Monday, December 01, 2008

Video Mini Sites With Muscle

What Do You Do With A Runaway Hit?

It used to take nothing short of a modern miracle to get any kind of exposure on Google. But now with a few smart tactics it is possible to get real recognition in little time. I am grateful for the multiple video search engines that are out there. The web has been getting more visual for months but lately this phenomenon has exploded.

Here is a sample of why I like web video....

Thanks to web video you can now build a site that will get noticed. I like using web 2.0 video because it has multiple lifeforms. In short, I like web video because it lives on Iphones, Ipods, mobile devices, web sites, blogs and even in ebooks, (if you got the know how....). This can be a pretty powerful thing.

The other reason why I like web video is because it pre-sells my clients. I am usually up for not having to cold call people or do a hard sell in person. Pre-selling allows you to pretty much avoid the whole classic Tom Hopkins approach to selling. I noticed that even my closings are different from days of distant past.

Check out the mini site.

Its a good way to go.

Ted Cantu posted this on Nov. 30, 2008 at 12:43 AM

Does Twitter Matter?

I had to admit I really did not understand Twitter when it first came out. Perhaps that is because it was explained to me so poorly. I could not understand why this was such a powerful "Revolution"

When I jumped on and looked around I found various statements such as, "I love baked beans", and "What I would not do for some decent mustard!" and lots of political mumbo jumbo which resembled more like graffiti.

I lost interest until I did some Googling on my name. I was stunned when I found some of my ramblings posted as actual Google listings! Thank goodness I wasn't pontificating on baked beans and political rants. Someone's boredom had become documentable "evidence" in a very short time.

Luckily for me I was writing about some pretty profound things. I was commmenting on things that I found interesting and citing authors, books, happenings and general topics of interest. I wonder how many other people out there actually know that their mind numbing observations will be set in stone...

... for eternity?

Ted Cantu posted this on November 30, 2008

Pete Swartz - on the 42 Minute Miracle

"TED CANTU IS ALIVE AND WELL -- and Destroying Competition Coast to Coast"

Despite the rumors of having left the country, (its not true folks) I have popped up alive and well in Michigan of all places -- in a little town called Farmington Hills. I have however, left the Brighton Dan Kennedy GKIC group due to conflict of interests, opinions and flat out results.

After months of creating different online strategies and video power plays I have returned to the Top of Google and in plain site. Pete Swartz, of the Troy Dan Kennedy GKIC, vouches for my expertise and recent online victories....

Posted Nov. 30, 2008 in Farmington Hills, Michigan

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