Thursday, December 31, 2009

Its 2010 - Facing The Great Collapse


Its amazing how times have changed. Its even more amazing how the rules of the game are changing at a rapid rate. Since I have turned against the traditional roads of marketing I got to tell you that I am enjoying the fruits of freedom.

I believe that in 2010 people are more impatient than ever.

In 2009 we lost two major newspapers - the Ann Arbor News and the Oakland Press. We also lost The Phenomenews paper that reported on all things related to mind, body and spirit. As troubling as these events were little has changed on the local front. Retail stores still struggle to get the word out about their businesses...... Without the support of the newspapers the other logical choice would be to run side by side with the Yellow Pages....

This is a grim proposition. It is tough to stand out against so many similar listings. This is true for just about every industry.

Getting a thumbs up in the
Kawsasaki ATV Parts market is tough these days. There are roughly 15,000,000 competing pages on the web. Getting noticed in the motor sports industry is getting tougher than ever. That is why a lot of them are doing pay per click to stay out there in the public eyes. For some companies this is an ideal choice.

Google PPC accounts have been reported to drop over the recent weeks. In fact, a lot of these accounts were reported to be "kicked out" of the system. This leaves the advertisers in search of greener pastures... literally. Keep in mind that a good 86% of the online public prefers to rely on organic searches on the web. The choice for these advertisers may be to start creating organic online marketing campaigns.

If you can't rely on the PPC system to take care of you whats left.... the Yellow Pages? Maybe. Over the last few months the Yellow Pages has been making strides to do a little "video" for the retail store owners. This is nothing compared to the magnitude of "Viral Marketing" where it is possible to create 40,000 online links in just a few months as opposed to.... 2-10 ... tops with the "other guys".

Kawasaki parts dealers are better off using organic SEO to help propel their companies on the web. It may be their only option. The newspapers are not coming back anytime soon. In a way its very depressing yet... at the same time, very uplifting.

Google is picking up in popularity -- and print.... in general, is dead. Thats what I am told constantly when I meet retail store owners. And seriously, on the street, (and that is where I spend 80% of my time) nobody is forking over money on stamps to do mailing campaigns.

Whenever I hear the buzzwords for "Webinar" I get nervous. That is usually a red flag for the following.... It means that people who love meetings, (but rarely buy) will be stealing time from me before they make a commitment. I think that level of marketing is finished too to an extent.

It used to be like this....

1. Soft Launch - webinar, phone calls
2. Pre-Launch - webinar part 2, phone calls, teleseminar
3. Drip Campaign - Mail, and drive people to a "Squeeze Page"

Now I think you just need an idea, a sales letter, and maybe a power point and thats it. You don't need to wait weeks upon weeks to get your point across. I find that people who like structure and "meetings" are usually cash poor to begin with.

I don't have time to entertain these people. I need to find motivated individuals who want to become customers at some level... and they are out there.

So this level of online marketing has also collapsed. Sad but true.

2010 will be a year of great impatience, a year of speed, and a year of significance. You will need to know what you want. You will have to choose sides and pick your fights quickly.

And in 2010, you had better learn how to sell.

The job "scene" has greatly deteriorated.

There is too much opportunity out there. Opportunity is not the problem. The real issue is that many entrepreneurs out there have absolutely no clue how to build value and sell their goods.

Times up....

Ted Cantu posted this Dec 31, 2009 -

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Cracks Are Showing on SEO

In recent months there has been a different view on SEO and what search engine optimization can ultimately mean for a company. The first thing that comes to mind is that no matter what -- getting to the top of the search engines is paramount.

But at what cost? Do you want to pay to be there or do you want to get there organically as possible. And if you want to get there organically do you want to actually do work or do you look at your overall campaign as someone elses problem?

I am often intrigued with how many times a company will look at their online marketing with distain and disgust. This is your responsibility overall. And this this is something I see companies wrestling with month after month. Its as if the success of their own company is looked upon as someone else's problem.

Look at what we did recently for Kawasaki OEM Parts - for a little company called, This is a very smart company who gets it. More importantly when we took on this campaign we employed our own techniques. We literally turned our back on many of our mentors and have developed our own keyword strategies and success formulas. This has outraged many of our colleagues --- You're not supposed to color outside the lines.....

Instead of getting hauled off to the H.R. department - we ousted ourselves from the sugary sweet comfort of our contemporaries and have hit the street. Since we are not in a corporate circle we are fine with that. I grew up with street fighting and this my friends is no different.


The last 60 days have revealed some rather disturbing news. Googles PR system is showing signs of old age. It is no longer important for a page to have a high page rank thanks to viral marketing. WORSE -- there are new signs ahead that tell us that it is no longer important to link your pages up to high PR pages for good SEO.

Good mercy.

That leaves the boys in India scratching their heads and looking deep inside their wallets. The Golden Age of off shore SEO is quickly becoming a thing of the past. Now you will have to really know what you are doing when it comes to search engine marketing. That means you will have to physically show some effort and some concern to get yourself noticed online.

This means you will have to actually do something instead of just submitting pages to a handful of directories to get some attention.

That has to bum some of you out.

Created by the King of Online Marketing - Ted Cantu - Look at his results at and check out what he did for Kawasaki

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Ted Cantu - Lessons From Dan Kennedy - Is Cantu Ex-Kennedy?


The answer to that is YES. Studying Kennedy over the past 6 years has radically transformed my thinking and how I approach direct marketing. Short to the point it showed me how to do sales in a new and unique way. It was a significant moment in my life. I learned everything from SALES COPY, DIRECT RESPONSE and SALES TACTICS.


I have addressed this position in past posts regarding my status with Dan Kennedy. In recent months I have cut loose from ALL OF MY MENTORS..... so I could create freely without any interference on their aesthetics.

Here is a complete list of marketing coaches I have recently let go of.....

* Brett McFall
* Dan Kennedy
* Derek Ghel
* Joe Vitale

I took the recent months to create new works online that did not lean too strongly in any one of these masterminds. I wanted to create new online records that did not borrow too heavily from any one of these Gurus.

Now, Kennedy - is changing his direction with the help of Bill Glazer in the areas of Online Marketing. This has also been under the advisement of Yanik Silver. I have taken bare principals and have laid out a different sort of attack plan.

I outline this briefly in my chapter in the, "30 Day Total Business Makeover".


I created a special brand of "Buzz Marketing" using traditional Direct Response Marketing techniques learned by the masters and applied them in Web 2.0 environments.

To a certain extent I am not a pure SEO marketer anymore either. I have expanded my view with search engine optimization and utilized emotional responses within my web pages, such as in the Description Tag.

I feel that the description tag is the highest selling point of a business online. This is the equivalent of a headline title. We want the online searcher to open the web page and read it just as they would direct mail.

I am in a state of transition of creating new online environments. I have been on the road re-introducing this very special brand of Web 2.0, Direct Response, SEO - Buzz Marketing to the masses. This means I have been on the road.

Interestingly enough I have been introducing it to companies who have been hit hardest with PPC, (pay per click) campaigns during the turbulent years of the POST COM WORLD.

I have also made a conscious effort to ignore many of my contemporaries so I would be influenced by them directly. I did not want my marketing to be a clone of someone else's. I have added a significant amount of articles, PR and Hubs to my marketing with the help of RSS feeds. This has definately gotten my name out there in front of a lot of new prospects and has resulted in business.

I have plans to return to my mentors at some point and reintroduce myself. This has been a creative hiatus and a time of personal growth.

I am also in the finalizing stages of a new book that will be released in the fall months of 2009.

Posted by Ted Cantu, aug. 21, 2009

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Web 2.0 PR: What If You Are On The RIP OFF REPORT?

There's always two sides to every story.

But sometimes a belligerent company can slander you all over the web. I have seen TV journalists do this as well as PR companies. There is usually very little you can do about this catastrophic event. You just have to sit back and be a victim. That was the way it was normally handled .... until recently.

If you find yourself on the RIP OFF REPORT or worse.... you can get those ugly, nasty headlines and articles blasted off the front pages of Google with Web 2.0 PR. It is a little known fact that good Web PR can actually make most of those problems a non issue. You can count on press releases going viral in most cases. Over time your negative press on the web will start to disappear.

It takes time to do this because each industry is different. You will have to also keep in mind that if your company is getting trashed in a forum this can take longer to erase... especially if there are a lot of posts on it.

Ted Cantu posted this in July 2009

Monday, July 27, 2009

Introduction to the Google Ad Auction VS Viral Video

Our Chief Economist, Hal Varian, explains the AdWords Ad Auction and how your max CPC bid and quality score determine how much you pay for a click on

Viral Video

Is this real? Which one is more real to you? Is anything real anymore?

Posted by Ted Cantu, (he is real folks) and is in Detroit, the city of Wonders

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Low Cost Viral Advertising For Retail, Restaurants and Bars

Here is the preview for THE BUZZ ACADEMY. This is a great avenue for businesses to promote themselves online without the high cost of full page ads, billbaords, radio spots and television commercials.

Imagine getting your business out there in every corner on the web. This is without the expensive charges that are usually associated with this.

Ted Cantu and Crew put standard advertising to shame....
* Zero Pay Per Click
* No Airtime Fees
* No Expensive Full Page Ad Rates

Get more information at

Friday, July 24, 2009

Web 2.0 PR - The Power Of The Press

Its amazing.

You know two years ago when I started doing online promotions nobody knew what I was talking about. But now, the world is listening to the things that I say. USA TODAY just ran a press release on me and one of my clients -- Anna Russo.

Anna is a NLP specialist out of Metro Detroit. She is an author, speaker and works with high profile athletes and CEO's -- she is famous. Now, she is more famous than usual thanks to the magic of Web 2.0 PR. In the grand scheme of things we got the world in the palm of our hands.

And let me tell you why....

A few months back The Ann Arbor News called it quits. This popular Michigan newspaper had been a college town staple for decades. Now in this modern age of iphones, ipods and hand held computers this A2 classic has called it a day. This paper is supposed to live online. And for now, that is exactly what it intends to do.,+Geography/Towns,+Cities,+Counties/Ann+Arbor/0eFN0dtefheLL/1

Now, I am creating news that lives in some high profile areas. Best of all --- it is creating quite a stir in a short amount of time. This is key because now we have credibility as well as links pointing back to us which enhances our SEO, (search engine optimization).

This is a lot of control for companies in Michigan. Now they can gain attention from the press and get more exposure than they ever could in a printed format.

Posted by Ted Cantu on July 23, 2009 at 10:22 PM

Monday, July 20, 2009

Put Your Retail Store on Google


This podcast shows you how to get your video online with RETAIL CONNECT. Ted Cantu puts your business on the search engines and showcases your store in front of the right buyers. Now you can collect email addresses and really get great return business.

Get your videos online and then watch them grow virally on the web. This is a fantastic program that really works..... Best of all, your customers will find YOU.

Beat Up Search Engines - Whenever You Want

Now you can beat up search engines - even Google - any time you wish! New strategies from Ted Cantu and I Cantu Media LTD gets the game straight. Get ready to see some phenomenal results.

Brand new program - BUZZ ACADEMY - gets rolled out for corporations. This will put your company on the top of the search engines and reach the right people.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

The Buzz Academy - Building Web 2.0 Marketing

Detroit, MI - I read something the other day I couldn't believe.
The warning that came out from a trade journal......

Here is what it said....

It warned all companies that if they were planning on staying in the market then they should embrace Web 2.0. It said that this should be the main primary focus.... for buzz building.

Buzz building -- as they said revolved around building online presence through social interaction, viral marketing, blogs, web sites, wikis and PR Web 2.0.

They also mentioned that if companies choose not to engage in this kind of activity could lead to hazzardous results. Companies could collapse.

It said.... that they could count on it.

Posted by Ted Cantu on July 20, 2009 at 1:13 AM

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Cantu Says: Get Customers - Don't Fret Over Quality


I like Rosagraf.Com, not just because I worked tirelessly over their website, but because they really get it. This company understands you need to build links online. You need to BUILD A LOT OF LINKS ONLINE.

They understand the "promotional video" and all of its quirky personality traits. They know it doesn't have to be a Hollywood production by any means. The whole idea of Web 2.0 marketing is to just get your products and services in front of the right people.

There are articles now on how to make HOMELY videos. The more homeade something looks the higher your credibility. It is the lackluster looks that really hook people in. That is why whenever I create something for the web I don't sweat over quality. I just want to get my products and services in front of the right prospects.

Im not the only one saying this anymore. In fact, I just read this in a popular HD Video magazine. Think it over.

Posted on Ted Cantu on July 13, 2009 at 11:48 PM

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Rebel Marketing Revisited


It is possible to be great and have total control over your business. It is also possible to create positive media for yourself that goes outside the boundaries of radio, television and print. Web 2.0 enables you to do just that.

That is total freedom.

I got this email last week and it informed me that I need to embrace my fellow business associates now more than ever. This was important I was told because of the state of the economy. This made no sense to me. The people that this gurus wanted me to embrace were absolutely clueless when it came to business.

In times of great economic crisis you're role is not to embrace weak people. Your goal should be to getand retain customers! That should be your focus. That should be your ONLY focus.

Save yourself.

In 1976, punk rock exploded in the UK and in NYC. This phenomenon later took off in LA. It changed music forever. It set a clear message to the music industry that anybody could be in a band. It took a lot of power away from this industry and really changed the face of pop culture and how we saw ourselves. It created generation gaps.

That same type of mentality exists today with digital video. Now you don't have to get permission to create media and content to build up your business. You can do this yourself. You can create your own brand and cultivate your own interest groups.

HD Cameras are the new weapons of social change. They are the new moltov cocktails. They are the brassy new electric guitars that will literally pulverize the social climate. This is a time when real revolutions are made let alone fortunes.

It is also a time when great enemies are made.

It's a time of political unrest.

Reviewing Dan Kennedy and the Hype of Ali Brown
Over the recent months I have had a love/hate experience with the Dan Kennedy Group. I was loved and embraced by my local chapters and instantly hated and discredited the day I decided to split and stop forking over money, (I was actually handing well over $400 a month).

I wouldn't say that the Dan Kennedy GKIC group was a cult - that would be giving them too much credit for their status. But I will say that Scientologists also discredit departed members the second they turn their backs on them. You know well that a lot of polygymists do this to their members too. I don't have to spell out what this all means but you get a rough sketch of what I am saying.

Now, I am a hated public figure because I show individuals how to stand up and protect their businesses. I show people how to snub their noses up at paying for full page ads, how to ignore Yellow Pages and as a result have had cuss out phone calls from local Detroit radio stations, (they targeted my 800 numbers in 2007).

Yet, even though I have many enemies - I have cultivated 12,000 links on Google.
That is amazing.

When you compare me to Kennedy GKIC servant, Ali Brown there is no comparison. Brown only has two links according to Alexa. And her programs are far more expensive than mine. Her highest coaching program is 100k a year which I find very hard to fathom.

I'm the real deal. I am about as real as it gets.

In comparison, there is no comparison.

An associate of mine met up with me recently in Chicago at a Landmark Education event. I happened to be in Chicago but had no interest in partaking in Landmark because I was there for my own personal reasons. A simple search on Google led to the search phrase -- CULT.

I interviewed my associate on what he was covering during this weekend and I got a robotic answer. It sounded canned. That wasn't good enough for me. I had to drag it out of him. Basically, he told me that what he was learning at this event was basic human communication skills. It was expensive.

At no time did this group ever cover how to build a decent online campaign. I can't say for sure what Ali Brown teaches. But from what I could gather I know that she was relying heavily on business building skills. It wasn't technical in nature. As for Dan Kennedy, (the Millionaire Maker) he is somewhat of a technophobe. He really despises online marketing.

Online Marketing Is Not Only Rebellious - It Is Necessary
When you get slammed by competitors or by traditional media it is important to stand up for yourself. Would you let someone spray paint ethnic slurs and rants all over your place of business or on your home? I don't know about you but I have a serious personality disorder when it comes to that sort of communication. I shove back.

I've always shoved back. I've taken on guys three times my size and gotten my ass beat but I always push back when you look at my long history.

Sometimes, I win - even if the guy is three times my size.

So when traditional media, competitors, and jealous - hate filled hacks slam you online you owe it to yourself to protect whats rightfully yours. You fight back online with sheer firepower.

It is no secret, I can absolutely criple someone online. I do not stand up for bullying, personal slander and slurs. And when thats not enough - I haul out my lawyers.

As this country slowly unravels you are going to see the real personalities of people come out. I predict that things will get ugly in the days to come.

And you have to be ready.

If you want to fight back and get media on the web with Web.2.0, press releases or web video contact the author, Ted Cantu in his Farmington Hills, Michigan studio to schedule some serious strategy time. Posted on July 12, 2009, at 9:38 PM

HD Video is The New Punk


What do you do when you get slammed in the media? What happens when you get hack reporters or an irrate blogger who slams your reputation and credibility on his network or websites?

You fight back of course.

In fact, you have just as much leverage, and power -- as they do. This was never the case in the 1970's. You had to deal with the media and play by their rules and pray for love of some sort.

Its alright if nobody loves you in 2009. The only thing that really matters is that you have a group of people who will stay loyal to you. They are the ones who will be paying your bills in the days to come. That is the kind of world you are living in these days. That is your public.

The fact that you can level the playing field is incredible. When someone pushes you - you can push back. This has become acceptable.

You do not need permission for anything.

This is the case for HD video and web commercials. It is the new Punk. Just like the ultra violent rock movement of the mid 70's - Web 2.0 is the new punk rock in a sense. It is a homeade, public controlled power force that rocks the social structure of PR.

To be continued

Posted by Ted Cantu, Rebel Marketer 2.0, in Detroit, on July 11, 2009

Thursday, July 09, 2009

Web 2.0 PR Can Save Your Life !!

Think its possible to save the life of your business with something as simple, (oooh and yet so complex) Web 2.0 PR? WELL IT IS !! Check out the power of controlling press releases and how it can transform your business into another stratosphere. It is truly remarkable.

Ted Cantu is back with another podcast that explains the unique power of PR Web 2.0.

Posted on July 8, 2009 at 8:28 PM

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Ted Cantu on Doing Business In Michigan

When I meet with people I do not accept the following “offers”.

1. I will not buy property from you.
2. I will not “sign up” under your MLM or MLM ventures
3. Absolutely no pornography
4. I will not join your church
5. Do not ask me for a money loan
6. I do not create companies for people I meet off the street and work for a “commission”
7. I am not looking for partnerships
8. I will not consider leasing commercial space from you
9. I am not looking to hawk your products
10. I will not join, distribute, or promote your non profit
11. No barters
12. No trades
13. No Amway, Send out Cards, Vitamin drinks etc.
14. I will not endorse your political party or charity

As you can see I am not your "Typical" Michigan businessman. I never claimed to be. But I do not succomb to the alphabetical stereotypical Midwest list of ordinary practices.

As I have claimed before. I was born in Michigan but I was not raised here. This just goes out for the record and to keep the record straight.

Posted by Ted Cantu, (raised in the East Coast) on July 8, 2009 at 5:19 PM GOD SAVE DETROIT

Frank Bluestein - A Glorious Return

Okay, we are a little partial to Frank Bluestein - especially in these troubling "economic times" but you need to look him up at: . He provides a phenomenal return to your investment dollar. This site just flat out rocks.

Check out these great resource links

Another great Frank Bluestein resource -

We will be reporting updates as we receive them.

Posted by Ted Cantu, on July 8, 2009 at 2:07 PM. You can find him on

Sunday, July 05, 2009

Multiple Listings R Us

Check this out:

Don't submit your URL address multiple times during the day. Also don't submit hundreds of URLs from the same website. A much better technique is to create a site map with all your links on one page. Link to the site map from your home page so that the search engine spider can find all your pages easily.

Getting Multiple Listing on the Same Search Engine
There is an easy way to get multiple listings with the same search engines. The trick to this is to change the title of your page every month or so. This tricks the search engine robots into thinking that it is a whole new page. I have also seen sites that leave out the www when submitting their site.


After all the crap I had to endure over my discovery of "Multiple Google Listings On The Same Page" I must say I found this post sort of a relief. Someone else is playing the "Cantu" game over here.... but the advice they give you here is pretty bad.

  • Are people, (outside of India) really submitting single URL pages to search engines these days? This is somewhat of a waste of time. My bets for getting listed multiple times really center around the following criteria:

  • Web Video
  • Podcasting Posts
  • PR - Press Releases

My book, "The 30 Day Business Makeover" has outlined that there are 9 families of search engines including, video, podcasting, articles, press releases, hubs, social bookmarking and so on. It is important for you to have media posted on all of these areas.

In either case - no matter what you believe - the truth is slipping out on the web after all this time. Pretty fascinating isn't it?

** Posted by Ted Cantu on July 5, 2009 at 4:18 PM - Cantu can be found in Farmington Hills, MI or Chicago and even sometimes, New York City..... Honest.

Saturday, July 04, 2009

Team Bluestein To Release The Facts Regarding Website

Local Detroit PR Firm Clears Phony Allegations Concerning Frank Bluestein

Detroit, MI – Small time web forum site,, which is based out of Chicago has boldly stated inaccurate claims aimed at Metro Detroit businessman Frank Bluestein. The claims stated inaccurate information regarding Mr. Bluestein and even included threats of bodily violence, (ex: stemming from last month.

Detroit PR Rep Ted Cantu, i-Cantu Media LTD, was hired in to straighten out the matter along with attorney Joseph Dadich, (Dadich Law). The disturbing note included a death threat aimed at Mr. Bluestein. The owner of Boggleheads could not be reached for comment despite many attempts to reach him. When attorney Joe Dadich finally did get through to the sites owner he adjusted the life threatening post slightly but refused to take the post down entirely.

The site is run by Chicago based, Alex Frakt, and can be contacted at There you can find his contact information including email address and phone number.

“Its unfortunate that blogs, and forum owners take on the stance of irresponsible journalists. Not only do these types go out of their way to discredit someone but they also feel the urge to enforce death threats and other unpleasant proceedings. We are in the process right now of taking immediate and direct action against Mr. Frakt. Due to the sensitive nature of this matter I cannot go into the exact course of action. That will be left up to our legal team.”

We are also working directly with Google who is protecting the shadowy, “Ron” who is in cohoots with and has made other derogatory comments on blogs owned by Google. By law and through cooperation with law enforcement they are required to hand over personal and discreet information especially when death threats are concerned.

As a result, Cantu and Dadich will be releasing a special report regarding cyber bullying and the legal guidelines that you have as a customer and participant on the World Wide Web. The report is also going to outline the considerable amount of risk that a perpetrator puts himself in when delivering death threats, inaccurate information regarding trials in process.

At the time of this writing Alex Frakt and his cohort “Ron” were not available for comment.

The report comes out July 8,2009
Ted Cantu can be reached at 1.888.305.2532 for more information.


Frank Bluestein on Being Frank

You can always count on Frank Bluestein
to give you straight forward, "No Bull" - Frank advice - especially when it comes to picking out good stocks for a solid return on your investment.

Check out the conversation - recorded live on site.

Posted by Ted Cantu on July 4th, 2009 at 3:42 PM

From the Desk of Frank Bluestein.....

Ever consider trading from home? Frank Bluestein is back with and is your guide to picking out top stocks. Always in the know, Frank delivers high end - rock bottom quality stock tip advice that you can count on.

Check out the daily podcasts.... and the following resources...

Stock trade with us on NING

Posted by Ted Cantu on July 4th, 2009 at 3:39 PM

Frank Bluestein - A Closer Look

Imagine a stock pick web site that delivers not one but TWO podcasts daily. Now this is something that they do not have to do. But this is one site that delivers quality to its subscribers.

There are always stock picks that will give you a great return on your investment. They tell you how to play the market. This site has a strong following. if you are looking at playing the market you should get the podcasts.

Freedom Road Trading follows the auto industry and the banks. This gives you a great position to play in. Now you need a reliable source that will show you how to bet the market up or down in these turbulent economic conditions.

Thats what this site is designed to do.

Frank Bluestein is behind and is featured on the daily podcasts. He brings real world experience.

Posted by Ted Cantu on July 4, 2009 at 3:34 PM

Frank Bluestein - A Real American

Frank Bluestein has brought you much over the recent years. But nothing has been more incredible than his insightful, "dead on" stock pick site...

Here is a great resource that will connect you to picking out great stocks. In this tricky market you need a guide that can show you how to play it up or down. This is an excellent resource for the novice and the seasoned trader.

Posted by Ted Cantu on July 4th, 2009 at 3:28 PM

Clueless About Online Marketing?

Everything You Wanted To Ask About Website Marketing But Was Just Too 'Gosh Darned' Embarrased.....

Face it, you are flabergasted with the world of online marketing. Not everything you try is going to work. In fact, every market I have found myself in has twisted and turned in different ways.

That not only makes the experience confusing it makes it pretty frustrating to boot. Advertising your business online is not easy. In fact, until I figured out the entire thing I found the experience very humbling.
As you know I spent uncountable hours until I got a good handle on this. I was on the radio, read over 800 books, figured out how to write compelling sales copy and even wrote a book in the last recent years. That is why I am so excited about this new project.
I am going to turn over my knowledge to all of you out there, FREE OF CHARGE. Those who know me personally know how I hate talking on the phone, (yes yes it is a necessary evil). This open format allows all of my friends out there in business to ask me detailed questions about how to promote themselves online.

When it comes to online internet marketing and web 2.0 you need to come to this site.
This is the invention of Ted Cantu, the author of, "The 30 Day Total Business Makeover". It is presented in a simple format that encourages participation and questions of all sizes, complexities and magnitude. The idea is to flourish innovative talk and help business owners out there express their concerns and frustrations... free of charge.
Give it a try. I promise not to let you down.
For more information or if you need to consult with me on the phone you can leave us a number at the studio at 1.888.305.2532

Ted Cantu posted this at 2am July 4, 2009.

Friday, July 03, 2009


Frank Bluestein Returns With Ted Cantu and Media Based Website

July 3, 2009 – Detroit, Michigan – HotMetroFinds.Com has launched with much anticipated response. The website is a part of iCantu Media LTD which is based out of Chicago. Ted Cantu who owns the company is creating a “living breathing web site” that includes some incredible web video commercials to be spread across the Internet. He has teamed up with Michigan based business developer Frank Bluestein, a retired financial advisor who ran a stock portfolio in excess of 100 million dollars.

Bluestein brings a unique perspective to the table when it comes to online promotion. He has run a very popular web site relating to stock tip picks, This web site has brought in novices to seasoned professionals and have delivered great value over the past two years. Now Frank Bluestein will oversee the production and promotion of Cantu’s latest project, Chicago based,

The idea to create the web site came with the recent collapse of several Michigan based newspapers. After a recent trip to the Windy City Cantu has this to say, “I noticed that the printed realm of advertising continued to shrink over time. I decided to create an open architecture web site that allowed users to rely primarily on the web browser for their search capacity. The end user didn’t really need to even know our web address to find what they needed. They simply needed to plug in a few keywords into their browser and our sites would pop up on the search engines.”

Metro Detroit and Chicago based businesses can get their company listed through iCantu Media through their choice of categories including restaurants, real estate, rentals, and retail. The listing fees are promised to be significantly cheaper than traditional advertising including television, radio and print.

The site has done a quiet launch over the 4th of July weekend, 2009.For additional information regarding Frank Bluestein and Ted Cantu you can contact them at 248.631.9211. You can also visit their website at

Monday, June 15, 2009

Wired Magazine - Gives Detroit Thumbs Up!

Detroit is the subject of this months WIRED MAGAZINE, (July 09). It seems the little guy is going to be calling all the shots -- that is, if the local market is ready for that sort of thing. Large corporations have been dealing the heavy blows for decades and now it is time for some radical new thinking.

Danco Satirovski, the leader of Pontiac business incubator WORKFLY, is answering the call. This innovative group is creating new businesses here in Michigan that can benefit the community in new and wonderful ways.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

New York Search Engine Optimization Hotline Launches Today

Redefining The Post Dom Com Internet Era

New York City, New York 6/01/2009 03:45 AM GMT (TransWorldNews)

Business owners who are looking for a great opportunity to fully utilize the Internet will have a new resource courtesy of I Cantu Media LTD. The Dot Com era brought a lot of premature promise of riches and fortune to the web generation. This fell short due to the lack of search engine technology. Outdoor advertising, (buses, subways and billboards) often supported traditional web site launches.

Search Engine Optimization and Web 2.0 has radically changed the landscape to web site technology. Now it is possible to get your web site listed on the search engines and position your company in front of the right audience. There is a hotline that will answer questions to your hardest search engine questions within 24 hours. Best of all, the hotline is open 24 hours a day and has a pre-recorded message.

The idea to build the hotline stems from I Cantu Media LTD owner Ted Cantu, (who served in New York City during the dot com heyday as an Art Director). The concept for the hotline was to provide Fortune 500 and Blue Chip companies with straight forward information pertaining to Google trends, search engine tactics and positioning corporations with online viral marketing.

“The concept behind the Search Engine hotline came from my years of working in the Dot Com scene. I saw a lot of corporate waste, over optimistic thinking, and flat out over spending due to poor planning and a complete lack of understanding of search engine marketing.” Said Cantu. “Many of my Midwest clients were really against spending money on Pay Per Click and wanted to find more organic search results on the web.”

The results of consistent planning has enabled Cantu and Co. to put companies on Google and other search engines in under an hour. His record to date is getting a company listed in just 32 minutes.

Cantu has a studio in Stamford, CT and a video facility, (complete with green screen editing) in Farmington Hills, Michigan. He has worked for such notable companies as the WWE, (Stamford, CT) Gift Certificates.Com, Capital Records, Oprah, and Foote Cone and Belding. Currently, his company is in 42 different industries and has perfected a formula that propels companies from zero visibility to the front pages of Google and other search engines.

All questions regarding search engine optimization and Google strategies will be answered within 24 hours. You can call the hotline 24 hours a day at:


All calls will be answered within a 24 hour period.

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Saturday, June 06, 2009

Cantu LIVE PRESENTATION on Google Marketing


Cantu is back with this presentation that totally baffed AUTOMATION ALLEY. He spells out what sort of search engines you need to be on if you want your company to be found. There are 9 families of search engines that he illustrates in his new book, "The 30 Day Total Business Makeover".

Posted on June 6, 2009 by Ted Cantu, Im off the see THE BLUES BROTHERS TONIGHT !!!!


Posted by Ted Cantu, on June 6, Im off to see THE BLUES BROTHERS TONIGHT !....

Friday, June 05, 2009

Web 2.0 Meets Real Estate! Ted Cantu, the google expert, talks candidly about the real estate situation in the midwest with Equity Services LLC's Jerry Norton. They cover Web 2.0 and Cantu's exclusive online coaching program.


They said it couldn't be done. Real estate marketers would turn their backs on online marketing and I would never make a difference to anyone.


Check out what we are doing in the foreclosure market. Check out the testimonial. Check out the history that is now being made.

What now little man, what now?

Posted by Ted Cantu, on June 9, 2009 at 8:57 PM and yes..... you heard right, Ted Cantu is a step ahead of the industry.

Traditional PR Meets Web 2.0

Ted Cantu Joins Forces With Lisa Lapides Sawicki and Revolutionizes Web 2.0

The recent months have been weird. Now that business owners are given full range to pursue their dreams I see so many of them get timid, run and hide, and get defensive. You now have full reign to do what ever you want and to approach as many people as you want WITHOUT POSTAGE. This is a phenomenal situation.

Listen to this amazing video podcast.....

Its powerful stuff.

Ted Cantu posted this on June 9, 2009, at 8:51 PM which is a very fine time indeed.

Minesh Baxi Interviews Google Kingpin Ted Cantu

The book has been released, "The 30 Day Total Business Makeover". And the controversies flew by. I instructed people not to do traditional advertising with $3260 full page ads, $40k radio campaigns and would you know it..... I got a flood of hate mail.

Thanks guys. I consider it a compliment.

Now there are TOO MANY OF US out there. It is going to be hard to bring about threats and carry them out with a nation full of Twitter and Facebook fans.... not to mention all the millions of podcasters and web video afficiendos out there.

But one can still dream.

Posted by Ted Cantu, on June 5, 2009 at 8:46 PM

The Power of Intelligent Thinking ! Go Cantu !

Here is the third installment that is a MUST SEE. Before you spend a fortune on online marketing or, (heaven forbid) someone else's fortune on Internet Marketing for a company you have not even built yet.... Take note.

You are headed for serious disaster.

Get a grip on your online efforts and watch these clips. They may very well save your company and keep you in the black for crikeys sake.

Ted Cantu, (THE KING) posted this on June 9, 2009 at 8:30 PM



It's no secret that I fired just about all of my mentors, (for being nothing more than jealous swines). I grab a bit of success and theres always some miserable lout waiting in the darkness anxious to piss all over my extraordinary discoveries. Ah but such is life.

Here is the truth about Google, dear ones, take heart and take notes.

Posted by Ted Cantu on June 9, 2009 at 8:33 PM

Web 2.0 and Search Engine Marketing LIVE


These clips were pulled, from "The Vaults" of our studio hard drives. It was recorded a little before its time, (AKA... last summer). They illustrate my skills and my companies victories early on.

These web 2.0 clips are well worth watching. Take notes. The Ted Cantu footage is a prelude to what was to come later in the 42 minute miracle.
Posted by Ted Cantu at June 5, 2009 at 8:28 PM.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Can SEO Help Michigan Chevy Dealerships? Part 1

Can SEO, SEM and Web 2.0 Marketing really help Michigan Chevy Dealerships? In these challenging economic times auto dealerships are going to have to position themselves in a much bigger digital arena. Not only having a web site is important but then comes the responsibility of making it visible for web site searchers out there.
The Detroit Free Press announced earlier this year it would be cutting back on its home delivery. This is going to have serious repercussions throughout the Michigan economy and in particular the automotive dealerships. Since the advertising scene is going to be seriously limited it is up.

After looking into the Automotive scene a bit deeper I was somewhat dumbfounded when I found out that the majority of the sites I reviewed lacked critical data. The “Guts” of these sites were missing and for the most part altogether non-existent. In the most simplest terms there was nothing for the search engine spiders, (bots) to grab a hold of. This meant that the web sites, (despite how pretty they were or how glitzy they were in appearance) lacked visibility.
This puts the auto dealership owners in a very bad situation. When you tack on the additional promotional expenses such as PPC, (pay per click) sponsored links, banner ads, and paid text links the problem becomes very serious.

So now we have two problems. One is that the dealership is invisible through bad online marketing. The second problem is that the dealership cannot reach as many people through traditional media, (newspapers). The dealership is left with basically two choices. They can go through television and radio to try to get more prospects or it can turn to the Internet.

I think the Internet is a better cost alternative. Now there are multiple families of search engines including web video, podcasts, blogs, and social bookmarking which will enable the dealership to get in front of more people at a much lower cost than traditional media advertising.

To be continued.

Posted by Ted Cantu on Feb. 17, 2009 - to learn more about how Web 2.0 can help your auto dealership check out CRM Automotive solututions here...

Saturday, January 31, 2009

Web 2.0 and Automotive Marketing

I was reading how an Internet lead is lost in 4 hours if not followed up. The online car buyer will actually go to your site and look around and even fill out your customer contact form. What happens next is incredible. The lead will often go unnoticed by the web staff and this gets lost in the shuffle.

A surprisingly large number of these leads will go on to another dealership and make a purchase. The percentage of prospects who actually do this is close to 50%. If the lead can somehow get re-routed back to the dealership and in the hands of an attentive sales person some serious magic can happen. This is where Web 2.0 can make a serious difference. Here is something I found online...

"TROY, Mich. (January 21, 2009) -- Today Saleztrack, a premier provider of dealership Internet lead management (ILM) software and CRM software applications, announced an exclusive partnership with automotive intelligence market leader R.L. Polk & Co. that allows dealerships to increase sales from Internet leads by 24 percent within 90 days. Saleztrack utilizes Polk Lead Scoring in its recently released Digitrack -- the industry’s newest and unmatched ILM technology -- to help auto dealers “prioritize and pursue the very best Internet leads first,” according to Saleztrack CEO Bill Lloyd

“Polk Lead Scoring significantly enhances our Digitrack product and enables dealers to easily qualify their Internet leads and gain a competitive advantage, resulting in more Internet leads converted into sales,” said Lloyd. “This is a great partnership and addition to Saleztrack’s web-based CRM software.”


The benefit of utilizing a Web 2.0 CRM software solution is that it can handle muti step lead followup. It accomplishes this through email texting, voice broadcast, automated email deployment and much more. It allows the seller to tend to other customers and new business while taking care of the prospects simultaneously. Both end up coming out looking like a winner. Plus the number of cars that have been sold through this process have been somewhat astonishing.

I have found some more information as to real case studies at this address:

This is an interesting factoid of information from this site..."

32% BUY AFTER 90 DAYS! "

I find these numbers pretty interesting. More and more of the Internet generation is turning to the web now to do their car shopping. Often times they want to fill out a subscription form on your site to get more information. Converting that into an actual cash paying customer can be quite a task. It requires the right type of followup.Web 2.0 is the missing link in this process and Saleztrack has it.

You can get on the no obligation demo call and get more information at

Nobody has a system like this on the market and the testimonials they are recieving have been incredible.

Posted by Ted Cantu on Jan 30 at 11:46. You can find more information on this company at and you can get on the special call to boost your auto sales at

Friday, January 09, 2009

Itunes Desperate Move


Thats what my bank account said. The finger pointed right at Apple Itunes -- they had my credit card on file and they had my password. And .... this was really interesting. They changed my username by one letter. Then they depleted my bank account.

Those cats at Itunes are SLICK.
They are smart criminals like that.

So I handed this information over to my bank and got this whole matter stirred up. I had the money back in my account within 30 days. It was a major pain but in the end it was totally worth it to get a little sanity back in my world.

My thieves gave me a word of advice. Maybe you could use this too. They told me to never leave my credit card on file for automated withdrawl. They also told me to always use the Apple Itunes gift cards whenever I wanted to buy music.

Thanks guys.

I still reported you to the Federal Authorities. I am also filing a claim against Apple for causing me inconvenience and grief.

Created by Ted Cantu, Ex-Itunes member and creator of the "30 Day Total Business Makeover".

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