Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Affiilate Program Is Released !!

"Top Profit Generating Web Site Program Is Now Available -- Over The Top Affiliate Program Has Been Released"

#1 SEO Michigan has released its SEO Affiliate Program. We just got word this morning that we can go ahead and start accepting sign ups. Due to a number of stalled efforts - incompatible server space - programming language problems --- we haven't been able to release it as planned. Now our tech people have put the right components in order and we can begin to accept sign ups.

Our affiliate program is unlike any other affiilate program of its kind. The first thing you will notice is that our payout is really high. In fact we are giving away 50% profits to all of our partnerships. This is for a limited time.

We have a reason for doing this. First of all, its unprecidented. This type of generous payout structure is a bit unhead of. Owner Ted Cantu explains,

"There are plenty of programs out there that pay 10% of the overall sales..... Which is fine for middle of the road companies but we believe that we are delivering something pretty unique to the market place -- quick and fast results... We are dedicated to delivering fast results".

This vicious, fast paced approach to getting high search engine rankings is outstanding. Our partners are backed up with a guaranteed payment. In fact, they can even log into our system and track their own sales. To get more information on the
911 Copywriters Affiliate program you can look it up here.....

The program is free to join but you do have to have your own web site. Due to the technical restrictions of our system we are lot allowing MLM type web sites at this time, (Market America, PrePaid Legal, Avon, Web Malls etc.).

We provide all of the web graphics that you will need to attract sales. The participants will be very pleased to see this system in play. It is state of the art and is the mastermind of Internet experts Derek Ghel and Corey Rudl.

We welcome all participants. We would like to also welcome especially those in the fields of advertising, marketing consulting, business coaching, web site companies.

Here is what the official word is on

"Here are just a few reasons why you will want to sign up today....
Add Value and Revenue To Your CompanyGenerate new streams of income
Stay on the cutting edge of technology with no out of pocket expense
Add to your existing services
We guarantee our work 100% – which ensures your payment
WebCrush has the highest payout for any SEO program on the market
We provide you with web banners, artwork and marketing material
You are able to add value to your business by promoting our products
There are no out of pocket expenses for our basic program"

These guys are also tops when it comes to web video, mobile web video and podcasting.
#1 SEO Michigan is also supporting all of its members with marketing help on how to promote their services to all sign ups.

We can be found at Cantu can also be found at


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