Thursday, October 18, 2007

The Profit Hustle

In the 70's Muhammed Ali had an effective strategy called, "The Rope-a-Dope" where he would lie on the ropes until his opponent would strike repeatedly tiring himself out. This way the boxer could conserve energy and then lunge back and knock the other guy skyward. For Ali this tactic worked and he made it famous. Today its considered somewhat of a boxing "sin".

The Rope Em In strategy is an effective one to pull online. You see just like ALI you never let your prospect get too far. In fact you want to keep them into the cyberworld that you created. This is a very powerful thing to do if you put in the right components.

The other day I went to find some powerful coaching materials online. Little did I know that I was walking into a trap. You see this mentor had EVERYTHING I was looking for under one roof or so I imagined. But what he did was something very few of us do effectively.

Everytime I bought something I was taken to a thank you page. On that page was a link to something else I wanted that was related. This went on for about 8 pages deep. Lets just say that I purchased a lot more than I expected to. I could have found these pages on the web individually and if put in that situation I may not have purchased anything. But since I was on a theme and a mission I was in the "mood" to get more than I needed.

A lot of us could benefit financially from this type of thinking.

The ebooks that I recieved from this merchant was riddled with hyperlinks to products that were related. Needless to say I wanted them all.

So what this marketer did was effectively put an iron gate around me. Once I got in his ring he kept me roped in till I purchased more products. I was upsold at every turn. This could be a very effective thing for you to do. Keep in mind that you do not have to have everything contained in the same site. You can have your prospects bounce around from multiple sites.

More on this later.....

Posted by Cantu on Oct. 18, 2007 at 7:56 AM

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