Saturday, June 30, 2007


"The World Is Watching - Now What Will You DO?"
The IPHONE was released last night to lines of fans who waited for hours. You can find a gazilion articles posted about the "Jesus Phone" on the web. But that is not what this posting is going to be about..... specifically. I figured you can go just about anywhere to find some hype and heart thumping propaganda concerning this technological marvel.

Now that you have access to technology the REAL question becomes what do you do with it?

You already know from looking at my presentation on SEO in Michigan..... that 100 million viewers watch YOUTUBE.COM a day. That in itself is pretty encouraging. These people come from all sorts of niche markets. The whole thing in a microcosm is pretty dog gone exhilarating.

This week I had lunch with an independant film maker in the Detroit market. Our discussion went in several amazing directions and touched upon pop culture. We were discussing how pop movements were either captured or even fabricated in front of a camera. Our references scanned the whole spectrum including Saturday Night Live, The Who, and music sensations like THE CLASH.

At what point did the audience "SNAP" and go bananas when the Clash performed in the film "Rude Boy". The live performances were very dynamic to watch. I was focussing on the audience and what made them react so strongly. Likewise I also downloaded a Steve Martin live performance record from 1978 this week. This is an album I have not heard since I was ten years of age. I was amazed at the kind of response he was able to extract from his audience. Martin, before he became a film director, was the first comedian to pack thousands into arenas to give comedy performances.

There was something in each performance. Something memorable. This is what made them so fascinating to watch and listen to. Trying to capture that spark inspired me to continue into other forms of entertainment. I picked up Saturday Night Live - Season 1 - on DVD. Once again I am watching a group of unknown actors revolutionize a media format. To me this is very inspiring and its worth studying.

What does studying the Punk Rock movement, Saturday Night Live and rebel comedians have to do with the IPHONE? It has everything to do with you being discovered and revealing your own uniqueness. My questions for you are as follows.....

1. At what point will your audience "SNAP"?
2. What kind of POP sensation will you make on the web?
3. What kind of mass following can YOU attract?

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