Saturday, October 11, 2014

Ted Cantu On CHICAGO RIOT FEST: MOTHER !!! "Do You Like $12 Steak and Cheese?"


Even rock and roll hooligans get hungry. Once you are roped in the big gates at Humboldt Park you are at the mercy of the concert promoters. And that means paying out huge prices on commonly decent food items. I admit... I shelled out money for a $12 steak and cheese during the Chicago Riot Fest concert in Sept. I was still hungry after I ate the thing. Then I got thirsty later and shelled out more dough on some decent beer.... this was $7 each. Rock and roll isn't exactly a cheap hobby.

From a marketing stand point this gets pretty interesting. Putting a fence around your customers and then giving them a series of options that they need. I guess the most important thing here is giving your customers EXACTLY what they need.... The food variety at Riot Fest is not for the health conscious. It is for the rock and roll crowd and that basically means deep fried everything, lots of BBQ items, burgers, big lamb gyros, kabobs, and even giant turkey legs, ( I actually found some giant turkey leg bones on the ground).

My marketing advice?  Give your people plenty of everything.... lots of variety... and always leave them hungry for more !!

Ted Cantu is an online marketer who helps companies grow their brands online -- and is always hungry for more.  Chicago 2014

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