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Can Gold Merchants Really Benefit From The Yellow Pages?

The media collapse is interesting. I pay attention to things like that since I am right in the middle of one of the biggest implosions in modern history. Newspapers like the Ann Arbor News are no longer serving the public. The old Eccentric newspaper building is the host now to a series of new offices for some unrelated industry. The past is the past.

What is emerging now on the streets is nothing short of breathtaking and quite honestly a little scary. As a marketer on the street I see a lot of strange people hustling for a quick buck. The jobs in Michigan are scare and practically nonexistent. A lot of media reps are barging into unsuspecting businesses and trying to hawk their Yellow Page advertising and its not cheap. The SEO component on it really intrigues me.... With all of the breakthroughs on the web I am questioning if it is even needed.

Restaurants still market on the web with individual websites. But they don't break their backs to get something out to the public. There are a lot of Web 2.0 services that will promote pretty much anything for free. A lot of lazy restauranteers are happy to oblige doing the bare minimum. That is to say a lot of them do nothing with their marketing and leave it up to customers to post reviews all over. These go to the top of page 1 on popular search engines and that will actually drive traffic over to their websites.

Gold Merchants: Buying and Selling on the Web
But what about gold merchants? Can they really benefit from being on the web? Is it worth paying $12 grand a year in advertisements in phone book advertisements? Some say no. I would only consider paying those kinds of fees if the placement on the search engines was a sure thing. I am getting a lot of fluff about having to wait for seven months for any type of results.

That is the kiss of death for most Michigan businesses. As an SEO marketer I can see a lot of businesses folding up shop and calling it quits. A lot can happen in 7 months. There could be emergencies, lightning, floods and other acts of God. You can expect to see a lot of tragic things happen in a city like Detroit. That is a very unacceptible time frame to get any sort of customer response.

Right now there is actual blood on the streets. Business owners are struggling to get foot traffic into their shops. Someone told me the other day that all brick and mortar businesses are obsolete which is complete gibberish. This is another myth that goes hand in hand with the paperless office and the elimination of US cash. It is always dangerous to heed the advice of fear based monocratic minded nincompoops who have never scratched dollar one in their industries.

What is happening out there on the street does cause for some alarm. Media vultures are now trying to cash in on the ultra sexy profit margins of SEO - search engine optimization and other high end visibility tactics. Keep in mind that just a few scant years ago this type of marketing was considered geeky and too technical. Most business owners found it boring and unimportant.

Now that the world is changing we are reconsidering the importance of search engines. Media vultures and media reps see the monetary potential and are out combing American businesses. They can get into the shops quite easily even if there are no soliciting signs if they are already customers and buying phone services. But before you sign that contract you should be aware of your other options and there are many out there......

The results we pulled for a gold store are posted above......
We were able to pull all of page 1 results in a matter of weeks... instead of months.

We have created a new style of advertising for a new age.... The results are staggering are worth taking a look at.

This is the new standard that is keeping a lot of Detroit, Michigan businesses open.

Posted by Ted Cantu, Saturday April 16, 2011

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Dental Marketing Program Eliminates Myths About Search Engine Optimization

This was featured in EmailWire, Bezinga, and quite a few other places.

Troy, Michigan – As newspapers continue to scramble for more online relevancy media sellers of all types are combing the streets of Metro Detroit desperate for a sale. There are coupon specialists, direct mail experts and directory sales people who are hinting about search engine optimization. In the multitude of professionals being pitched are chiropractic offices, medical doctors of all distinctions and dental practices. A lot of these programs are offering various types of traffic visibility. Metro Detroit businesses now see the importance of being on the first page of Google, Bing and Yahoo and other top media sites such as Twitter, and Facebook.

One media company has chosen to stay in Metro Detroit and help the business climate. Ted Cantu is an author, speaker and has worked closely with the dental community to create a new form of advertising just for their industry. Xtreme Dental Marketing is a concept that takes out the common myths about SEO and also takes out the complications of running a good search engine optimization campaign. The websites Cantu and his company sells are optimized for the best selling services that a dental office has to offer. This can include anything from veneers, lumineers, Invisalign Teen, and crowns. This is done through a combination of smart keyword placement throughout the site structure and based on the dental office location. The results are a series of page one placements in every category, every niche and every geo targeted location.
“A common myth about search engine optimization is that one has to buy their way to the top. Most dental websites are nothing more than a phone number and an address. It is a glorified electronic business card. The websites at Xtreme Dental Marketing are optimized by categories of the best selling services so no pay per click is needed.” Says Xtreme Dental Marketing and SEO, Ted Cantu.

The results have been very dramatic and have been posted on video. Dental offices have expanded their practices into different locations as a result of using this program. More importantly, Metro Detroit dental offices have cut down their traditional marketing spending down to 25% and have eliminated radio, television and billboard advertising. There has been more of a rush to get online and reach more people through search engines than ever before. That is what this program is designed to do.

To get more information log onto: or call 248-631-9211. Follow us on Twitter at

Real Dental Marketing Results - Nick Kizy of Sterling Dental Raves About Cantu

We rushed to get this video out. And then we noticed that that window let in too much light, (groan) but we released it anyways..... because the results are just too fantastic.....

Thats Nick Kizy from Sterling Dental in Sterling Heights, ranting about our new SEO program for dentists. The numbers are impressive. This video is unrehearsed, (as you can tell) and we didn't even have a script..... Nick just opened his mouth and told us what was going on in his business and he doesn't lie. The results are incredible.

We have live case studies -- you can view them in front of a computer -- just call us directly and we can direct you to where to logon.

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Real Michigan Dental Marketing Experts Come Clean

Here is what we have been up to in Detroit. Yes, its very lonely in the D -- in fact, at times it seems as if we are the only people out there doing this level of work.

I have Nick Kizy from Sterling Dental in the house and we are talking about his recent results using our system. This is from the all new site that is now live and active.

Dentists listen up, this one is for keeps. We are knocking out incredible ranking positions for our keyword choices and in the cities we serve. This is a template based SEO system that can work in any market, and in any niche.

There are open slots, we are currently taking orders as of March 1, 2011

Posted April 9, 2011, Ted Cantu Detroit MI

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