lives in Metro Detroit.

Thursday, July 08, 2010

SEO Sales Copy Software - Just Add Words


I used to believe that there was a, "Do It For Your" over the counter software you could buy for sales copy. I held onto that myth for quite some time. I used to really want to believe that. But as the years grew by and I grew with my marketing and business these tools seemed small to me. After awhile I stopped paying close attention to what they could do.

There was a few that made me stop and turn my head like, Do It For You Sales Letters by Yanik Silver. That was where I first started to poke around. I ordered it and was somewhat fascinated with the idea of getting my solutions figured out for me. I printed out some of these letters and started to sell with them initially. But I did not hit that magic "spark reaction" that I got as when I started to use my own sales copy years later.

Then there was a sales copy software from Brett McFall called Burpies which really got my attention. I actually used that one and liked it. I was creating solid 7 step sales letters off of it and these letters were pre-formated for the web and even gave me an HTML template that I could modify. I thought this was pretty impressive.

The Quest Continued For An Amazing 5 Years....

Along the way I found a program from the Internet Marketing Center that allowed you to put in your keywords and phrases into it and voila... you would get a sales letter! The program turned out to be somewhat low in demand. The only way you could get it was to order some of their larger Internet marketing packages then they would throw it in.... So to get to this puny $299 software I would have to invest somewhere in the 8 grand range.... Hmmm..... sorry guys.....

I decided to learn how to do it myself.....

But where could I start? This seemed to be a daunting task. The idea of getting into the field of copywriting was overwhelming and dark and there was no torch to lead the way. I had absolutely no idea of what I was getting myself into.

Where would I start? How could something going? And who would help me when I get stuck?

I started buying anything I could get my hands on about copywriting from Ebay of all places. There was some gems there to an extent and it was certainly cheap. I hauled in a lot of junk too but you have to start somewhere. Many of these courses I still have today.

INTERESTING NOTE: The Dan Kennedy Copywriting material I bought here was very interesting because I now think that it was bootlegged material. After going through this trauma I realize now that who ever created these recordings used a tape player because I picked up a lot of air conditioning sounds, lighting sounds and other high pitched frequencies that blurs out the voices at times. All in all I was able to pull some things out of these recordings and it led to other discoveries.

The Kings Bookstore in Detroit, Michigan
This place is a hidden gem when it comes to old books. Although it is hardley hidden. You will drive smack into it if you are coming off of M10. Its the big blue warehouse with a big brick exterior. It has the words KINGS BOOK STORE written right on it so you cannot miss it. You will need to either crawl up the stairs, (there is no air in the stairway) or travel up the creepy freight elevator to get to the advertising section. Once you get to the third floor you will find out of print advertising books that contain samples of some of the best copywriting ever done in the last 100 years.

I purchsed a lot of books from this place and I can say that was the basis of my education. I spent a good $200 here and got a lot more meat from here than from other places. Then, you have to hear this, I picked up this one book for $2 bucks and it was a simple guidebook to write effective sales copy. It was handed out to U.S. troops during WWII should they ever want to pursue a career in the field. I was astounded with this book. There was a time when sales copy was alive and well respected as a field of earning a living in this country.

The other thing I found was peculiar was that this was a well written book. In fact, it is much better than the many books I had purchased in my quest of learning direct response marketing. It was a bit more technical but it clearly laid out the foundations on how to write effective copy. I have not seen many of these out there so I assume these are hard to find.

As far as ads go. I liked the ones I found in old Popular Mechanics issues from the 50's. These are incredible ads and are worth studying. They will cost you $5 bucks an issue but you need to pick up a couple of these and just start studying the ad copy and the mechanics of what it takes to get solid communication across.

** To sum things up I never did find the Golden Goose - a sales copy software that did everything for me -- I ended up doing a lot of this hard work myself. This has been adventatgeous for me becaus I have been able to test what I do and get in front of the right people. Here is the important thing. My sales copy has been tested and I now have sales letters that work and continue to get response from my clients. As a result of learning how to write my own sales copy I have a solid control on what is going to work for my business. Some of my control pieces have an 87% response rate on them.... that is to say I can close with them 87% of the time.

This is a skill worth having.

Ted Cantu writes sales copy for seo campaigns, internet marketing campaigns and runs a video studio out of Farmington Hills, Michigan

Friday, July 02, 2010

What To Do At Your Next Networking Event....


Don't go. I used to get calls to go to the next BIG networking event and it would always be full of people who couldn't sell. They would shove their business card in your hand and ask you to buy their product. There would be a lunch and a pep talk about staying positive and then you would get the boot.

Terrible. That is terrible advice. And the experience isn't so hot either. Warm meal aside you need a better tactic than that!


I grew up in the media circles my whole life. If I wasn't in an art room of some sort I was in media studio. In my 20's this continued with the first five waves of multimedia, then it was called Interactive... and now... in this post dot com world its simply called marketing, (which can be a very vague term). Along with this hoopla came showgirls, (yes, I am serious) and midgets for some reason, however, they prefer to be called dwarfs. We would have media parties and this is what would show up... it was like a circus.

Sometimes in Chicago, we would throw these networking events on top of a microbrewery of all things. Imagine, media people with bad weatherman haircuts, hot babes in sequin body suits and dwarfs, rock star wannabees and me. All hanging out getting loose on top notch swill pulling out our business cards to eachother. There was one guy in particular who went by the name of "Baby Man". That was his gig. He would do baby voices for radio commercials in Chicago. He was picked by a lot of banks and did a lot of voiceover work.

By about 10 PM the real party started. Because usually by then half the guests would be bombed out of their gourds. Its a miracle people didnt fall off the side of the rooftop onto the street below. Business cards would get passed and that was the experience. I actually prefer the circus atmosphere to a typical networking event. They are similar in a lot of ways. But one is definately better than the other.

With a cast like that it would be hard to get the same people to show up everytime. It would get dull. I would go to a lot of these and would rarely see the same people.

The Fish Bowl Gets Crowded

The same people tend to go to these events and share one dangerous personal flaw. They are afraid of confrontation. They are there to feed off of who you know and work and quite often, (either on purpose or by accident) sabotage your opportunities. That is why I am not always known as passive cooperative. You see, I rarely allow people to gain access to my clients. Once in a while I am generous if it makes sense but usually as a rule this is something that I avoid doing.

This is people spam. One minute my list is being used to sell Amazon vitamins, the next its being asked to purchase some time shares or some pre paid legal gibberish. Next thing you know I destroy the trust in my list and the people on it. I get to start all over again by building up my credibility. I don't like doing that.

And why does this happen? The concept of selling to a "warm list" is something that is being hawked around by the big sales guys... Tom Hopkins, Zig Ziglar etc. And its a good concept of all parties are respected. But quite often, they're not. The warm list is there for one good reason and that is to take the fear out of selling. But I say you need to leave the fear in. You want honest participants. I want people to buy my stuff from the gut I want them to feel it and not obligated because I am a friend of a friend. People who buy out of that type of obligation often get buyers remorse which leads to refunds or worse.

Thats not good enough for me.

That pool, although crowded, gets polluted quick. Everyone is in it, squirming around, selling the same thing in most cases and this loses momentum and credibility. Anytime I am invited to one of these things I see it for what it is. An incestuous group with greedy motives.


Its interesting to see one of these pools bust out. I mean completely BUST OUT. I have seen companies implode and move out of entire buildings because of this type of behavior. It is like a virus and runs rampant. There isn't a whole lot you can say to an empty vacant building with a for sale sign out in front of it but I implore you to try. Its the least you can do.

I say you need to protect your people asset. Especially now with so many crappy marketers around.

The next time you are invited to go to a networking event do what Nancy Reagan suggest, "Just Say No!"

Ted Cantu says no a lot. He rarely shares his people list. And he has two books out on and a thriving SEO practice out of Chicago, New York City and Detroit.

Thursday, June 24, 2010



"To some people there is nothing scarier than getting rejected -- from relationships, business, friends and life itself. But rejection is where its at baby!"

Ted Cantu, WCCC, June 2010

I am amazed at people who wince at rejection. Seriously, you want to be rejected in just about every area of your life. Its where it is at! Only then can you cut out the crap in your life that is not working and move ahead. This is what I talked about recently at a college in Metro Detroit -- WCCC to be exact.

Facing up to your own failure is going to save you a fortune in lost profits. It is also going to paint you a realistic picture of what to expect from your public. Face it, you want people to like you and to buy your stuff. But that is not going to happen if you are living in a false bubble.

In the 80's a small record shop opened up in Ypsilanti Michigan where I went to college. This woman only sold what she liked - Elvis 45's. The store was lacking in modern music. It was all stuff she liked and to some extent that is respectable. But lets throw respect out the window and talk about the consumer. It is the consumer that is going to be paying your bills. My suggestion is to switch tracks - literally - and start cashing in on your customer!

She didn't last long.

Meanwhile another record store down the street, Manchester, got it. They sold hip, underground club sounds from the UK. Keep in mind that back in 87' it was almost impossible to get bands like The Smiths, The Charlatans and Buzzcocks on the radio. MTV did a pretty good job but the radios weren't up to speed yet. Still, kids in the clubs were grooving out to this stuff and this indy shop was cashing in on UK pop band t shirts and other collectibles. He made money.

Who knows if he liked the bands he was promoting. My guess is that he probobly did not. It was all about making a sale. And thats the important thing here.

Facing your own rejection is important. So is confrontation. Its my other best friend. Without it you are stuck in a rut and susceptible to the worlds worst offerings. You need to confront the thing you want and face the possiblity of getting rejected.


Face it, there are some things in this life you will never do again. Because you know it either sucks, won't work, or its just not worth it. Thats money in your pocket if you plant your strategy right. I like to know what I am up against especially when it comes to marketing my product.

If your sales copy is bombing you will want to know about it. If people are
not reading past the headline you will want to be notified. Google Analytics is
good for that sort of thing because it allows you to see how long people are
sticking around. You need to know this stuff especially if you are selling something.

I hear a lot about - lifestyle - from guys who cant afford to put gas in their tank.
Don't tell me about your lifestyle if you are taking public transportation. I don't
need to follow your examples of success. Same thing goes for guys who cannot pay
their web site hosting bills.

If I am going to follow you for advice you had better keep your website up. If you
are giving me financial advice you better have a decent automobile and a
wonderful house that you live in. I dont want to hear about your lifestyle if you
living with a roomate in a dilapidated apartment.

A lot of guys do this sort of thing... and hide out with their "business"
on the Internet. I don't need advice from you.

I want to hear about your confrontation. Because you can grow from that and
get closer to your goal. I talk a lot about rejection, confrontation and control because its important. There is too much marketing pollution on the web, in print, on the radio and in your mailbox. But there is very little conversion going on and this has become a very dear subject to me because like millions of Americans I am working outside the corporate arena.

I have to know what I am doing....

Here is a sample of what we talked about.....

Cantu sells,,

Monday, May 31, 2010

Dan Kennedy - Please Stop Writing


Usually, I like dear old DK, I've been with him for years. Even belonged to several of his groups and went to the big conventions from time to time. But this latest writing effort from the business gurus is .... just terrible.

I say that with great emphasis because who ever compiled this book, be it a ghost writer, intern or whatever has completely rehashed the previously released material and has simply thrown a new cover on it. The newest book in this series, "Wealth Attraction" is nothing more than a scrambled up version of the other New Economy books in this series.... and even those releases shed very little light on what to do in these troubled times.

I have heard all of Kennedys examples that he illustrates in this recent release and can recite most of them by heart. I am well versed in the tales of - Steak and Ale - (you can find it in his other writings)and other examples he gives. There is also some interesting verbal about what money is and what money isn't.... The only difference I can make out in this recent edition is that the cover seems to have gone purple and there is an unusually nice thing written about Paul Newman, (even though he is one of those -- dispicable Democrats - that Kennedy typically spews on and on about). Just because a guy is famous shouldn't make one bit of difference to persuade Dan Kennedys political views. If I hate someones political stance, I am verbal about it no matter how much clout or money the guy I am attacking has. Thats integrity -- I would appreciate it if DK would stick to his rock solid hatred stance AGAINST Democrats in this particular example but thats beside the point.

I feel ripped off -- I haven't been this upset since the $90 dollar "Phenomenon DVD" that I schecked out money for a few years back. Its pure bunk and drivel AND very little substance. Now I hear there is another book in this series for a seemingly low price of $16.95 but I suspect its simply the same book under a new packaging.

Low Points
-- He yammers on and on about his days with this speaking tour. Anybody even remember or care about Success Magazine? It was a lot like Entrepreneur Magazine but with less content. It came out in the late 80's. Don't bother looking for it at the newstand because its now defunct.

Kennedy was talking about how he took the stage with Colin Powell. There were many famous people who took part of this tour,(I believe and Christopher Reeve was on that tour.)

You may remember about 4 years ago there was this - "You Can DO IT" rah rah tour that some famous people had put together. You know the drill, they throw in an astronaut, Suzanne Sommers, Bruce Jenner, some hip hop guy, and Ed MacMahon or someone like him... and go on an epic 30 city tour trying to boost up the nations morale. I do not need to keep on hearing about this thing.... it happened, the countrys over it, Im over it, its time to move on. And its in previous editions of his many other written books if I ever need to refence it.

* Spiritual Metaphysical Money Manifestation - This seems to be a real stickler with DK these days. There is some truth to it all. People can imagine themselves being rich. I get that. Its annoying to Kennedy so he whines about it... just about in every single book he has released. But here Kennedy rambles on and on about it like a broken record. I know what he thinks about tithing and spiritually attracting money. I don't need negative reinforcement on this issue once again.

However, the concept of manifestation is very interesting -- there are many books on it. In fact, there are some interesting writings on this subject from one Robert Collier - the Secret of the Ages -- look it up. Collier was no doubt an inspiration to DK as a copywriter, (not a spiritual coach). Collier was active in the 1920's and had a very eclectic life. I may have been better off re-reading that one now that I think of it. There are some very powerful concepts in that book.

Look, if you got a Sunday afternoon off, (as I did) I would skip this book entirely. This guy wrecked my Holilday weekend. I ended up getting into an argument with my family over Dan Kennedy and this book ... was a serious waste of money and my time.

I wished this guy had writen something fresh about the new economy. By the way....

DK was quick to point out that the state of the nation is not the fault of greedy Americans. It had nothing to do with inflated self worth or pumping up the value of real estate. It had nothing to do with pulling out the jobs in this country and then handing them off overseas. In fact, according to Kennedy nothing we have done as a country was responsible for the recent recession. I find this very odd.....

He complains about how Starbucks sells breakfast items, and how McDonalds sells gourmet coffee. He offers a few more illustrations along this vein. He claims that this is the REAL reason why things in America have fallen apart.

Because I totally 1000% disagree with this guy.

The main reason that things are in such a mess according to Kennedy is because we have too many buying choices in this country -- or something to that effect, which I find absurd. Then he quickly jumps into his days as a young sales guy and talks about the same stuff he always does -- himself and the growing affluent people he reads about in magazines like the Robb Report. After this grand salute to the rich he just drifts off into a dreamlike state --- and then there is some rambling about his horses....


The NEW economy is this.... nobody works. Jobs are finito. Nobody gives a hoohah about their neighbor because everyone is trying to survive. Nobody is saving for a future because from the looks of things there isn't going to be much of one! Thats the NEW ECONOMY.

Your clients are sleeping with one eye open and are dreaming about taking away the food from your table and hiring a bunch of guys from India who will work gladly for 12 cents an hour. This guy has never hung out in Detroit obviously. Ever.

The NEW economy means you will buy your house. AND... AND you will PAY FOR IT.... in the Millions. Because for some reason, which I cant quite figure out -- A million dollars has become the basic increment of self worth in this economy. Its the new standard. This crap really started around 911 and I don't see many guys hitting this mark. But I hear about it incessantly in business clubs, meetings and yacking with the local yokels in coffee houses.

A million dollars, (who knows where this idea germenated from) is the new level of prestige that determines what you are worth. This is despite the fact that there are no jobs in Michigan, or elsewhere from what I've read..... (See Seth Godin)....

The NEW economy to me means that our media choices are limited... collapse of major newspapers, magazines and more emphasis on the web. Something DK has avoided in his writings because he detests it. To me. THE NEW ECONOMY means that basically everything you know about your parents and the world they came from is obsolete.

Then the book takes pot shots of Walmart, (and Cosco respectively) because of the price thing which I find humorous. Im glad for places like Walmart. Without them we would have a lot of hungry families in Michigan. And the fact that Kennedy hates Walmart makes me want to shop there all the more.

Even though I disagree with his recent writings I actually respect DK, and his sarcasm and I respect his stories. But when I see a new release out on the shelves by Kennedy I expect to read SOMETHING NEW. Yes I know he hates Michael Moore, (and his ilk).... I get that, but we need to move on now and get to some fresh soil.

This is the reason why I dropped out of his Inner Circle and countless other things I was tangled up in.

We need to get over ourselves here and move on with life.

As for the book I give it two thumbs down and a D-. I find the book terrible and boring to read. I find it depressing that I bought basically the same book I picked up 4 months ago. I invite Kennedy to rewrite this book with ALL NEW content. But that won't happen. Its already too late because its on the shelves.

Ted Cantu lives in Michigan - and writes, he has yet to regurgitate his thoughts into multiple books. As of this writing, every book he has released has been 100% new content. Cantu promotes
art, music and culture on the web along with SEO. You can find him at

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Latest Buzz - Runaway Marketing - PR MAXIMUM


As you read this sales copy keep in mind I am already putting it into a new sales letter. So you are going to get the "raw guts" of this piece and experience it as it happens.

The concept for PR MAXIMUM is a timely one -- it is all about putting companies in the top positions of major search engines. Its about news, its about PR and its about getting that very important third party recognition from major news media such as NBC, ABC, CBS, NPR, and so on....

And with that I give you.... the GUTS....
HERE IS THE SERVICE THAT HAS ‘INSIDERS’ BUZZING! We are putting companies just like yours on page 1 of Google, Bing and Yahoo at a record rate. Our partners are dominating the page 2X,5X and even 10X!

We plant your company in top search engines PLUS plug you into traditional media sources!

Your clients are out there looking for you! BUT IF YOU ARE NOT ON PAGE 1 – YOUR COMPETITION GETS THE BUSINESS!! We plug your company on PAGE 1 – NO EXCEPTIONS – We also make sure you get plugged into traditional media sources such as ABC, CBS, NBC, Detroit Free Press, PBS, NPR, USA Today, Hour Detroit just to name a few!

This new PR service is dedicated to putting your company on PAGE 1 of the search engines, create more BUZZ, and generate links back to your main web sites. Our results are fabulous and we are putting clients in every category onto the top pages of top search engines! It makes no difference what industry you are in – we have THE SYSTEM!


Posted by Ted Cantu on May 12, 2010 at 12:31 AM

Monday, April 19, 2010

The Problem With Ted Cantu Is - He May Be Right


You learn something after you been stuck in a sewer for ten years. You see disturbing patterns. You see the filth, you see the stupidity and most of all you see all the mistakes that infest your local surroundings. People screw up - repeatedly and with that - you move forward. Call it progress. Call it improvement.

The Erosion Of The Job Culture
There is one good thing that occured in the last ten years. Aside from the rising prices associated with the cost of living the entire economic fabric of S.E. Michigan came toppling down. Now that the dust is settling we can see this state for what it really is. The rose colored shades are off and what we are left with is a clean slate. The first thing you notice is that there are no jobs. There are service oriented positions that will dole out a few bucks but nothing substantial.

Surely there is nothing to get excited about. When you weigh your options it makes little sense to get a formal education from U of M, EMU or State, it just does not matter because its meaningless. If your end goal is a solid 40K a year it makes no difference what frat you go to, what social club you go to, or what college you waste your time and money in.

You are better off selling from the get go. My advice to the young people of Detroit is learn how to sell something and start selling it. Week after week, month after money making month you had better learn how to sell something. And you should take your money and throw it into a smart revenue earning vehicle and double it.

I've been selling Yamaha atv parts online lately, Ive been selling rock and roll music in Metro Detroit, I have been selling Kawasaki motorcycle parts and I have been selling marketing services. Everything is on sale here in Metro Detroit and just about every company I run into is trying to sell something so they do not have to forever close their doors. The whole damn state is falling apart and our Mayor is going to be thrown into prison. Glad Im here folks.

Worse, our radio stations are thrown into 1983 because of this "alternative movement". We are living in very confused times. The media is totally confused and so are its denizens. What we need in Metro Detroit is focus and vision. More importantly than that we need purpose.

I haven't seen that sort of intention since the Ann Arbor Artist Co-op and the MC5. I have not seen that special brand of integrity since Goober and the Peas. My generation was supposed to stand for something and now all we got is Facebook and Twitter. Worse, my generation seems to lack any sense of pop culture sensibility. Beat poetry is looked upon with a haze of nostalgia and pornography is mainstream. Money is looked upon as "trendy" and when you boil it all down we are living in very confused times.

But What About The Big Empty Houses?
Who ever told S.E. Michigan people that they were worth more than what they were earning was obviously lying to them. These empty mansions are all stacked up in a neat little row, friendless, vacant and ready to be loved again. Too bad the people who were shucked out of them are all living in $1,000 dollar apartments. These sad rows look like something out of - Empire of the Sun - and the evil empire are the banks. They're sad too because they have suddenly found themselves in the housing market.

Where are the mortgage criminals? Is anybody accountable anymore? Why aren't they in prison? My God, who constructed this environment. My prior generation really fucked things up in this country. My State of Michigan, the once proud and mighty State is in shambles. Is anyone going to do a thing about it?

What do you do with all of this failure? An MLM is NOT going to pull you out of this mess dear friend. A 10% mark-up and a new church is not going to be enough to clean up this type of destructive past - you need a steamroller, a new brain, and a new purpose.

Strippers Seek Love and Acceptance
WDIV gets a big thumbs down. I recently saw a segment on an uplifting idea. The news media were encouraging professional women to ditch their low paying careers and bare it all on stage to pay the mortgage. Stupid idea. Its not charming. Most of the strip clubs in Detroit are an eyesore filled with depression and doom and gloom. Plus the pay they were getting all giddy about was very small. I think the most they were hawking about on the air was only 60 grand. In todays world that is terrible money. You are better off doing an MLM and working a night job at Wendys. Yes, its grueling and ugly work but at least its morally clean.

But what do I know.....

Im keeping my pants on and have plans to slug it out in this cesspool. I had no idea my state was going to completely come undone. The longer I look at it the worse it gets. I can't take looking at another dilapidated house for sale.

I am looking for the new saviors of this state.

Are The Film Makers For Real?
Are there really flimmakers coming to Michigan? WIll they be able to save this state? Is that a real thing or some twisted media generated fantasy. I met a lot of these "film dudes" and let me tell you something. Its no big bargain. After living in New York City, (The art capital of the world) and Chicago I ran into a lot of media people. The clowns I met in Michigan, (and Yes, I used the word clowns you heard me), I do not feel that these individuals are really the real deal we were expecting. The folks I have met are not literate about film. They have no point of reference when it comes to.... anything, no timeline of directors, genres or anything and yet..... we are supposed to have faith in them.

Thats scary as hell.

I hope the alternative energy people are real. I know that it is next to impossible to get funded for anything. I don't want to hear about publicly traded companies at this point. I am looking for something substantial.

There has to be something substantial coming out of Metro Detroit.

That train is looking better and better to me all the time. Unless something explodes in our city streets, I may be tempted to jump on one.

Posted by Ted Cantu, April 19, 2010

Online Yamaha ATV Parts | New Michigan Marketing | Saving Retail

Yamaha ATV Parts Review:
Its not every day you get any microfiche from any period you can imagine. The ATV microfiche parts library at goes back decades. This goes back to 1981 and the parts in the catalog are immense. You will also enjoy all of the measurement information that this site carries.

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** Kawasaki oem parts


As a marketer working in Detroit you have a couple of options. You can leave or you can stick around and try to find something to sell. Finding something to sellin Michigan is actually pretty easy. With so many companies going out of business and all of your major news media getting flushed down the toilet it becomes apparently clear. Everything you lay your eyes on is for sale. Worse, there are no jobs. So your choice at the end of the day is obvious. Sell or get thrown onto the street.

The homeless in Michigan actually do not have it as good as the media claims. The way they push the homeless off the streets and into the cold world they have only one place to go -- the library! Ironically, entrepreneurs really don't have any safe havens either. They have the library and the book store. I happen to like using the Borders bathrooms because you don't need a key to enter it unlike Barnes and Nobles. You can always count on Starbucks too. But the prices there may be a little too high for typical homeless fare. Maybe they can afford it. Who knows.

I never asked them.

By the time I publish this you have a lot of marketing gurus biting the dust - alas -- the Dan Kennedy GKIC group out of Michigan.. Entrepreneur Magazine has recently published an interesting cover story on how to give up in the corporate life, scrap your resume and how to start selling on the street. It comes at a good time in our history. The entire economic fabric of our country, the once great and mighty America -- is falling apart at its seems. Maybe its karma or maybe its time. Either way, everything we know about how to make money in this country is changing.

So you may as well sell something. Nobody is hiring in Michigan. 30,000 people leave here every month. Even though things are horrifying I find it interesting how real estate professionals are pretending that we are in a buying frenzy. They talk in terms of "limited availability". Every house you look at is either for sale or is vacant. The conditions here are very frightening.

Revolution is not far. How much of this shit is the American people going to put up with?

Posted by Ted Cantu, (YES, THAT CANTU) on April 19, 2010


"The Death of Innovation Only Screams For More...."
Goodbye Malcom McLaren - UK Innovator of Style, Viciousness, and Grace

The mad genius who brought you the Sex Pistols is dead. In a simple one page blurb and a two second plug on CNN he exited our psyche. Malcom McLaren is now in some other world. But he was always in some other distant world. Often called the creator of the Punk Rock movement - McLaren had an eye for fashion, pop culture, and utter and complete mayhem.

In his short 64 years he brought the world many things including sex and bondage wear, topical and headline stealing rock and roll acts including Sid Vicious, Johnny Rotten and Bow Wow Wow. Malcom was also responsible for one Adam Ant and for the oncoming BBC inspired.... MTV.

There is a great misconception in this country that MTV and the USA experienced a British Invasion in the early 80's. But nothing of that was the truth. American's were behind in the video market so early New York based MTV had nothing to show except European based rock music including INXS, Depeche Mode, Adam Ant, Human League, PIL and many more... Without that proper planning the entire "Alternative movement" would have never happened. Michael Hutchence and crew would have never seen the light of day.

Malcom disappeared from the music scene as major record labels latched onto the punk sound and other genres of rock music emerged. The ten years surrounding punk rock has scared collegiate psychologists, socialogists and other academics for creating an entire generation that thinks for itself.

"You Don't Need Permission For Anything!"

MTV did not hold onto that fiery vision for very long. Long after it had established itself. The powers of Viacom slacked off to a less confrontational vision that included rap music and reality based television. It opted for the lowest common denominator to keep the advertising dollars flowing in. And this was how Americans lost their vision for new music, bold culture, and confrontational entertainment. Eventually over time, the shocking new vision that was once MTV has subsided into a low grade commodity.

The record labels that came forth from the days of McLaren have included Slash, Virgin, Twin Tone, Two Tone, IRS, and many more. Oddly, the initial shock of the mock British Invasion has left an indelible presence on the radio networks. Many of them still pay homage to that innovative sound decades after its debut. Notice how many of these stations are slow to bring forth any new sounds. They are still warbling in past glories and early hits. Worse, many corporate office parties will still hold "80's night" as if it was just a phase.

It was in a sense. It was a corporate phase and later this music was passed over in a corporate decision. The BBC and the UK pop movement is something that has not shown any signs of slowing down. It is still going on to this day. The only thing that is different is that the American market is just not as plugged into it as it once was. Bye bye Buggles, so long Buzzcocks.

Hello Toby Keith.

Posted by Ted Cantu, STILL AN INNOVATOR - in Metro Detroit, Michigan, 2010.

Sunday, February 28, 2010

500,000 Jobless People Hit Our Michigan Streets - TODAY~!


For anyone who is keeping score with the Michigan economy. Today marks a milestone. 500,000 people have lost their unemployment benefits from the state and are SOL. I have given up on looking for "work" in this state years ago.

The conditions are lopsided and many unfortunate people are out of options. This comes at a very bad time. As I write this more newspapers are collapsing. More companies are wondering what they are going to do in weeks to come.

NPR reported that the state is cutting off the funds for unemployment benefits. Many of these people were on extensions.

20,000 people are leaving this state on a monthly basis.... ?? Are these numbers correct? Right now I have heard this rumor.

Posted by Ted Cantu, Master Online Marketer - Sales Copy Expert - Detroit, Michigan

Friday, February 19, 2010

Bone Shattering, Mind Blowing, SEO Results


In the last 18 months I have been labled everything under the sun. But alas, dear ones, I have come back and resurfaced with some powerful results. I am pleased as punch to announce that I have been knocking out 9 out of 10 top results in just about every category I play in.

This has never been more true than in the medical category.....


I couldn't believe my ears when I heard this one. Google is literally taking away PPC accounts from people with little or no reason. Matt Bacak wrote me this heart wrenching email recently asking for.... help I think... You know. I sort of lost interest halfway through reading it so I cannot account for what the rest of his email said.....

I am certainly not sending him money. He's not Unicef for crying out loud. He's a farbezner, looking for his next buck like the rest of us.

Hardly a charity case.

I got another email too written in the same vein from Tellman Knudson. I do not feel sorry for these people. I seriously don't. As the world of marketing changes we must change. Its about as simple as that.

If anybody felt like they world owed them something that I would pass that honor to one Gary Coleman, (who has been released from jail I am told).

Me, I just want to continue to live honestly. And deliver the best marketing I can to the people. And deliver top Google results to my Bonacure Michigan and Kawasaki clients.

Posted by Ted Cantu, The King of the Written Word, SEO, and The Detroit Art Scene on Feb 18. 2010

Monday, February 15, 2010

Instant Accessibility? Whats Your Rush?


In acting classes you get it all - drama girls, pretty boys, and psychopaths. The coach is always in your face and he is asking you = "Whats Your Motivation?". For anyone who has ever been through an acting class they know what I am talking about.

As a business coach I ask the same thing out of business owners. For those who have web site with nothing on them except a phone number -- I seriously have to ask.... "Where's Your Motivation?" -- You see, many web sites that I come across have no sense of direction. They do nothing more than have a picture of the business and a phone number.

Many sites do not sell a thing. There are no special offers, no deals, no reason to pick up a phone and contact the business owner. I see this daily.

The web sites that we come across really do a shoddy job of getting the word out. At the end of the day you want people to call your office and get more information. Many businesses are too afraid to sell.

Whats The Best Way To Do It?
For me the best way to handle this problem is to follow one simple rule. I never want to tell the complete story. I want a lot of information left out on a web site if my intention is to get people to contact me.

The less you tell, the more you sell? Hmmmm sort of.

If I give you the complete story there is no reason for you to contact me. I want there to be a reason for companies to call me. You can do that with sales copy. When you are optimizing a web site there is a distinct way you use keyword phrases. This becomes very important when you create online attention for yourself.

More to come on this.... to see how sales copy and SEO can benefit your company check this out....

Ted Cantu posted this on Feb 15, 2009 at 8:23 AM - See what he is doing for Yamaha ATV Parts at Powers Motor Sports

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

ZUNE LOVES ME - Podcast Show Resurrected


After years of living honestly and putting myself in front of countless real estate wannabees, thieves and flat out liars I am redeemed.

Okay, here's the skinny. My show, my podcast show, the one I did years ago even before anybody knew what I was talking about, (a lot of them STILL don't know what I am talking about) has been picked up by ZUNE.

I don't know if these guys are hurting for attention, or what.... But my entire show has been picked up and placed on their network. Now keep in mind we have not done an episode in MONTHS.. or maybe years.... Im not kidding. I have not done a show in a long LONG time. So this came as quite a surprise to me.

Anyways... Here is the official email.

This is the reward you get, (and you can get it too) by living honestly.


Ted Cantu

Dear 911 Copywriters, -- THATS ME <<<<<<<

Did you know that your podcast is now featured on, available to hundreds of thousands of visitors?

We are pleased to include your content in our catalog.

Both our visitors and your established audience will be able to more easily find your designated page on, if you link to Zune Marketplace, where past episodes can be downloaded and visitors can subscribe to new ones.

We look forward to working with you to satisfy the entertainment and information needs of visitors.

Welcome to the Zune podcasters community!

The Zune Podcast Team

*** Now here is the second part of that email....

Link your podcast
to now!

To grow your audience, we invite you to link to Zune marketplace.

Its simple: Just copy and paste this code on your site:

And you guys thought all I did was fool around.... shame on you.


Ted Cantu posted this on January from the comfort of his work studio, please note, that in 2010, he is still "unemployed" technically by the State of Michigan and he is loving every cash spending minute of it.

Saturday, February 06, 2010

Ted Cantu SEO - A Hack With Heart


Yes, its true. I am back on the scene and kicking ass in the search engine world. I just wrapped up a seminar series at WCCC in Detroit, Michigan. We hope to have the videos ready to view on YouTube.Com.

Now, for the funny stuff....

I was labled a "Hack" recently on the web. This is funny to me for several reasons. First of all, I have 11,000 links on any given bad day. If you want to have some serious fun check out my links at 4 AM when the search engine hubs are quiet and that number is a little closer to 40,000+.

Ive outraged the Automotive Industry, been threatened physically and verbally and one client offered to sue me - even after I told this lazy bastard what to do with his web site and campaign... He chose not to do the successful things to make himself popular..... I find that hilarious. Then.... he somehow encouraged his colleagues and industry to hate him equally online!... Amazing.

I didn't have to do a thing!

Success is a choice, its an option. If you are not going to do the things to make yourself successful don't come sniveling to me. I have zero sympathy for you or your whiney company.

But to be called a Hack... is quite hilarious.
By the way this site only has about a few hundred links to it.....Im well over 40,000 so do keep that one in mind. One of us is obviously doing something right.

Also this week. After being thrown out of a Dan Kennedy Meeting for God knows what. Michigan NO BS Ringleader, Derek Freund invites me back with an email?

We had to kindly say -- F.U.

Too busy for bullshit thank you. That line is over there -- this is TED CANTU SEO, A TRUE DETROIT ORIGINAL.
On the Dan Kennedy side of things this week took a weird turn. I just picked up 2 ex Dan Kennedy IBA owners to work for me. GET THAT ONE. Life is sure strange. Interesting at times. But definately strange.


This week I spoke to a standing room only crowd at WCCC in Detroit and it went fantastic. I got to tell you that these people really do care about making a difference, making money and making their city a much better place. I have nothing but good things to say about these people. Always will do.

I spoke for over an hour about how to transform businesses for the people in the audience. I took on the whole crowd with no script in mind. Keep in mind that we were talking about making money. Not making debt. There is a difference. We were discussing the fine points of making cash - not through an MLM group, not through a revolting cycle of bartering. But cold simple cash.

I will be back as I was invited, (not thrown out like in the Dan Kennedy Michigan Group for not following their practices etc.) we do our own thing. We create our own results. We create our own way.

A funny thing about those Kennedy cretins. You give them a lot of dough and they treat you like Jesus Christ. You leave that group amicably and they crucify you behind your back. I wouldnt give those sods penny one in the future.

And I mean that, from the heart.

That being said -- We are going to continue to create epic history for our city and have taken the liberty to expand ten fold. You can find us in California these days, Chicago and we opened up in the heart of New York City in my old favourite neighborhood of Times Square, NYC.

Also in the works, I have striked up a deal with the Motor City Rock and Roll Legends, THE RUINERS for a special segment on Hot Metro Finds.

More to come --

Ted and Co.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

2010 - Brings on Confusing Marketing !!


I received a piece of gobbilygook in the mailbox the other day. This postcard had some inane scribble on it that defined some sort of "offer" I think -- the message was unclear and then of course-- there was no phone number as to how to respond. It was for a telecom service I think.... one thing was crystal clear on this postcard. There was a logo on it.

What that does for me I cannot begin to tell you. It filled me with questions that would no doubt go unanswered. I threw it away in the garbage and went onto the next piece of mail.... and repeated this cycle.

This is what many companies have chosen to do rather than deal with their own marketing situation. This is not the way to handle a marketing dilmema.

Don't dance around rejection. EMBRACE IT. Get to the bottom of your marketing. If you are going to get rejected than do it quick and get on with it. I like to test sales copy head on and see if it is going to bomb right away. If I wrote a lemon I would rather find out about it sooner than later.

January is gone kids.....

Stop entertaining yourselves... get out there and sell something.

Ted Cantu wrote this on Jan 30, 2010 at 3:39 PM Ted Cantu promotes Kawasaki atv parts at

Thursday, January 21, 2010

SEO is No Mystery - Just Build Better Stuff !!

I'm almost through picking out the last of the sharp arrows out of my back. A lot of you guys out there are disgruntled and upset that there isn't one pill or magic powder that can elevate your search engine rankings.

(poor little sausages...)

The truth is there is no one way to do it. There is no wrong way to do it. There is no RIGHT way to do it. There is always some mumbling about using keywords. But more importantly you have to know this one thing....

There is a number formula for getting your pages to pop up properly. Without that number it is going to be difficult to get any kind of results.

I tell people all the time. Just build better content. But more importantly you should write it for an actual human being. There is something to be said about writing your content to please the search engine bots. But these can be troublesome to read and can actually inspire brain damage if done poorly.

Ahem..... enough jibber jabber....
Lets look at the pretty video....

Come see me speak at WCCC on Feb 4, at 5:30 --Cantu is the creator of pop culture web sensation, Hot Metro Finds and has promoting 50 industries. You can see Ted Cantu speak on February 4th, 2010 in Detroit at WCCC, the doors open at 5:30 pm and there will be time to connect and meet with him at this time. The location is at Wayne County Community College, Eastern Campus, located at 801 W. Fort Street, Detroit, MI 48226.

This event is open to: This event is open to those from Oakland County and the surrounding communities.Auburn Hills, Berkley, Birmingham, Bloomfield Hills, Grosse Pointe, Clawson, Commerce Township, Ann Arbor, Royal Oak,

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