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I have done campaigns in over 80+ industries and have pulled an astounding amount of keyword results on Google. I have done this in Dentistry in some very high competition areas. But before I get started in all that let me tell you what I'm doing with this post.

We have created marketing results that have ranked #1 on Google and have pulled in sales. We have done this for high end services in Lumineers, Invisalign and more... More than that we have published press releases that have been picked up and distributed in CBS Money Watch, USA Today and more. I am not telling you this to brag but just to prove a point that our marketing "stuff" has what it takes to transform a business up to 30% in increased revenue.

I am busy doing other things these days. For one many of you know that I am spearheading some powerful websites in the Hydroponics industry and have been creating some impressive Google rankings in this industry. I am also doing medical publishing and have had our articles and press releases get picked up in niche publications and boutique websites all across America. Whew... I have been busy.

As I sit here and write this I have a fortune in my hard drive. I have websites and press releases that I am going to in turn hand over to dental offices for a fee. This is going to be a hands off process for me and plug and play for the new owner. Simply said I am going to hand over the keys for a proven system that has pulled in results and have gained considerable search engine attention.

I am still going to market this industry with new websites, fresh graphics and new writings from time to time but I am taking a break. In the meantime, I am going to sell these attention getting systems to the right dentists.

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TIME TO ROCK THE WEB There has been a lot of unnecessary drama here on ROCK THE WEB and not enough video. I apologize for that and I need to get a little more freeform. For laughs and giggles I threw on an old real estate SEO video I made eons ago for your enjoyment.

What I really want to talk about now is some SEO, search engine optimization news and the utter shambles I see going on in the Hydroponics Industry. This is a freeform industry that has sprouted up over the last few years and has kicked up some serious momentum in Michigan.

The reason why I say its freeform is because there doesn't seem to be any rules. The websites in this industry come in lots of wild shapes and sizes. Most of them are not optimized and some of them are downright spammy. This is dangerous for many reasons. The ones I have seen with hidden text and white on white text and backgrounds run the risk of being blacklisted. In 2012, it still amazes me that people tend to do this and expect to move volumes of products.

... To me that is suicide!! Yet, people have the tendency to do that. It is downright crazy.

EVERYONE IS WATCHING Most websites top off at about 10 pages unless you are talking about shopping carts. When it comes to shopping carts this number can become a lot more serious. They can range anywhere from 100 pages to 1000+. This has always been an area of concern to me. I do not believe that is the heart of the website. I am more interested in landing pages, sub-domains and how to branch the site out more so that it is more search engine friendly.

I ran into the book, "Outsmarting Google" last summer and was intrigued with the idea of the "Nuclear Football" website. The company name is "First Page Sage" and they are based out of New York City. The website works like this... Basically they are utilizing up to 400,000 keywords in the website and are creating a floodgate of web traffic. These types of websites are amazing. This translates into an abundance of 6 million web traffic hits a year not to mention a considerable amount of business for the clients.

These sites are able to be found for a variety of keyword phrases that are not location distinctive. In other words if someone is looking for a hydroponic shop they do not have to add their city or state into the search phrase. They are simply known for, "Hydroponic Nutrients" instead of "Hydroponic nutrients Michigan". This can make a big difference when it comes to getting the right type of attention.

Most websites aren't willing to make that sort of commitment or dedication to getting real attention on the web. It comes with a hefty price tag. Once the website is built it can be used to pull in more sales and more revenue. That is the beauty of creating these behemoth websites in the first place. There is a serious pay off but you have to be willing to commit as a business owner.

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