Friday, October 07, 2011

RE: Don Lapre Dead: An Incredible 10 Year Rise Comes To An End

If anyone would like to connect me with Lapres family I would be interested. I have written two books on and would welcome a project to put the record straight.

My contact information is below:

Ted Cantu

Detroit, Michigan
Don Lapre took his own life last Sunday, October 2 2011. Apple computer leader Steve Jobs died just a few days later of pancreatic cancer. This is an interesting turn of events. These were two giants in their own respective fields and the attitude toward the two of them could not be any different.

NPR, (National Public Radio) attributed a wide range of innovations to Jobs as it pertains to the Internet. Some of these innovations included things like podcasting, and social media and the entire scope of the web. These grandiose projects and merits are handed upon Jobs without any foundation of truth. The technologies owned by Google were purchased from 3rd party developers and were not the creation of Jobs. Yet, the media, and the public is handing him undue credit in this arena.

Don Lapre, on the other hand introduced the concept of marketing, getting customers, and making profits through a wide range of techniques. He sold courses that he wrote about how to land more business for yourself. I want to point out that he created a substantial amount of wealth through solid marketing ability, (to the tune of $52 million dollars during one of the worst recessions in American history). The public’s attitude toward capitalism is very poor and misguided. This guy is looked down upon for creating wealth. He is also being berated for showing others how to create profits for themselves.

In my mind this is a very warped and uneven reality.

It just shows you how out of touch the average American is when it comes to creating wealth, profits and/or stabilizing one self in such a horrible economy.
There is talk about America becoming a third world nation. It is being projected as such in major media circles. I ask you what are your ideas about money, money management, and making a decent living for yourself?

Who would ever think that these traits are not only despised but also looked down upon. In my mind, that is very Anti American in nature.

Ted Cantu continues to fight for his American values in the streets of Detroit, Michigan - posted Oct. 7, 2011

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