Saturday, September 15, 2007

the MONEY MACHINE - Googleotomy

The Money Machine: The Online Marketing Show
Give it a listen!
GOOGLEOTOMY - Let Google Make You Famous

Enjoy! -- 911 Copywriters

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Friday, September 14, 2007

Copywriting Secrets With Ted Cantu - PART II

Ted Cantu and Joseph Dadich - Hard Hitting Copywriting

Here is Cantu and Dadich once again talking about "No Nonsense" Copywriting. Get ready to HOT WIRE your sales process. Here is how to write gripping sales copy that doesn't mess about. This is the stuff you need to lubricate your sales wheels in your own money machine.

Delivered in the traditional and "A-Traditional" methods inspired by Dan Kennedy, Orange Beetle and many others...

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Thursday, September 13, 2007

New Copywriting Secrets - Part 1

Cantu and Joseph Dadich Illustrate The Frankenstein Technque....

There are so many times your sales copy is over shooting the mark. We took a 25 page sales letter and cut it apart. By doing this we were able to find out what made this sales letter tick. We reassembled the content and taped it back together.

You would be surprised at how much extra FLUFF was left over.

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Sunday, September 09, 2007

Social Networking Sites - Where You Should Be

When Facebook first came out it barely raised any eyebrows. It gained a little bit of popularity but MySpace got more headlines in the news. The mere idea of using a social network to promote a product or a service seemed sort of lofty. After all MySpace was deemed as more of a hangout for bored teens.

This eventually grew out to 7.8 billion.

Google's Orkut had a similar system and it grew out to 38.2 billion. The idea of taking a social network seriously now seemed like a very powerful idea. It was no longer kids stuff.

The idea of reaching more people using this powerful but underated tool seemed like a smart idea. So while companies are grappling with how to promote their services -- early adapters are moving in to set up their position on Orkut.

There are other social networks out there that can pull similar results. This can also create a radical boost in web traffic too if you position yourself correctly.

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Monday, September 03, 2007

SEO - Free Resources

SEO Search Quest is expanding its site and getting ready to hit the FALL SEASON. As we construct and make additions to our new site, (please excuse our dust) we are pleased to announce a collection of new tools and resources.....

These tools and resources will benefit our clients, readers and business owners out there who want higher rankings. You do not have to subscribe to our newsletter to grab these free goodies... so come on down and check out our new seo index for Michigan businesses.....

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