Friday, January 09, 2009

Itunes Desperate Move


Thats what my bank account said. The finger pointed right at Apple Itunes -- they had my credit card on file and they had my password. And .... this was really interesting. They changed my username by one letter. Then they depleted my bank account.

Those cats at Itunes are SLICK.
They are smart criminals like that.

So I handed this information over to my bank and got this whole matter stirred up. I had the money back in my account within 30 days. It was a major pain but in the end it was totally worth it to get a little sanity back in my world.

My thieves gave me a word of advice. Maybe you could use this too. They told me to never leave my credit card on file for automated withdrawl. They also told me to always use the Apple Itunes gift cards whenever I wanted to buy music.

Thanks guys.

I still reported you to the Federal Authorities. I am also filing a claim against Apple for causing me inconvenience and grief.

Created by Ted Cantu, Ex-Itunes member and creator of the "30 Day Total Business Makeover".

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