Monday, February 18, 2008

Microsoft and Yahoo - A Good Combination?

Its all over the news. Microsoft and Yahoo could possibly merge and become one entity. What would this mean for you as a marketer? It is an exciting notion but if my Vista software is any indication this could spell out disaster. My laptop is still in the shop thanks to some foul up in the syntax -- who really knows.....

The other thing that happened recently was my Microsoft Office didn't recognize me as the rightful owner this afternoon. I had to go out and buy another version of this software to meet some deadlines. Needless to say this ruined my Monday. It also pushed all of my deadlines up and I am overworked as it is.

Now as I sit here reading my New York Times this morning it hits me. This could be one heck of a disaster waiting to happen.

Will this new merge bring new tools for the web community? Or will it just hog up resources and create more havoc? It is going to be somewhat difficult to figure out. I have no ideas what kinds of plans they will throw on me.

And either do you.... ;)

Ted Cantu posted this on Monday Feb. 18, 2008 on 7:48 PM

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