Sunday, January 20, 2008

“Ignoring The Chain of Command – Insights to 2008 Internet Marketing”

I had a meeting with my coach the other day. We were looking into the possibilities of what I wanted out of 2008. I immediately blurted out that I wanted to put more of my marketing into systems that would generate more income.

He said it was a good answer.

The idea of putting your marketing into profit generating systems should be your goal too. It is rare for someone on the Internet to plunk down $2,500 or more right off the bat with little or no credibility. It takes a while to build up this type of rapport with people. That is why going for the big guns right away online is a foolish move.

Managing your profit funnels into smaller channels is a much smarter way of handling your marketing situation. Imagine the customer’s point of view when they come to your site. They want to get into your site and walk out with as much free information as possible.

It’s difficult to get a commitment when you throw everything at them at once. Worse, if you have only 5 pages to work with it is going to be harder for you to compete against so many other web pages out there. To be king of the heap you need to be strategic.

Keep in mind now that there are at least 7 different types of search engines out there……
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