Thursday, June 07, 2007


"This Goes Beyond Just Downloading POP MUSIC !!"

As I write this post I have just downloaded the entire Clash Catalog from ITUNES. I also grabbed some early punk classics this week by the DAMNED and Generation X. I am getting revved up for this new romp with REBEL MARKETING..... But more on that later.....

Its inspiring that we are living in an age of INSTANT SATISFACTION. This goes far beyond just instant downloaded songs for your IPOD and IPOD car stereo system! This type of instant gratification can come in the form of getting your web pages INSTANTLY INDEXED !!

If you haven't heard this new presentation you can hear about

how to get your Michigan Business off the ground .. and into the online orbit !!!

The other thing that you will have to get used to is the ability and freedom to get your marketing messages out there in the pubilc eye, (both audio and video). Lets get straight to the point this is going to cause a disruption into the radio and broadcasting industries.

Just recently the New York Times ran this piece about how you can buy cheap radio airtime on Ebay. Imaging going to Ebay to bid for cheap airtime. I just found this in the June 6th edition and I couldn't believe what I was reading.

Just a year ago I was put into the CLOSING ROOM and interrogated into buying a 40 thousand dollar block of airtime. This was back when I was trying to get my Detroit area radio show off the ground. I had this miserable experience thrown on my lap no less than two times. I barely got out of the room in one piece. I was shaken and very upset. If you think used car salesmen have no heart.... (and.. most of them don't) they are harmless in comparrison.

This new approach to getting your marketing message out there tips the typical broadcasting world upside down and inside out. As a struggling company you have got to love that.

Even if your company is not struggling you can still save a fortune by placing your media into these distribution channels. The overall effect is just stunning. You no longer have to wait for a miniscule 10% return rate on your marketing efforts. You will know in a very short amount of time if you have an active audience for your products, goods and services.

In a very short amount of time. And the IPHONE is going to further elevate this knowledge base to you. The entire game as we know it is going to change in radical proportions.

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