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TED CANTU: The Buzzcocks Are The Focus On The September Articles In Hot Metro Finds

Detroit, Michigan – The Buzzcocks are back on the road and will be stopping in Detroit at Saint Andrews Hall this month. They will also be playing at Chicago’s Riot Fest 2014 and will be doing a set there on day 2. The event in Chicago is a three day alternative rock festival that will feature many classic acts and indie bands including Weezer, Gwar, Cheap Trick, The Offspring, Anti Flag, The Picture Books, The Afghan Whigs, The World is a Beautiful Place, The Orwells, The Bots,  Face to Face, Saosin, The American Scene, Die Antwood, The Cure, Janes Addiction and many more.

The Buzzcocks hail from the UK Punk movement in 1976 and will be joined by other alumni including The Stiff Little Fingers, and TheCure. Front man Peter Shelley will be joined by another original member of the band – Steve Diggle. This years festival is going to go all out and will be featuring the manic energy from all areas of the punk and post-punk scene throughout the decades. This is sort of a best of from this genre of music. HotMetro Finds will be covering the festival and will be writing and commenting on the sets delivered by these iconic bands.

“The Buzzcocks are a phenomenal act and the contribution made to punk and post punk music is huge.” Says Hot Metro Finds creator, TedCantu. “The singles all the way up to later releases like All Set have brought pop sensibility to the overall sound. The fans love it. Many of those records can be played over and over again they aged well.” Along with the coverage of the live performance at Riot Fest there will also be series of video highlights throughout the Buzzcocks multi-decade career.

There will be other acts from the Buzzcocks era from the NewYork scene including Television and Patti Smith. This event will be a who’s who of punk and post punk and the bands will be set up on multiple stages. The Portland band The Dandy Warhols will be playing in the same time slot as the Buzzcocks on day 2. Both bands have a strong following and the fans will have to decide on who to watch. One can’t lose on Riot Fest 2014 and it should be one amazing event.

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Hot Metro is a web site that focuses on music and concert reviews, restaurants, business insight and things that are trending. It focuses on the Metro Detroit, Michigan area.

TED CANTU: Hot Metro Finds Looks At The Fabulous Return Of The Libertines In The UK

London, England –  The UK hard rock sensation, The Libertines, have patched up their differences and have started performing again in front of fans. Pete Doherty and Carl Barat have been through ups and downs that have involved drugs, court cases and bouts of depression. It almost seemed hopeless that the band would ever get things in order but the fans have never let them completely go. Guitarist and singer Pete Doherty even had a breakup with his super model girlfriend Kate Moss. Despite all of the difficulties the band has reunited and have put on shows in Hyde Park in the UK. Now the band is looking at putting on more shows in London.

The reception has been outstanding. There were reports of excited 60,000 fans crashing through barricades causing the show to be stopped two times. The show was allowed to continue as fans eagerly climbed on top of scaffolding and fences around the stage. The band seems to be on solid ground again as more shows are being planned. The only question now is will the Libertines actually tour in the U.S. or not. Hot Metro Finds looks into the history of the band and the trouble that surrounded them in 2003 – 2013.

Hot Metro Finds creator, Ted Cantu, looks into how the band first came to the surface in America despite lack of promotion and almost zero major media presence. The articles go into how the Libertines tracks would be made available through file sharing networks while the Internet matured into the big beast that it is today. Now, with the creation of online video websites such as, the music is more readily available. In addition to theLibertines Pete Doherty’s other band – The Babyshambles is also more readily accessible.

While brands like MTV now center on teen pregnancy the focus of Hot Metro Finds has always been centered on new music. Some of the music is not really radio friendly or even has any commercial like appeal in some cases. Hot Metro Finds has centered on indie bands with cult like followings that have real artistic integrity. The Libertines definitely fit into that category and the music really does have a voice all its own.

About Hot Metro Finds
Hot Metro is a web site that focuses on music and concert reviews, restaurants, business insight and things that are trending. It focuses on the Metro Detroit, Michigan area.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Green Man Tattoo Offers High Artistic Looks at New Westland, Michigan

Westland, Michigan – Three fine artists got together to form a bold new direction in business and big things happen. That is the focus in a place called Green Man Tattoo. This is a tattoo and body piercing shop which focuses on high level artistic concepts.  Green Man Tattoo is a one of a kind shop that features many styles of art including flower art, fantasy creatures, comic characters, horror, punk rock, music related, animals and even business logos. The sky really is the limit in this place and there is heavy art direction going on behind each and every piece.

Green Man Tattoo is the collaboration of Amanda Brendtke,Evan and Josh Moland. Together they bring forth some exciting services including full color, portrait, new age, black and grey, script, and traditional. Art is the focus of this unique shop and they make dreams a reality. The websites feature many different styles and showcases the variety of what Green Man Tattoo is all about. In addition to the unique tattoos the shop is also known for body piercing. Green Man Tattoo has female body piercers working on site. This is important to mention because a lot of women prefer to have a female work on them. This Westland, Michigan location offers that option.

Green Man Tattoo is located in Westland which is equal distance between Detroit and Ann Arbor. This is important to mention because now there is a high level artistic experience that is in the center of Metro Detroit. They are doing everything from full back pieces, to legs and calf, and full arm sleeves with intricate detail work. There are a lot of amazing samples on the websites and social media which showcases what this shop can do.

The best thing about Green Man Tattoo is its dedication to art, creative conceptual pieces, and delivering a well thought out production. They are looking to set new standards of strong, bold and expressive tattoos and body art.  This type of commitment puts Green Man Tattoo at the forefront of popular Detroit culture. They are looking to connect with other tattoo artists, and fine painters and create a real network of artistic community. Green Man Tattoo is extending its hand to artists everywhere to connect and contribute to its in house gallery.

Ted Cantu and Hot Metro Finds Sets The Record Straight On The Killing Moon

Detroit, Michigan – Echo and the Bunnymen, Britains seminal post punk band, came to Detroit, Michigan recently and played to a sold out crowd at Saint Andrews Hall. The band was promoting their newest release, “Meteorites” which is taking the band into a more full and mature sound compared to earlier releases. Rock music enthusiast and publisher, Ted Cantu – the creator of Hot Metro Finds addresses comments made by local journalists. The subject of debate is a song that Echo and the Bunnymen released thirty years ago called, “The Killing Moon”.

The reports are saying that this particular song is what made the band big and great. There certainly is nothing wrong with that statement but it is inaccurate. Worse, a lot of lazy journalists have taken note of this odd bit of jumbled history and getting paid a salary to reprint it and quote from it. Hot Metro Finds spells out the rise of this particular track which comes from the 1984 album, “Ocean Rain” and points out some of the albums higher achievements including the use of a 35 man symphony ensemble. This orchestration was responsible for the tracks, “Silver”, and “Never Stop”.

The original album which, “The Killing Moon” came from had a collection of quirky songs with somewhat morbid lyrics. The track, “My Kingdom” offers to cut off someone’s nose and another song called, “Yo Yo Man” is talking about an icy cold tombstone. The album also kicks off another odd playing track called, “Thorn of Crowns” that takes the listener to a darkened corridor and then locks them inside. In contrast, “The Killing Moon” is the most radio friendly out of the entire album besides, “Silver” but it was hardly a hit song.

When Echo and the Bunnymen were on Korova records the band experienced very little radio airplay until the year of 1988, (after the self titled album on Sire records was released). “Hot Metro Finds was created to set the record straight and to keep low rent media writers from clogging up the webosphere with inaccurate information.  When newspaper writers are all quoting from the same inacurrate source it is time for someone to come up and fix it.”  Says site creator, Ted Cantu.

Right now the site is looking into the pop culture myths surrounding the 1986 Smiths concert in downtown Detroit.

About Hot Metro Finds
Hot Metro is a web site that focuses on music and concert reviews, restaurants, business insight and things that are trending. It focuses on the Metro Detroit, Michigan area.

** Detroit Journalists - We need to take care of things a little better than that. Its important to give the people the truth. Being a journalist doesn't give you the right be a full blown putz.

Ted Cantu and Hot Metro Finds Covers Chicago Riot Fest 2014

Chicago, IL – One of the biggest rock music festivals of the year kicks off in Chicago on Sept. 12. This is a three day long festival thatis featuring the best acts in alternative music including The Cure, JanesAddiction, Weezer, Primus, Tegan and Sara, Cheap Trick, and many more. The days are going to be filled with live performances and will even feature some surprises like the return of the indie music legend Television. This festival comes just a few weeks after Lollapalooza in Grant Park. This is one city that has its eye focused on bringing in great music and also creating a solid experience for the fans.

Pop culture based website, Hot Metro Finds, will be there to check out the live performances and to take notes on up and coming bands. Right now the sites creator, Ted Cantu, is swapping notes with concert promoters for Riot Fest and even with some of the bands including The Buzzcocks and the Murder City Devils. The idea here is to immerse the site with real culturalexperiences that are authentic and real to the fans and telling true fact based media. A lot of the insight about what the concert is designed to do and how the participants interact with the fan base is important and is being done in real time.

“This type of inside real time reporting is great for the bands and its also great for the fans.” Says Ted Cantu. “The communication and cross promotion is happening without the involvement of uninformed journalists who typically report on road and school closings. They are exchanging inside information on record labels, producers and real experiences.”

Recently rock and roll fans have created strong social media communication with one another over the recent Queen and Adam Lambert concert. The tour originally started out as a 24 city North American tour including a stop in Michigan,(The Palace of Auburn Hills). The fans covered the bands recent tour in Japan and in Perth, Australia. They are exchanging fan art, band photos, and all of this is being handled without the influence of outside journalists who are often clueless about the history of the bands the fans love and cherish.

About Hot Metro Finds
Hot Metro is a web site that focuses on music and concert reviews, restaurants, business insight and things that are trending. It focuses on the Metro Detroit, Michigan area.

** Theres a BIG world out there - maybe you should jump in it.

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TED CANTU: "How Can I Turn My Home Improvement Business Into A Local Sensation?"

SEO:  What Does It Take
To Turn My Home
Improvement Business
Into A Local
Search Sensation?

DETROIT, MICHIGAN – People always come up to me and ask me what it takes to
become a local sensation. What does it take to be found on the search engines and pop
up on page one? There are things you can do that will put you on page 1 in about five
minutes…. That’s nothing new.

The real thing you want to think about is….  “Am I Interesting?” Another thing you will
 want to ask yourself is, “What Value Do I REALLY Have To Bring To People?”. The days
 of becoming number one on the search engines and automatically scooping up all of
 the business is pretty much over in the online world. I mean, logically it doesn’t make sense. Just because you are first in line doesn’t automatically make you qualified to do much of anything.

There are a lot of businesses on the web that have terrible customer service. Yet,
 they are number one on the search engines. These companies have terrible reviews
and people as a whole really do not like doing business with them. This doesn’t mean
they are the BEST under any circumstances. And don’t get me started on the dreaded
 10% off coupon offers.

I walked into a vape shop in Michigan the other day to see what was happening. I hear
these guys are the new bad boys in business and what I found was a lot of the same ol’ scene.
 I found four guys standing around getting stoned on these metal stogies and looking over
confident. Nobody was on the phone making deals, nobody was checking orders on the
 web site and nobody even greeted me when I walked into the shop. This was what
doomed the short lived – “Hydroponic Grow Shops”

 in Michigan before they started all folding up and calling it a day.

If you want to make it as a business in Michigan in this new digital age you
need to do the following.

HAVE PERSONALITY – That personality has to exist in your website, your social media,
and you need to talk about things that are relevant that are outside of your industry.
You have to show people you care about what’s going on in the world you live in.
That could be current events, comedy, news updates, celebrity gossip, sports updates
and breaking news. Step outside of your business and GET SOCIAL.

FIX YOUR SALES OFFER – What makes your company great? Why should a
customer give you the business as opposed to someone else?

HAVE STORIES TO TELL – We used to take on anybody and everybody as a client
because being number one on the search engines was EVERYTHING. Now we are
more selective and realistic. We are only taking customers on that have a story to tell
and that can benefit other people. You have to be topical. Your content should
translate well on Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, and other forms of social and viral media.

CAN YOU ACTUALLY HELP PEOPLE? – We get calls from businesses who are
 looking to be number one. They have a so-so product, they have a fairly decent price 
but have no testimonials. What are people saying about your products or services? Word
 travels fast on social media and staying true to solid principles really matters. Do
 people have great things to say about your product or service? Does it change lives? 

Are you creating a large fan base?

** We get calls from business owners. “A lot of companies do what you can do – 

why should we pay you?”

Simple. Building websites, web media, publishing content, creating viral media takes

 time and costs us money. This stuff isn’t just going to build itself. So we charge…..
 Fair enough?
The REAL question comes back down to the business owner and that is,
“What do you have to bring to the table?”

Here are two skill sets that you cannot fake. These guys aren’t the cheap and finding
good quality writers can be tricky. Get somebody with some experience. Most Michigan
business owners and entrepreneurs have never heard of these professions so I will
break them down for you.

What a copywriter does is write sales copy. He writes content that makes people want
to buy your services. He writes headlines, press releases, creates excitement and
encourages people to see the value in your goods and services. He is the life blood of
your business. If you can find one who can do the sales writing as well as the SEO and
pump you up in the search engines you struck gold.

A content writer works very similar to a copywriter. This is the guy who will write you 4
page articles that you can run on your website and get you some customers. This is the
guy who is going to get other people interested in your company. He will write you 8 page
 articles and ebooks, PDF’s and special reports. You need a guy like this on your team
that can really state your case and let the people know what is so special about you. These
are hard to find too….. there are various degrees of talent when it comes to writing
original content.

I find anyone that sells parts or things  -- like jewelry, toilet parts, Yamaha ATV parts
and sell things on an apples and oranges mentality and go for the lowest price usually
have a tough time coming up with articles. They have a dickens of a time making themselves look interesting. But you better think about how to make yourself interesting if you want to
compete in this noisy social media world.

And you better learn how to engage people……

“Sounds Expensive… I’ll Buy My Web Traffic… and Do PPC”

Good luck.  Google is getting trickier to work with lately and some of the paid options like 
PPC are becoming trickier to work with. The last campaigns we ran using PPC gave us a 
low return and worse we didn’t see any spikes in our traffic in our analytics. This led us to 
wonder where our money went to and what – if any value—was returned to us. This led our 
company to pursue other paid options.
Some of these options included paid ads on Facebook, and promoted Tweets on Twitter.
We also created media that our selected fan base would really go after and this increased
the views on our pages tenfold. This type of careful planning does take time though and you
have to be strategic about how you find these people and how you get people to engage
and interact with your brand.

From a web traffic stand point it is highly effective. There is something you need to
know about web traffic and that is Google has been paying close attention to bounce
rates. This translates to how long people stay on your site. Remember that the
bounce rate works like a golf score – the lower – the better.

When the bounce rate is TOO HIGH… Google is getting suspicious and
will suspect that you are buying your web traffic from a cheap off shore
company or are feeding worthless bots into your site to increase its perceived
value. Rumors are bouncing around SEO circles and these web sites are
being tossed out of the search engines.


Back in the old days a company had to give themselves a gimmicky name like A-1
GRANITE TABLE TOP SERVICES and pay a fee for a phone directory and they would
be first in line. This used to work for web site domains too. It was easy to be number
 one in home improvement and the business would come automatically. Businesses
worked like this for decades and this was how the game was done. But now in the
search engine world that is no longer good enough.

Now, the customers are voyeuristic. They will spy on you before they even call you.
That means they are going to check on your site, and read your reviews before they
even pick up a phone. If you have negative reviews, bad customer service, trash
talking customers then you will feel the backlash. You need to keep a clean image
and you need to be interesting.

You need someone to clean up your image and to protect it. You can either have your
staff members trained in how to do some of these things or you will have to hire it out.
And if you do I really don’t suggest you hire someone off shore in some other country
 who can’t speak English. Many companies give that a shot first before they hire
someone local. They hire a guy from India, or China who can barely put an English
sentence together and jeopardize their whole business.

I’ve seen companies flop and fall off the edge of the earth by just trying to save a
few bucks a month.Another thing. Make sure you keep good records and get copies
of what ever digital 
media you purchase. Management tends to change hands and when this happens
websites get lost, and problems arise. Never give your hired web help that kind of
power where they can forever clock out your lights.
A lot of businesses don’t even know themselves and they know even less about
their public. In this day and age that is foolish. You have to know your audience and
how they think, and how they will respond. Building rapport is just as important online
as it is in person. Too many companies have little more to offer the public than a flashing
billboard type website that has little more to offer than an address and a phone number.


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