Friday, February 16, 2007

Avoid These Top Ten Sales Killers

"Avoid These Deadly Sales Killers - And Boost Your Sales Margin"

If you want to achieve astronomical results in your sales then listen up. Entreprenuer Magazine has recently posted a list of THE TOP TEN THINGS YOU MUST AVOID. We had some fun by upping the list a bit with our own real world results.

Here they are....

Sales Killer #1: Lack of professional appearance.

Sales Killer #2: Talking too much.

Sales Killer #3: Your vocabulary.

Sales Killer #4: Not investing time in building rapport.

Sales Killer #5: Lack of a qualification system.

Sales Killer #6: Not knowing when to stop presenting and close the sale.

Sales Killer #7: Ego.

Sales Killer #8: Not knowing how to close.

Sales Killer 9: Not paying attention to details.

Sales Killer #10: Poor fulfillment.

You can listen to the whole show here.....

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