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What is the correct number of web pages to have on your website? Believe it or not most professional websites I run into have only 5-10 pages. You see this sort of thing happen with a lot with websites designed and sold by IT, phone companies, telecom groups and from template companies. I have found this number to be incredibly limiting.

One thing that makes a world of difference in SEO, (search engine optimization) is an abundance of pages. We like to see our clients shoot for over 1,000 pages. The ideal number of web pages should be roughly 5,000 – 10,000. New business opportunities seem to appear when a client gets that kind of web presence. We are looking at roughly 10,000 keyword phrases and combinations.

What this can mean for a business can be quite incredible. We have seen brick and mortar businesses actually expand in size and grow into multiple locations. In an age where so many businesses are closing up and shutting their doors for good our clients are expanding.

The key for this type of expansion is directly related to the number of relevant keywords and pages. This expands the amount of reach on the search engines and connects to more people.

What Does This Mean For Web Traffic? When you start creating large website page installations on the web incredible things can happen. Your organic web traffic can grow substantially. A 10,000 page website can pull in 6.2 million viewers in on an annual basis. This type of web traffic can occur without the additional purchase of pay per click advertising and adwords. We first noticed that websites that had over a 1,000+ pages seemed to attract more web traffic on a daily basis. This was attracting a substantial amount of business as well. We noticed this when we did the famous Windsor Beauty Supply website with over 20 product lines. Once these categories and products were all optimized we noticed a steady traffic of 1,000 people coming to the website daily. We continued to add more pages to it and growing the site out.

We have taken that same experience and have applied it to other industries. The results were equally substantial which prompted our clients to grow their stores out and move their brand across the State of Michigan and across the country. Right now we have franchises that are building retail stores in other states and cities. We have done this for the following:

* Edenz Hydro * Organic America * Sterling Dental * Windsor Beauty … and more.

Now we are looking to do that again for more companies. That is the kind of growth we specialize in. Our SEO services are not for everyone. To get this type of result one has to invest a sizeable amount to cover the amount of keywords as well as cities and states. The results are based on the amount of reach a company is willing to invest. It takes time to build websites in this manner and there are a lot of details that need to go into these pages. This can be very time consuming. We are writing for two different audiences – the SEO search engine bots and the human eye. There has to be enough search engine optimization throughout the pages to attract Google, Yahoo and Bing. That means you have to have a lot of pages with the right types of keyword phrases in them.

DID YOU KNOW: Most websites stuff too many of the wrong keywords in them – and search engines will never index them properly? (That’s going to cost you business) DID YOU KNOW: Most websites are not formatted the right way and that search engine crawlers actually SKIP RIGHT OVER THEM? They will never be included in the search engine results.

** This takes time and money to build. ** We do not barter. ** We do not trade. ** If you cannot meet the basic requirements we cannot do business.


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