Wednesday, May 30, 2007

"Rebel Marketing" Broadcast to Appear on the Ike Englebaum Show

Cantu and the SEO Search Quest Group have announced their appearance on the IKE Englebaum Show in Southfield, MI. The broadcast is going to mark the initial appearance of a cultural phenonmenon.

This concept of, "Rebel Marketing" is going to be discussed live on the air. This is delivering marketing straight to the people who want it the most. This new radical concept actually cuts out all of the following:

* Advertising Agencies
* Middle Management
* Radio Stations
* Television Advertising
* Micro Management
* Temp Agencies

And a cast of... dare I say millions. This is going to be memorable. In fact, this is also going to kick off a television station of the same name that you can tune into online. It is a radical departure from what is commonly known as Internet Marketing.

We will be posting the footage online in several places. This is going to be an important podcast --- er... I mean, Vodcast.

SEO Resource Site Gets Facelift

Its time once again to haul out the guts and rearrange the face of.... and that is just the beginning. After a whirlwind period of new contracts, jobs and touring SEO Search Quest is rehashing all of its goods online. This new mix will tend to give the audience members a lot to chew on.....

We have scoured through the best blog articles and will be posting them on our new site. These will also include podcasts from our show and marketing help as well as a few choice examples. This will futher illustrate the power of the types of sites we are currently building and promoting.

More importantly we are going to centralize all of our media for the upcoming Universal Google Search. This has been a hot topic lately and its got SEO firms rethinking their strategy.

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