Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Cracks Are Showing on SEO

In recent months there has been a different view on SEO and what search engine optimization can ultimately mean for a company. The first thing that comes to mind is that no matter what -- getting to the top of the search engines is paramount.

But at what cost? Do you want to pay to be there or do you want to get there organically as possible. And if you want to get there organically do you want to actually do work or do you look at your overall campaign as someone elses problem?

I am often intrigued with how many times a company will look at their online marketing with distain and disgust. This is your responsibility overall. And this this is something I see companies wrestling with month after month. Its as if the success of their own company is looked upon as someone else's problem.

Look at what we did recently for Kawasaki OEM Parts - for a little company called, This is a very smart company who gets it. More importantly when we took on this campaign we employed our own techniques. We literally turned our back on many of our mentors and have developed our own keyword strategies and success formulas. This has outraged many of our colleagues --- You're not supposed to color outside the lines.....

Instead of getting hauled off to the H.R. department - we ousted ourselves from the sugary sweet comfort of our contemporaries and have hit the street. Since we are not in a corporate circle we are fine with that. I grew up with street fighting and this my friends is no different.


The last 60 days have revealed some rather disturbing news. Googles PR system is showing signs of old age. It is no longer important for a page to have a high page rank thanks to viral marketing. WORSE -- there are new signs ahead that tell us that it is no longer important to link your pages up to high PR pages for good SEO.

Good mercy.

That leaves the boys in India scratching their heads and looking deep inside their wallets. The Golden Age of off shore SEO is quickly becoming a thing of the past. Now you will have to really know what you are doing when it comes to search engine marketing. That means you will have to physically show some effort and some concern to get yourself noticed online.

This means you will have to actually do something instead of just submitting pages to a handful of directories to get some attention.

That has to bum some of you out.

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