Sunday, April 29, 2007

Internet Marketing: Getting Into The Consumer Mindset

"Captuturing Customer Information Is Serious Business"

This is something to think about when you create your onilne campaigns.

My Life81268: SEO - Crucial SEO Site Elements: "Asking yourself the following questions may help you create a web site that is nicely and organically search engine optimized and that is geared towards making the most profits. Once again, these principles are in accordance with generating multiple streams of income as this is one of the basic intents of including SEO in a web site design in the first place.

1. Where am I going to put my request for the customer's email address? Remember that if a customer visits your site without entering their email address you have not only lost an opportunity to network with them but you will have no database to sell to advertisers.

2. Where am I going to put my banners and links to affiliate programs? Remember that you don't want them to become so wowed by a banner that they forget to read about YOUR products before they click to another site."


This is a good thing to consider when you design your web pages. There are different ways of getting consumer information. This is something that is changing. The "Newsletter"thing has been a bit overdone and there is realy only so much news one can take on a daily basis. You may want to consider the following:

* Exclusive chat transcripts
* FAQ access, (YES, ask for contact info before you allow entry)
* Mini Courses
* Direct Mail packages (guarantee your direct mail to be opened!)

Just a few nuggest of wisdom to chew on.

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Thursday, April 26, 2007

Knock Off Ad Copy Saves The Day

'When All Else Fails - Steal From Thy Neighbor"

Good Grief... I was just listening to the BBC Radio 1 in search for new musical sounds. While I was listening I heard some incredibly bad stomach churning drivel. Among the thumpy dance beats I listened to some watered down SMITHS and Depeche Mode tunes redone by a synth type sound and higher octave vocals.......

Whats the point? SOME PRODUCTS CARRY ON.... The Smiths and DM are bands from the late 80's. These melodies are not exactly fresh but classic in a sense and have been recycled. This is important to do when you run your sales copy too. You see, you don't always have to have something new to create something that sells.

On a COPYWRITING side of things think about knocking off a campaign or some junk mail that made you do a double take. Getting an eye for this sort of thing can REALLY SAVE YOUR MARKETING. Get into the habit of putting these gems into some sort of box, (aka Swipe File) these will serve as formulas that you can later use for your own marketing efforts.

Sounds simple.... Why don't more people do it?

Think of the greats who have walked this world -- Gary Halbert, Robert Collier, and John Caples. But you don't have to just recycle sales copy from the copywriters who have passed. There are plenty of others that you can learn from .... Joe Vitale, Dan Kennedy, Orange Beetle and many more.

Your sales offers - no matter if they are done online or offline should contain a lot more than just picutres and prices. This is going to hold true especially if you are trying to get noticed online and get your pages indexed. Strong SEO, (search engine optimization).

The best part about all of this is that many successful formulas have already been done. Your job is to go out and find out what made them tick -- recreate them and get them to work for you.

This is not as hard as it may sound.

With the right set of trained eyes you can take an ad and twist it, bend it and make it work for your products and services. This takes out all the stress and worry of getting a sales letter to perform like the way you want it to.

This is a very powerful strategy.

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Thursday, April 19, 2007

Live Internet Training Event - Troy, Michigan April 23

"LIVE Internet Training Seminar - and Freeform Q & A to Take Place at Automation Alley in Troy, Michigan"

There are details on our SEO Web Coach blog that you can check out. The official dates have been released for our live seminar in Troy, Michigan. The seating there will be limited.

Dynamic New Developments: Internet Marketing
Presented by: SEO Search Quest

Description: SEO Search Quest invites you to attend An Internet Marketing Briefing centering on the industries dynamic new developments. The purpose is to illustrate new tools, techniques, strategies and how to create powerful online infrastructures. We will explore the concrete elements of how to get high traffic rankings on Yahoo and Google. We will also be discussing how to get Michigan business web sites in a position to compete with Global market.

** There will be a bonus afternoon session.
*** For More info on Automation Alley - click here....

Monday April 23
8:30 a.m. Registration
9:00 - 10:30 a.m. Briefings
10:30 - 11:00 a.m. Available for questions and consultations

12:00 – 1:00 pm - Break for Lunch
1:00pm – 2:30pm Briefings
2:30 – 3:00 pm Q & A
3:00 – 4:30 pm Bonus Session

There is no cost to attend.

Get a map to the event here
for Automation Alley in Troy, MI

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Saturday, April 14, 2007

SEO Search Quest's Money Machine Podcast Show Goes National

"WebCrunch Podcast Goes National - Exposing Good, the Bad, and the UGLY in Online Internet Marketing"

Our "No-Nonsense Direct Marketing Show" - The Money Machine is branching out and heading to a city near you. This outspoken and sometimes.... "edgy" show points out what works in online campaigns and what doesn't. No doubt, you will find something in there worth picking out of the bonepile and apply it to your own online campaigns....

No matter what you think -- you can probably find something useful in there.

Ex-Advertising Veteran Ted Cantu hosts the show and will be showing entrepreneurs out there on how to market their services.

Look on the right side to find your city in the SEO NATION list.
Cities and states that are in the works include:

* Chicago

* New York City
* Las Vegas
* Los Angeles, CA
* New Jersey

* Seattle
* Atlanta
* San Francisco

And a whole lot more. Each blog will have unique tools and video clips in there to help you reach higher levels of customer contact.

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Monday, April 09, 2007

FREE SEO Workshop Set For Troy, Michigan

"Seeing Is Believing !!! Cantu Set To Demonstrate SEO Ability at Automation Alley, Troy, MI"

Ex-Art Director, and five generation multimedia designer, Ted Cantu will be conducting a FREE SEO workshop in the upcoming weeks. Cantu runs the popular SEO Search Quest, a Search Engine Optimization company that prides itself on delivering some rather unusual seo tactics, powerful strategies and top search engine result ranking activities.

Metro Detroit based, SEO Search Quest is one of Michigan's most daring search optimization firms. Aside from teaching spellbound techniques and strategies to its clients the group also spreads online literacy.

"There are a lot of companies who have grown stagnant by doing things that are comfortable. This can end up costing the company more money than they have anticipated..... this becomes apparent in pay-per-click campaigns."

The SEO Search Quest group is in negotiation to hold a special workshop - free to the business community through Troy, Michigan's Automation Alley. The seats will be limited. There will be more information about this in days to come.

"My main concern lies within companies getting their fair share of customers.... and utilizing the new strategies that typical SEO firms steer clear of due to the high learning curve involved."

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Saturday, April 07, 2007

SEO Web Coach - Blog Now Available

"Direct Marketing Podcast - Teaches Tips, Secrets, Powerplays and SEO Strategies... FREE For Serious MInded Students!"

All new blog for serious Michigan businesses who want to master the web and get high search engine rankings is now available. The need for businesses to learn strong SEO strategies is at an all time high. Online literacy must be taught to struggling businesses and companies who wish to compete in the accelerated online economy.

Metro Detroit based, SEO Search Quest has created a series of new Master Mind Groups to answer many of todays most perplexing questions. These include all sorts of tools, tips and techniques to create a more dynamic presence on the web.

These closed door sessions will be offered to a limited number of individuals who are committed to getting higher results for their businesses. We will be looking at the following.....

Keyword Density
Copywriting - Strong sales copy
Network strategy
OPT IN Customer Forms
PPC Strategy (pay per click)
Lead Capture Devices
One Page Traffic Generator Sites
Ecommerce and Carts
Web Analytics
Google AdSense
Affiliate Programs, (more marketing reach)
Direct to Desktop Technology
Toolbars and Widgets
Blog Marketing
Handheld Devices
Email Marketing

Just to name a few…

To get more information -- you can find out about it here....

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