Saturday, February 17, 2007

Avoiding The Spam Folder

"Heres How You Avoid The - Dreaded
Spam Folder - With Your Emails"

Heres a quick tip to ensure that your emails do not get accidently pitched into the spam folder. The email services are getting pretty picky now about what they accept. This can lead to your emails getting dumped right into the trash.

Here are three simple rules to live by:

1. Personlization Is Key
Make sure that whenever possible you use their first name and other bits of personal information. These can be extremely effective. When your recipient reads the email and sees their name on it this can have a positive overall effect on your marketing. Remember that people love to read and talk about their favorite subjects --- themselves! This can work too in your email mailings.

2. Treat the Title Like A Headline
Remember to treat the title of your email like a headline in a newspaper. Make sure that it is something that catches the eye and is worth reading. This is going to be extremely important as you build rapport with your customer base. The other thing I can tell you is that make sure you use a fair combination of upper and lower case letters. This is going to help you for the following reasons:

1. Your eye will travel up and down as it reads across the sentence --- this adds visual variety.
2. This will hold your readers attention.
3. This looks visually stunning.

3. Stay Away From "No No" Words
Steer clear of words that will take your email straight to the spam folder. Stay away from words like..... FREE... prescription drugs, WINNER, at no cost, you have won, new product....excessive exclamation points and punctuation.

Now.... a quick note on the word FREE. I have written chapters on the word FREE and how to effectively use it. There are some things you will want to take note of:

The concept of FREE can do absolutely brilliant things for your campaign. But you want to be careful of how you introduce it to your mailing list or you will get accidently tossed into the SPAM or trash folder by a spam filter.

Take note of the following spellings:


And you insert these into your titles and body copy in your email message. The concept of giving away something for free is a good one. This can actually build a lot of quick response and build rapport. Everyone loves to get a free tip or a money saving idea. The response for this is very good. As with any tactic - just becareful not to over use it.

** Take note too that this gets even trickier in this age of casino, porno, drug and prescription sites out there. Its difficult to market effectively. Those industries have made the SPAM community tighten its belt.

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