Monday, July 09, 2007


"I Don't REALLY WANT Much From This World...... Except For Maybe World Domination"

This is all in fun of course dear ones !! I am going to do the best I can to keep this light hearted. But honestly, do you really expect to pull a big chunk out of your local market with a spinely five page web site?

This seems to be the rallying cry for anyone who sells these en masse. The poor people who buy them are being seriously misled. It is virtually impossible to create any type of long lasting impression off a web site that only has five pages and no contact information. I see a lot of these sites being sold through telecom groups, phone companies and MLM type people.

Its hard to get all the goods.... But lets face it with the way things are changing all over its hard to distinguish what those goods are. If you want to create some real impact with your audience then you need to figure out how to best reach them.

Check this out....

Check out these types of sites and Internet marketing samples. You cannot get these same types of results from a web site that just merely showcases a phone number. It has to be more than a glorified electronic business card......

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