Saturday, January 27, 2007

THE MONEY MACHINE - Online Marketing Show - Freeform Talk

The Money Machine: The Online Marketing Show
Give it a listen!
Online Direct Marketing - Freeform Talk

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GoDaddy - Get What You Want

Once again, GO Daddy has come through for us. In addition to their top notch domain services Go Daddy also offers great hosting capabilities. In fact, they go over the call of duty by supporting personalized Perl code and customized forms so you can run your online campaigns.
It only takes 24 hours to get any of their hosting services started. Your domains hook up to them immediately after your site goes live and you got 24 hour support - 7 days a week. This no BS approach has earned them a permanent partnership ranking in my book.
Ted Cantu is the creator of he has contributed to several blogs and podcasts such as….. He served as a top rated art director for Interactive Web Marketing groups in Chicago and New York City.


The Money Machine: The Online Marketing Show
Give it a listen!
The Great American Rip Off - Part II

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Saturday, January 20, 2007

Forget Affiliate Programs If You Use A MLM Service

Hey folks you know the best way you can really pump in profits is through an affiliate program. This means that to have a constant stream of customers you need a server that will let you attach affiliate program software.

People can sign up for your program and promote it on their sites. But beware. You cannot run this type of program if you are on a multi-level service - or MLM.

The worst thing you can do is go through the following:

Market America
Pre-Paid Legal
Mary Kay
Franchise Sites
Online Shopping Clubs
MLM Groups

Whenever you join any of these type of groups and try to run an affiliate program your basically screwed. It will never happen.

This goes double for anyone using a WYSISYG type editor from one of these services. The reason why this won't work for you is because these servers are locked down tight. You cannot run a Perl script on any of them. And you need Perl to help you tabulate your incoming orders and to track sales. It's as simple as that.

I had purchased a web site through Market America years ago and was happy with it. That is until I found out how limited I was when I wanted to market it. The other thing that really got my attention was how limited the Meta Data was by using their software.

If you are using a template based software code system you can get around this. Save the template as an HTML document and swop out the Meta Data and then re-upload it. This will save you a lot of headache and get you ranked faster.

But thats an easy fix.

What do you do when the whole system you are working on is incompatible with an affiliate program? If you're smart you will switch hosting companies.

Go Daddy offers great servers that are Linux compatible, you can run Perl scripts on them and they have a whole range of services that compliment these program languages. This is where you need to address your focus.

Plus it will be actually cheaper for you to have your own affiliate program. The hosting for these types of groups can add up. Sure, on one hand its only $50 bucks a month but then you got multiple charges going through your account simultaneously and you can be looking at an annual $4,800 bucks just to stay in business.

You don't need permission to go out and sell. I sure don't. I just go out and do it.
Ted Cantu is the creator of he has contributed to several blogs and podcasts such as….. He served as a top rated art director for Interactive Web Marketing groups in Chicago and New York City.

Friday, January 19, 2007


The Money Machine: The Online Marketing Show
Give it a listen!
The Great American Rip Off

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Monday, January 15, 2007

MobileCast University - Laying It On The Line


Hows this for convenience. Now you got step-by-step information on how to build your very own podcast campaign -- gain a ton of subscribers and create a brand new round of customers.

There are so many books out there on this amazing topic and yet so few resources out there. When it comes to delivering great content and how to market your podcasts this kit is for you. There are screen shots, tutorials, interviews and strategies and resources galore.

This new component of our group is designed to show the novice, and advanced podcast enthusiast how to gain a following.

You can get all the podcasting information here......
Ted Cantu is the creator of WebCrunch2 and he has contributed to several blogs and podcasts such as….. He served as a top rated art director for Interactive Web Marketing groups in Chicago and New York City.

Affiliate Update

"Stop Banging Your Head Against
The Wall Trying To Make YOUR Web
Site Marketing Work.... "

Here's a preview of the services coming up on my latest affiilate program.....

Top note search engineered website construction
Customized web graphics and logo identity
Affiliate program development
Top Google search engine rankings
SEO - Search Engine Optimization Sales driven copywriting to promote your services
Lead capture - OPT-IN List building
Domain name registration
Search engine submissions — Manual submissions
Web site statistics — web traffic analysis, keyword placement
Step-by-Step guidance to topple search engine rankings
Site maps - to outrank your competitors!
Podcasting - audio and video clips of your services on iPODS
Blog Marketing - RSS feeds and secrets
Search robot technology built right into your pages!

Find out more here on Cantu's 100% Optimized page !!

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Michigan Real Estate Podcasts

"Give Us Just 9 ½ Minutes, And You’ll Be On Target To a Turbo Charged Profit Funnel - Guaranteed!""FREE REPORT Shows How Podcasting, RSS, Blogging and Smart SEO = More Business In Michigan!"

If you have dreamed of having higher search engine rankings in Google and getting top ten Yahoo results this is for you. The whole point of being online is being visible.

We are dedicated to giving you those high visible results by using some of the smartest web technologies today. Imagine having your own marketing message put into a cost effective podcast and delivered to thousands of hungry prospects. We are able to hand craft your marketing message and send it out to prospects who are eager to do business with you.
I'll give you the indispensible secret to gaining a niche market!

How to connect to "out of touch" prospects and hard to reach target markets!
The BEST place you need to target on the Internet!


Monday, January 08, 2007


High Response Copywriting Is Alive And In LONDON

Alan Forrest Smith, (The Orange Beetle) is an absolute genius when it comes to copywriting. For those who are not familiar he has created a serious buzz over the UK now for quite a few years and for good reason. His work really grabs you by the lapels and literally shakes you off the floor.

Now he is back with the usual suspects in the world of online money making - Brett McFall and Stephen Pierce and are once again making history. The seats are a bit expensive but entirely worth the venture. Clients that spend time in the Beetle camp walk off with a treasure trove of information and customer generating techniques.

The notion to suddenly pack up my bags and scoot down there has crossed my mind more than a few times. These guys know something we don't in the USA. They have created something of a sensation in Australia, London, and in the Internet World Summit.

Quite interestingly enough they were writing sales copy to be intertwined with SEO pages before anywhere else. I heard them talk about secrets of writing good web copy for the search engines on a study course I purchased over a couple of years ago. Great stuff. Worth the price.

There are new DVD's out and a videos of the lessons that were taught in case you miss the boat. Here is something that is noteworthy.... Dan Kennedy is no longer taping his events for sale because of all the bootlegging that is happening on Ebay. I can't say I blame him. I do know that if you want top, relevant information that this stuff does not come cheap.

Beetle is one of my favorite copywriters for a number of reasons. One good reason is that he is able to close down a niche market at 87% !!! He is also great for cultivating a strong following for a particular product or service. Its not dry and its never boring.
Ted Cantu writes for the
FASCUBE network and can be found at

Saturday, January 06, 2007


Hardcore Direct Marketing Has Changed Its Name.....

Shortly after the new year I changed the name of this blog completely to fit into my new web format. I recently changed the name of my company to reflect what I am doing currently. will carry the new #1 SEO Michigan graphics and services.

We are doing more mobile media now with podcasting, blogging, and seo work. The "Hardcore Direct Marketing" sounded a little too brutal so we softened it up a bit.

More to come...
Ted Cantu is the web architect for
and works out of Detroit, MI and Chicago, IL

SEO Copywriting VS Copywriting

There has been a serious rethink of how to approach copywriting in the recent weeks. Formatting your copywriting to fit into your SEO approach is becoming essential for good rankings. You need to make your writing accessible to the people who read it and also the search engine spiders.

Avoid the mistake of writing strictly for search engine spiders. You can spot these pages, (even if they are highly ranked) by looking at how the TITLE tag reads. I was looking up a niche market in my home state, which is Michigan, and found a company that placed that word in their title no less than five times. They can get away with it if they back up each instance with a service that this company provides but it doesn't read well as a sentence.

Still, these pages can outrank you if your not careful. So its important to look up to see where your competition sits in your local market. You can out rank a large majority of these pages for a number of reasons.....

1. A lot of web sites have overall page rankings of 16% - 60%
2. The same web sites have lots of poorly ranked link partners
3. A lot of your competitors have poor relations between the title and body copy

You would be surprised to see how quickly you can outrank these pages. This can take place in a matter of a few days. We outranked 1,800,000 pages in a matter of 3 days after surveying what our competitors were doing and how they were put together.

Ted Cantu is the web architect for
WebCrush, and works out of Detroit, MI and Chicago, IL

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