Thursday, January 21, 2010

SEO is No Mystery - Just Build Better Stuff !!

I'm almost through picking out the last of the sharp arrows out of my back. A lot of you guys out there are disgruntled and upset that there isn't one pill or magic powder that can elevate your search engine rankings.

(poor little sausages...)

The truth is there is no one way to do it. There is no wrong way to do it. There is no RIGHT way to do it. There is always some mumbling about using keywords. But more importantly you have to know this one thing....

There is a number formula for getting your pages to pop up properly. Without that number it is going to be difficult to get any kind of results.

I tell people all the time. Just build better content. But more importantly you should write it for an actual human being. There is something to be said about writing your content to please the search engine bots. But these can be troublesome to read and can actually inspire brain damage if done poorly.

Ahem..... enough jibber jabber....
Lets look at the pretty video....

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