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SEO Secrets – Making Money Online – What You Need To Know

SEO Secrets – Making Money Online – What You Need To Know: "There are a lot of things you need to know before you can accept credit cards on your web site. This always seems to startle some people when I bring it up. The overall view on this topic is that making money online, (as opposed to off line) is relatively easy.

Back in the not so distant past it was fairly simple to hook up a credit card processor, (online gateway) to your web site and accept payment. There weren’t too many rules you had to follow to make this happen. The biggest hurdle you had to worry about was paying the entrance fee and keeping up with the monthly payments. But this game has become a bit more complicated in the past recent months."


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Ted Cantu posted this on Feb. 15, 2008 at 9:12 PM

Online Marketing and Cultivating Your Inner Genius


I get a lot of hate mail and slander from a lot of techno nicotine addicted, caffinated, nerve twittering jerkaholics who never see the light of day outside their crummy office jobs. This latest tirade comes from some disgruntled dweeb out of Boston.

Ah... Boston.

Here is the skinny. This guy claims that EVERYTHING YOU EVER NEED TO KNOW ABOUT ONLINE MARKETING can be had for FREE. Thats right. Everything you ever need to know about how to create 8 out of 10 hits on Google and beyond should be found... free of charge.. on the web.

Now, you know the GOOD stuff is hard to come by. Its like BBQ. Sure you can go down to your local KFC and take whatever they hand you. Or you can make the trek down to Memphis and rub elbows with a real craftsman. Its totally up to you as the consumer. You choose your own experience.

If you know anything about marketing, (tsk tsk, and its obvious many of you do not) will know that nothing is entirely free -- especially good marketing. Why do you think Dan Kennedy programs are $2,500 +? Brett McFall is not cheap either. Ever try to learn everything you can about copywriting and find out later you have to hire a consultant or get into someones bootcamp? You buy their experience and to cut down your learning curve.

The rule of thumb is to give out SOME information but not all of it. You want to have some sort of lead capture on your pages. They get the good stuff after they commit to corresponding with you in some form, (either getting on your mailing list or buying a product or service).

I rip on Flash a lot. Thats because for the MOST part, (not always) it pops up as a big black box. If you are a certified gear head, (This guy never bothered to post any type of credentials -- only a grimacing poorly lit picture of himself) then you should have seen this in one of the many SEO books on the market.

HINT: Pick up a book next time before you shoot your mouth off.

Here is more on that subject....

And while I'm on the subject.

.NET -- SO WHAT... You use whatever it takes to get that job done.
FLASH - We all know advertising specialists are paid for their creativity and awards. They do not get paid whenever the client wins a lot of dough through their campaign.
.ASP - Depends on your order forms.
.CSS - This depends on if you have a lot of content and you want it manageable.

As marketers we can get caught up in the trivial stuff. Not every platform is going to be suitable for every job. I've popped the lid on a few .NET sites in my time and was surprised to find that there were no "GUTS" to the entire collection of pages. There was nothing for the spiders to grab onto so I wasn't very impressed.

There is a human element too in conjunction with all this techno babble. It is a pretty good idea at some point to be LIKEABLE. Think about that one.

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