Thursday, March 15, 2012

Who Is A Gurus? And Who Isn’t? Now You Can Call Them Out

Hey chicken little. There really is a way you can find out who is good at Internet Marketing and who isn’t. This always blows my mind on how many retail store owners, doctors, and professional businesses that don’t know this. You can find out how many links a website has and how well it is constructed. I have documented this to death on my websites.

This is going to save you a considerable amount of sweat, toil and worry when you want to find out the truth about your competitors and the slothful gurus who are busy trying to pounding your door down. This is something that a lot of these so called, “Online Marketing Geniuses” lack. I have seen the best of these high profilers flop like a dead fish on this one and the truth should be so obvious.

Check Your Links
Is someone telling you how much traffic they are getting lately? Do these numbers seem inflated and out of touch with reality. No worries. They are. But here is a simple thing you can do with your website in question. Go to GOOGLE and type in…. links into the search window and hit search. If the number comes back as 14 or 42 links run for your life. The guy who is trying to get your approval on his manly genius is a full time bullshit artist. It is hard to get 8,000 daily hits with a paltry number of website links. It just doesn’t happen.

The other thing you can do is look at a site like – www.SeoCentro.Com. Now pop your website address into the MetaTag Analyzer and see how the search engines really see your site? Most of the “gurus” sites that I have looked at with a microscope comes up unbelievably popular. We are looking at a 37% optimized website. Usually these guys stick to the golden rule book of web site schlock and droll out the routine 5 pages. Sometimes they get aggressive and bang out 10 pages. Here is the clincher. The most overlooked item in these websites are sitemaps for some weird reason. This is a very common thing to screw up and the IT companies seem to neglect this item the most. This is why I feel sorry for real estate and insurance companies so much. You know the sites I am talking about. This is the kind of “website” where they have 500 agents all living on the same server. So dumb. But don’t get me started on this…..

The bottom line here is that getting a phenomenal steady stream of traffic at this level is incredibly hard if not impossible. I actually think it is hard to get substantial numbers from one traffic source even if it is a major search engine such as Google or Yahoo and so on.

A lot of the gurus out there flat out steal your money. I have had this happen to me and it has happened to many people. There are a lot of overnight experts on the web these days and many of them have not survived long sufficiently enough to make it to the Facebook wave. Web gurus fade out and fall apart like discarded porn stars. We are living in the age of the Internet and there have been 6 major generations of new media in the last 20 years. It is not just the gurus that have fallen out of favor with the rest of the human race but also high tech website companies and media providers, (think digital video editing houses).

The worst of these vermin seem to thrive in Facebook. This type of marketing is very easy to do and many of them have ads and are popping up as the flavor of the day. The underlying myth that connects them all is quick wealth or the perception of wealth. But take a good look at the websites that they are creating and also take a good look at the results they are supposedly getting. There is usually a mismatch.
In my quest for someone who is a knowledgeable web traffic genius has been an unfruitful one. I have found this to be an elusive beast. I haven’t met one yet. Part of the problem here is that I do not have the full faith that web traffic exists in a popular search engine. I believe now that the full force of web traffic exists in a particular brand or even a cult brand, or big box store. This is where people gravitate to first before anywhere else. That is why creating a blog and expecting people to flock to it is a waste of time for the business owner. The web has become a very frenetic and impatient place and people are scrambling and literally stepping over one another to get what they want. In short, people are selfish and will go straight to what they want. That means immediate satisfaction.

Whenever I see someone pontificating over the greatness of DMOZ I want to hurl. This is a seriously outdated technique and no longer belongs in a chapter of relevant techniques. The other flawed approach is to build a blog. Yet, I see these techniques pop up in garbage books about web traffic. There is too much regurgitation going on in popular web site books. A lot of these rags are written by jaded college professors with near sighted notions on what life is like on the “outside”. I tend to not gravitate through someone who is living “vicariously” through me in the first place.

A lot of website books are garbage.

So what I am telling you is to take a good look at high traffic URL’s as opposed to a website search engine such as Google. Recently Google+ took some hits as being the hip thing to use. Google also pulled the plug on Knol, which was an alternative approach to a blog/Squidoo. These things popped up in the Google algorithm but I don’t think they were major traffic pullers. Someone looking for ATV parts is going to go on Google shopping or Ebay as opposed to spending any time on my knol or blog post.

The traffic stream that is going through an ATV parts review site URL is going to have much more traffic pulling power than anything I can create. It has life and an existing search activity. Don’t believe me? Look at Groupon and Netflix. These companies leave their lead generation coupons on 24/7 through a variety of websites most notably and that is interesting to me.

Why more retail, professional and medical businesses don’t pay attention to this is beyond me.

Enough yammering…. I have to get back to work.

You false gurus out there read this blog obviously. I hope you’re taking notes.

Written by CANTU - March 15, 2012 DETROIT - "I'm a genius too y'know...!!"

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