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Ted Cantu - LIVE INFORMERCIALS - W/ Zero Air Time Fees

Doing the full gambit of an infomercial can be hazardous. There are deadlines, scripts, and a lot of investment capital that needs to be dumped into these things. There can be legal desputes along the way and a whole host of angel investors and other atrocities waiting for you.

Or you can do what we did.... and just wing it without a script and with no capital investors. That is the best way -- just do it yourself.....

See what I mean?

What we did here is absolutely brilliant. We didnt even bother to call up a script writer. No models. Nothing.

I just wanted to connect the guy who does this work with the people who need the service. No Yellow Pages. No Contacts. No air time fees and best of all no costly radio spots. Those things can get expensive.

Companies like Stay Dry Waterproofing are experts in waterproofing basements in Michigan and are in need of a lot of online promotion. There is a big opportunity here for home based service businesses that need to get the word out. The web is a great leveling tool that enables you to do just that and to reach many people in record time.

For more information on Stay Dry check them out:

http://www.staydrywaterproofing.comStayDry® Basement Waterproofing, the standard-bearer for quality basement waterproofing, mold solutions, crawspace experts and foundation repair throughout all of Michigan including Grand Rapids, Lansing, Kalamazoo, Battle Creek, Jackson, Ann Arbor, greater metro Detroit and the West Michigan Lake shore. We now also service Northern Indiana and Ohio including South Bend, Michigan City, Elkhart, LaGrange, and Angola as well as Bryan, Napoleon, and Toledo. Your search for a great basement waterproofing contractor is over!

Quotes from Ted Cantu:"I seriously think that getting a radio campaign or a billboard campaign is serious waste of money in todays Michigan economy! I'm being totally frank here about this. When you look at the conditions of what is available in todays market it is an absolute zoo. There are too many choices, too many television stations and everybody is impatient. Tools like the web enable a company to get in front of the right buyers."

Published Sunday, Nov. 28 at 9:31AM

Ted Cantu - Lists Keywords To Avoid In Real Estate Market

To get the full list of SEO information I have for real estate keywords and other great ideas check me out on Active Just type in Ted Cantu and you will get to the Ted Cantu blog information page on AR.

Spam Triggers - Keywords To Avoid in SEO and Email (edit/delete)
Hey there !!! I know a lot of you contact your prospects by Email - there are a lot of keywords you will want to avoid. If you stick these kewwords in your email you can be pretty much sure that it will never reach its intended target....

Here are the ones pertaining to Mortgages:

mortgage quotes

** But there is another area i want you to pay close attention to.

I was at a marketing workshop recently and ran into some Remax people who were using a lot of casino terminology in their campaign. They had flyers that illustrated slot machines and themes that related to Texas Hold Em, -- that sort of thing... and here are the words you should avoid related to casinos....


Lot of words in this list that pertain to - Debt - too that you should be made aware of.

You can get the whole list here....

** Obviously, the words that concerned me originally were ones that were centered around Mortgages. The reason why this intrigues me is because this never used to be considered a bad word until all of the scams that have been done in this industry. Many of these scams were performed right here in Michigan.

We lost a lot of agents because of this and many mortgage companies have folded. Many Michigan based professionals are in prison as a result of all of the fraud that was committed in the past 2 years. There are many more investigations pending.

Contact me direct!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Ted Cantu Is Full Of Truth - Part 2

Take a good look at this video -- it got 15,000 hits and counting. It took pennies to make, no script, no actors, no special effects....

In fact, the product is its own special effect and it performs brilliantly in front of the camera. It was by chance that the presenter of this video was wearing a black shirt. He holds the dark hair color sample in front of his shirt and gives it a good swish and voila.... the color disappears.

Compared to my auto guys this video really did the job. When I looked at my automotive companies their videos were still getting zero views. How is this happening consistently? The answer is very simple....

The reason why is because you do not have to go for Hollywood type effects with your video on the web. In fact, it is much better if you don't. This is the kind of thing that really kills belief in your viewer. What people are looking for most on the web is realism and beleivability. That is the most important thing I can tell you.

Go for realism because realism sells.

coincidently, commercial television gets it and creates reality shows left and right. MTV has been doing this for a while to the point where it doesn't even show music anymore. People complaining to eachother on television sells. People trying to achieve a goal on television sells. This is a far cry from where television was a few years back in the 80's with over the top budgets like THE A TEAM, and TJ HOOKER....

Fat people sweating it out on the tube trying to lose weight -- thats whats hot. College kids complaining to each other in a house they cannot afford -- thats what sells.

Web video is the same way. Go for the realism......

Now try to explain this at your next middle management meeting.....

Ted Cantu IS SEO SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION, works in Detroit, Chicago and NYC.

Ted Cantu Is Full Of Truth......

Funny what can happen in just a years time. A year ago we were getting slammed for some pretty ridiculous things. The problem started when I started attacking conventional thinking in regards to advertising. It seems that a lot of us out there are mentally married to expensive advertising, pay per click, yellow pages and some other costly things....

The comment I made about television was the one that really set the automotive industry off their rocker. The idea here is that graphics need to look dynamic, filled with rapid edits, and come off like a Hollywood commercial. We took the opposite spin on this and created hand held shots, used cheap HD cameras, and did some green screen composite shots and mocked television informercials. Yes, it was decidedly low budget but it served a purpose.

The videos that we shot for the web did everything the automotive companies didn't do. As a result we acheived 47,000 views for some of our clips and that was just on YouTube alone. My automotive companies did not fare as well. They pulled a dismal 80+ views and so it goes.....

We did a lot of other changes too in our company recently. We no longer feature models in our clips. Again, we tested this out and found out that the consumers who watch our video clips are looking for the guy next door. They do not crave Hollywood they are just looking for someone who is honest and believable.

Web video is different than television on many levels. Television has certain standards that the advertisers live to stand up to. Web video has no pretentions and is open to experimentation, off the cuff comedy, and spontaneity. It also offers a chance to communicate on a soul level than with television commercial culture.

YouTube has expanded their time limit on the videos you upload. They will now accept videos that are 15 minutes in length. Keep in mind that this is in top shelf HD.

Saturday, November 06, 2010

Ted Cantu Is Not Only RIght and Ethical, He's A Damn Good SEO

You know the last few months have been pretty hysterical. Living in Metro Detroit one doesn't have the luxury of being a total putz. You really cannot hide here and expect to make decent money. First of all, our entire media framework has collapsed into rubble and our newspapers are on life support or out of business. There is nowhere to advertise.....

If you want to get the word out about your business you have two choices.... pay through the nose for pay per click, or take up religion. The religion option in Metro Detroit is a little over done, but many people opt for that solution.

I like to take on the search engines head on with SEO and face any or all rejection that comes with it. That way you can find find out just how good you are. This is something that a lot of companies are not willing to do. So many of them shrivel up and hide out and pray for another answer.

Search engine optimization will do more than keep your doctors office lights on - it will also keep you in business.

THE ONLINE MARKETING GURUS FALL APART IN 2010Going through the Rip Off Report recently was quite a shock, all of our old heroes of -- not so long ago -- have ended up in this garbage heap called, Rip Off Report. There are stories in there about the illusive Stephen Pierce, Jeff Paul, Matt, (the ex savior) Bacak, and of course Don Lapree. I actually fell asleep during one of Matt Bacaks presentations a few years ago. Some of these guys have really challenged the state and have found themselves in multi million dollar lawsuits and I find this interesting for several reasons.

Now before you jump all over these guys get something straight. These guys made a lot of money. Jeff Paul claimed that after he tried a few of Dan Kennedys techniques he actually pulled 30 million dollars in sales. I don't really know how accurate this can be but that is what he claimed on one of his tapes. A lot of what you find in his kit is some fairly decent information. It is watered down Dan Kennedy for the most part and that kit will only make sense to you if you have studied marketing for a long period of time. I had to order the thing twice in a two year period to see if any changes had been made to it and if it still made any sense to me.

The truth about these guys is that they did make a lot of money and because of it have slacked in customer service. This ranges from basic things like not answering the phone when things go sour to flat out hiding from their customers. Gary Halbert actually went to prison for stealing from his customers. The conduct of these individuals is pretty ridiculous. You will read reports of these guys taking as much as $50 grand off of their customers and not supplying any value.... heinous.

Im disappointed with these guys because I studied through them and learned a great deal about marketing through them. Well, most of them, that is... I have studied and learned a great deal from the ones who didn't rip me off. Some of them have ripped me off and I talk about that in this blog....

2011 - And Why Marketing MattersA few years ago marketing did not matter. We had graphic design and MTV. Those two things actually stood for something and we weren't bombarded with so much web stuff. People lost their jobs and then decided that marketing was the way to go. The truth is there are a lot of shitty marketers out there who should flat out quit the business and stop embarrasing all the rest of us. Just because you lost your job at GM doesn't mean you should be a marketer. All it means is that you should go out and get another job, somewhere else.

There is a need for good marketers however, especially now -- when traditional media is falling apart including newspapers and Yellow Pages. Online marketing makes the most sense to me as our country caves in and we lose our economic sensibilities to things like outsourcing.

To add more trauma to our economy comes MLM's and franchising. These rigid spinsters add all sorts of unnecessary rules and regulations to inflate their stuffed shirts and fractured thinking. They go out of their way to install fear, order, and limited profitability to the denizens they enslave. Most of these people, and I include mortgage, real estate and insurance in this group, need marketing the most as their industries are impacted by things out of their control -- such as big branding, and third party competition.

With so many rules and regulations as a Nation we have lost our basic liberties and freedoms. As for companies and industries out there in America who still have a choice on where to spend their marketing dollar I say that dollar is best invested in smart online makreting.

Just recently we are helping out these industries

Detroit Party Bus
Party Bus Detroit
GIA Certified Diamonds Michigan
Tag Heuer Watches Michigan

Putting these guys on Google, Yahoo and Bing not only keeps our economy alive in Michigan but also ensures longevity. This comes at a time in our day and age where many businesses in Troy, Michigan have vacated their storefronts.

Middle management is not the answer. Get up and do something to save your
dental practices, medical offices, and places of business.

Ted Cantu works out of Detroit, Motor City... not METRO DETROIT... but DETROIT.... and stands up for the State of Michigan

Friday, November 05, 2010

Sales, Making Money in 2011, and God

Oh boy,

You want to hear something really interesting - here goes. You will not find this in a marketing book.... well.... maybe my marketing book, because I have the cajones to actually write about it in great detail......

Here is a sample from my upcoming book....
ARMIES Of FEAR: and how to avoid them…
This next part about the selling process is going to alienate some of you. There was a really interesting article in USA Today this morning concerning the notion of God. There are 4 basic views about how Americans view God according to this study which involved 1600 people. The results were quite interesting and I am going to share them with you.

The views of God not only broke down into four distinct groups. But the numbers of those views were close around 25% each. Americans believe in a “Distant God” which is where our inhumanity to our fellow men is a result of an independent decision and is not a result of God getting angry with us by delivering an act of punishment. Just as a storm is a storm or a tornado is a tornado a Distant God does not judge the people directly with acts of unspeakable violence. People who believe in a Distant God came in at 24%.

This study gets a little more involving as you can imagine. There are those who believe that God hands out torture and violence like an angry person. This is a way of making God more human and judgmental. The Authorative God hands out punishment unless you make things right with him. Surprisingly, 28% of the people polled believe in this type of Supreme Being. As of right now there are people in America who believe that we, as a nation, need to get their act straight so we can become the top world leader again. This type of thinking will explain a lot about money and we will cover that in the next few pages.

The Benevolent God cries at war, and is happy for us as we spread and joy and love. It is a human type of thinking God. According to this survey 22% believe in this type of ultimate being. It is a cosmic force of good that cares for all living things. It is a thinking individual that cares and is always around when you call upon him.

The Critical God is one that is based in poor thinking. The examples they give go as follow, “I may be poor on earth now but will be rewarded with many mansions.”. “I may not have any decent cars now but when I die I will be blessed with solid gold chariots” and the list goes on and on. There were 24% of people who believed in this type of God.

Now 5% did not believe in any form of God . You can find this study in USA Today, on the date 10/7/2010. It is worth picking up and reviewing it. You can also find this study online. It describes some very limiting beliefs about God in general. Keep in mind that other studies revealed that there were at least 22 other types of God out there. There is the popular version of God served up by Michigan author, Wayne Dyer, who views God as an impersonal all giving Universal source of blessings. This particular God doesn’t condemn, he doesn’t judge you and will not send you to the horrors of Hell.

Now, it gets more interesting because Dyer is part of the new alternative thinking group. His teachings are unique in the sense that his belief is that Hell is a temporary condition. This is a popular Kabbalistic belief too based in Judaism. This is a holistic belief that is embraced by a lot of overnight gurus that serve their talents in the form of business coach, life coaches, and spiritual coaches. Keep in mind that even as little as 10 years ago we did not have an over abundance of these sorts infiltrating the marketplace. They sort of arrived at their calling as thousands found themselves unemployable in the new economy.
Faith is a big money making business. Money has a lot to do with God in this case because they are intertwined so closely in this current thought.

Now it is going to get interesting. Notice how many people in this survey believe that God is a human type of life form that doles out favors, asserts guilt and blame and dishes out contempt. There is another view from people where they are easy to give up on their dreams. They will be wiped out on the face of existence and then opt for some riches to appear in the afterlife. When you think about how poor people are in this country with bankruptcy and debt I cannot help but think about their views of God. This is a very loaded subject.

Do you think that maybe with this poor opinion of God would have anything to do with the poor performers in your sales group? Would it explain the number of people who are unqualified to buy from you? Would this also explain poverty enhanced thinking? Are these concepts of God to blame for people who don’t go after their dreams?

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