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Rebel Marketing Revisited


It is possible to be great and have total control over your business. It is also possible to create positive media for yourself that goes outside the boundaries of radio, television and print. Web 2.0 enables you to do just that.

That is total freedom.

I got this email last week and it informed me that I need to embrace my fellow business associates now more than ever. This was important I was told because of the state of the economy. This made no sense to me. The people that this gurus wanted me to embrace were absolutely clueless when it came to business.

In times of great economic crisis you're role is not to embrace weak people. Your goal should be to getand retain customers! That should be your focus. That should be your ONLY focus.

Save yourself.

In 1976, punk rock exploded in the UK and in NYC. This phenomenon later took off in LA. It changed music forever. It set a clear message to the music industry that anybody could be in a band. It took a lot of power away from this industry and really changed the face of pop culture and how we saw ourselves. It created generation gaps.

That same type of mentality exists today with digital video. Now you don't have to get permission to create media and content to build up your business. You can do this yourself. You can create your own brand and cultivate your own interest groups.

HD Cameras are the new weapons of social change. They are the new moltov cocktails. They are the brassy new electric guitars that will literally pulverize the social climate. This is a time when real revolutions are made let alone fortunes.

It is also a time when great enemies are made.

It's a time of political unrest.

Reviewing Dan Kennedy and the Hype of Ali Brown
Over the recent months I have had a love/hate experience with the Dan Kennedy Group. I was loved and embraced by my local chapters and instantly hated and discredited the day I decided to split and stop forking over money, (I was actually handing well over $400 a month).

I wouldn't say that the Dan Kennedy GKIC group was a cult - that would be giving them too much credit for their status. But I will say that Scientologists also discredit departed members the second they turn their backs on them. You know well that a lot of polygymists do this to their members too. I don't have to spell out what this all means but you get a rough sketch of what I am saying.

Now, I am a hated public figure because I show individuals how to stand up and protect their businesses. I show people how to snub their noses up at paying for full page ads, how to ignore Yellow Pages and as a result have had cuss out phone calls from local Detroit radio stations, (they targeted my 800 numbers in 2007).

Yet, even though I have many enemies - I have cultivated 12,000 links on Google.
That is amazing.

When you compare me to Kennedy GKIC servant, Ali Brown there is no comparison. Brown only has two links according to Alexa. And her programs are far more expensive than mine. Her highest coaching program is 100k a year which I find very hard to fathom.

I'm the real deal. I am about as real as it gets.

In comparison, there is no comparison.

An associate of mine met up with me recently in Chicago at a Landmark Education event. I happened to be in Chicago but had no interest in partaking in Landmark because I was there for my own personal reasons. A simple search on Google led to the search phrase -- CULT.

I interviewed my associate on what he was covering during this weekend and I got a robotic answer. It sounded canned. That wasn't good enough for me. I had to drag it out of him. Basically, he told me that what he was learning at this event was basic human communication skills. It was expensive.

At no time did this group ever cover how to build a decent online campaign. I can't say for sure what Ali Brown teaches. But from what I could gather I know that she was relying heavily on business building skills. It wasn't technical in nature. As for Dan Kennedy, (the Millionaire Maker) he is somewhat of a technophobe. He really despises online marketing.

Online Marketing Is Not Only Rebellious - It Is Necessary
When you get slammed by competitors or by traditional media it is important to stand up for yourself. Would you let someone spray paint ethnic slurs and rants all over your place of business or on your home? I don't know about you but I have a serious personality disorder when it comes to that sort of communication. I shove back.

I've always shoved back. I've taken on guys three times my size and gotten my ass beat but I always push back when you look at my long history.

Sometimes, I win - even if the guy is three times my size.

So when traditional media, competitors, and jealous - hate filled hacks slam you online you owe it to yourself to protect whats rightfully yours. You fight back online with sheer firepower.

It is no secret, I can absolutely criple someone online. I do not stand up for bullying, personal slander and slurs. And when thats not enough - I haul out my lawyers.

As this country slowly unravels you are going to see the real personalities of people come out. I predict that things will get ugly in the days to come.

And you have to be ready.

If you want to fight back and get media on the web with Web.2.0, press releases or web video contact the author, Ted Cantu in his Farmington Hills, Michigan studio to schedule some serious strategy time. Posted on July 12, 2009, at 9:38 PM

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