Thursday, February 24, 2011

Ted Cantu - Rage Against The Media Machine

Whew -- what a wind up....

EVEN IF YOUR NUMBER ONE - ITS NOT ENOUGHBeing number one on the search engines is still not enough. You need to understand the shift that is happening with our media. As more newspapers close and fold up the big dogs move in and in this case its the Yellow Pages....There are other traditional media sources too such as Val Pak and the list goes on. There is a fundamental flaw with all of these big groups and that is they do not understand the web or how to use it.

The web is becoming more crowded and keeping your page 1 status may not be enough to get a new customer. More businesses are turning to the web and it is going to get very congested.

There are two things you will want to keep in mind -- even though you are on page 1.

1. How Strong Are Your URL's?Even though you have high ranking positions that doesn't mean your on page PR,( page rank)is going to be very high. So by all means strengthen it. Create valuable links to it through social media. This is very time consuming of course but you should have someone creating value for your web pages out there. Google still counts page rank as an important factor.

2. Create links, backlinks, and authority links....Create links to your websites. Make sure that you are creating great PR, (press releases)-- a different kind of PR. You know that whole "PR" thing is very confusing. We use it freely throughout the SEO world but you get the idea. Create content that references your business on the web. I like press releases and I like to put my companies into major media sources such as CBS News Watch and so on....

** IF you can possibly arrange it this is the way to market your company. Eventually after you get enough page 1 positions you can stop with your pay per click if that is a concern of yours.

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