Tuesday, February 14, 2012


If you want a little sanity consider a little "Anti Social Marketing". I did a check on Google and there are 110,000,000 pages dedicated to this strange but important phenom. Let's be practical here... There are a lot of people I never want to see again. There are some people I want to keep in my profit funnel. Who stays on the good list and who goes on the naugty list is up to me... not Google.

Google assumes way too much when it comes to social marketing. I personally cannot stand Google+ because it lets everybody who has ever sent me an email into my personal space. These can be people who wrote me out of the blue to ask me a question one time. These can also be people who spammed me. These are not endearing souls. You don't add people into your rolodex who dialed you on the phone by accident do you? You don't add wrong numbers into your speed dial. Why does Google automatically assume that you would want these undesireables into your personal space?

I get guys from India who write me every week offering to sell me SEO services. I am an SEO. Why would I want to buy SEO services? It makes no sense. Worse, I do not want these people getting access to pictures of my wife and kid. I definately do not want them trolling me on LinkedIn. This is not an Irish Pub. This is my life. If I don't want you to be part of it believe me I will go way out of my way to ensure that you will not get in.

If I wanted to change religions, get into a new MLM, or flat out make myself miserable I would sign up with LinkedIn. Every week without fail I have to go into my linkedin profile and kick people out. People get into my contact list as professional business contacts at first. Then they slowly turn into a gut wrenching pain in the ass. They pontificate their religious views upon me and ask me if I am going to be saved? I got that taken care of. I will deal with God. Not you. Me. God. You are not invited to be part of that conversation. Go save your own soul.

If you're not all about business you are not getting in. If you are trying to crack the lottery I am not your guy. Go get yourself a lottery ticket. I have nothing to offer you. And take me off your contact list I will not be offended.

I cannot stand Motor City Connect. This is based out of Detroit. I have no idea how I got sucked into this sucker trap. In the early days of social media I had the usual cast of suspects trying to ensnare me into their social media sites. I must of signed up. Maybe I was just trying to be nice and play along so I would stop getting harrassing emails. Problem. The people who join this sites are employees and it is not necessarily a B2B site. These are people who work out of their homes and call themselves business owners.

This is not for me.

Up until recently there was no way to quit this group. They finally added a quit button on their website and I was more than happy. Yes, I said more than happy -- to quit this ridiculous website.

I learned how to say no to some social media sites. This goes for private sites and certain social groups that meet for self serving purposes. If it is going to waste my time I do not want to attend either online or in real time. If you give me a hard time about it we are going to have major problems. When emails fail to remind you to knock it off you can expect a phone call. I have called up people on my LinkedIn profile and have point blank asked them... "Who Are You?". If you are going to stare at pictures of my family on the web in the privacy of your own office or home I have every right to ask that question.

If you are that lonely -- and many of you are. You can go elsewhere. I do not wish to communicate with you.

If you already have my phone number and email that is usually good enough. If for whatever reason you refuse to answer my calls and emails I will not grant you permission to come after me on social media. That is common sense. You have every reason to feel offended.

I could care less !!!

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