Sunday, September 09, 2007

Social Networking Sites - Where You Should Be

When Facebook first came out it barely raised any eyebrows. It gained a little bit of popularity but MySpace got more headlines in the news. The mere idea of using a social network to promote a product or a service seemed sort of lofty. After all MySpace was deemed as more of a hangout for bored teens.

This eventually grew out to 7.8 billion.

Google's Orkut had a similar system and it grew out to 38.2 billion. The idea of taking a social network seriously now seemed like a very powerful idea. It was no longer kids stuff.

The idea of reaching more people using this powerful but underated tool seemed like a smart idea. So while companies are grappling with how to promote their services -- early adapters are moving in to set up their position on Orkut.

There are other social networks out there that can pull similar results. This can also create a radical boost in web traffic too if you position yourself correctly.

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