Sunday, February 28, 2010

500,000 Jobless People Hit Our Michigan Streets - TODAY~!


For anyone who is keeping score with the Michigan economy. Today marks a milestone. 500,000 people have lost their unemployment benefits from the state and are SOL. I have given up on looking for "work" in this state years ago.

The conditions are lopsided and many unfortunate people are out of options. This comes at a very bad time. As I write this more newspapers are collapsing. More companies are wondering what they are going to do in weeks to come.

NPR reported that the state is cutting off the funds for unemployment benefits. Many of these people were on extensions.

20,000 people are leaving this state on a monthly basis.... ?? Are these numbers correct? Right now I have heard this rumor.

Posted by Ted Cantu, Master Online Marketer - Sales Copy Expert - Detroit, Michigan

Friday, February 19, 2010

Bone Shattering, Mind Blowing, SEO Results


In the last 18 months I have been labled everything under the sun. But alas, dear ones, I have come back and resurfaced with some powerful results. I am pleased as punch to announce that I have been knocking out 9 out of 10 top results in just about every category I play in.

This has never been more true than in the medical category.....


I couldn't believe my ears when I heard this one. Google is literally taking away PPC accounts from people with little or no reason. Matt Bacak wrote me this heart wrenching email recently asking for.... help I think... You know. I sort of lost interest halfway through reading it so I cannot account for what the rest of his email said.....

I am certainly not sending him money. He's not Unicef for crying out loud. He's a farbezner, looking for his next buck like the rest of us.

Hardly a charity case.

I got another email too written in the same vein from Tellman Knudson. I do not feel sorry for these people. I seriously don't. As the world of marketing changes we must change. Its about as simple as that.

If anybody felt like they world owed them something that I would pass that honor to one Gary Coleman, (who has been released from jail I am told).

Me, I just want to continue to live honestly. And deliver the best marketing I can to the people. And deliver top Google results to my Bonacure Michigan and Kawasaki clients.

Posted by Ted Cantu, The King of the Written Word, SEO, and The Detroit Art Scene on Feb 18. 2010

Monday, February 15, 2010

Instant Accessibility? Whats Your Rush?


In acting classes you get it all - drama girls, pretty boys, and psychopaths. The coach is always in your face and he is asking you = "Whats Your Motivation?". For anyone who has ever been through an acting class they know what I am talking about.

As a business coach I ask the same thing out of business owners. For those who have web site with nothing on them except a phone number -- I seriously have to ask.... "Where's Your Motivation?" -- You see, many web sites that I come across have no sense of direction. They do nothing more than have a picture of the business and a phone number.

Many sites do not sell a thing. There are no special offers, no deals, no reason to pick up a phone and contact the business owner. I see this daily.

The web sites that we come across really do a shoddy job of getting the word out. At the end of the day you want people to call your office and get more information. Many businesses are too afraid to sell.

Whats The Best Way To Do It?
For me the best way to handle this problem is to follow one simple rule. I never want to tell the complete story. I want a lot of information left out on a web site if my intention is to get people to contact me.

The less you tell, the more you sell? Hmmmm sort of.

If I give you the complete story there is no reason for you to contact me. I want there to be a reason for companies to call me. You can do that with sales copy. When you are optimizing a web site there is a distinct way you use keyword phrases. This becomes very important when you create online attention for yourself.

More to come on this.... to see how sales copy and SEO can benefit your company check this out....

Ted Cantu posted this on Feb 15, 2009 at 8:23 AM - See what he is doing for Yamaha ATV Parts at Powers Motor Sports

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

ZUNE LOVES ME - Podcast Show Resurrected


After years of living honestly and putting myself in front of countless real estate wannabees, thieves and flat out liars I am redeemed.

Okay, here's the skinny. My show, my podcast show, the one I did years ago even before anybody knew what I was talking about, (a lot of them STILL don't know what I am talking about) has been picked up by ZUNE.

I don't know if these guys are hurting for attention, or what.... But my entire show has been picked up and placed on their network. Now keep in mind we have not done an episode in MONTHS.. or maybe years.... Im not kidding. I have not done a show in a long LONG time. So this came as quite a surprise to me.

Anyways... Here is the official email.

This is the reward you get, (and you can get it too) by living honestly.


Ted Cantu

Dear 911 Copywriters, -- THATS ME <<<<<<<

Did you know that your podcast is now featured on, available to hundreds of thousands of visitors?

We are pleased to include your content in our catalog.

Both our visitors and your established audience will be able to more easily find your designated page on, if you link to Zune Marketplace, where past episodes can be downloaded and visitors can subscribe to new ones.

We look forward to working with you to satisfy the entertainment and information needs of visitors.

Welcome to the Zune podcasters community!

The Zune Podcast Team

*** Now here is the second part of that email....

Link your podcast
to now!

To grow your audience, we invite you to link to Zune marketplace.

Its simple: Just copy and paste this code on your site:

And you guys thought all I did was fool around.... shame on you.


Ted Cantu posted this on January from the comfort of his work studio, please note, that in 2010, he is still "unemployed" technically by the State of Michigan and he is loving every cash spending minute of it.

Saturday, February 06, 2010

Ted Cantu SEO - A Hack With Heart


Yes, its true. I am back on the scene and kicking ass in the search engine world. I just wrapped up a seminar series at WCCC in Detroit, Michigan. We hope to have the videos ready to view on YouTube.Com.

Now, for the funny stuff....

I was labled a "Hack" recently on the web. This is funny to me for several reasons. First of all, I have 11,000 links on any given bad day. If you want to have some serious fun check out my links at 4 AM when the search engine hubs are quiet and that number is a little closer to 40,000+.

Ive outraged the Automotive Industry, been threatened physically and verbally and one client offered to sue me - even after I told this lazy bastard what to do with his web site and campaign... He chose not to do the successful things to make himself popular..... I find that hilarious. Then.... he somehow encouraged his colleagues and industry to hate him equally online!... Amazing.

I didn't have to do a thing!

Success is a choice, its an option. If you are not going to do the things to make yourself successful don't come sniveling to me. I have zero sympathy for you or your whiney company.

But to be called a Hack... is quite hilarious.
By the way this site only has about a few hundred links to it.....Im well over 40,000 so do keep that one in mind. One of us is obviously doing something right.

Also this week. After being thrown out of a Dan Kennedy Meeting for God knows what. Michigan NO BS Ringleader, Derek Freund invites me back with an email?

We had to kindly say -- F.U.

Too busy for bullshit thank you. That line is over there -- this is TED CANTU SEO, A TRUE DETROIT ORIGINAL.
On the Dan Kennedy side of things this week took a weird turn. I just picked up 2 ex Dan Kennedy IBA owners to work for me. GET THAT ONE. Life is sure strange. Interesting at times. But definately strange.


This week I spoke to a standing room only crowd at WCCC in Detroit and it went fantastic. I got to tell you that these people really do care about making a difference, making money and making their city a much better place. I have nothing but good things to say about these people. Always will do.

I spoke for over an hour about how to transform businesses for the people in the audience. I took on the whole crowd with no script in mind. Keep in mind that we were talking about making money. Not making debt. There is a difference. We were discussing the fine points of making cash - not through an MLM group, not through a revolting cycle of bartering. But cold simple cash.

I will be back as I was invited, (not thrown out like in the Dan Kennedy Michigan Group for not following their practices etc.) we do our own thing. We create our own results. We create our own way.

A funny thing about those Kennedy cretins. You give them a lot of dough and they treat you like Jesus Christ. You leave that group amicably and they crucify you behind your back. I wouldnt give those sods penny one in the future.

And I mean that, from the heart.

That being said -- We are going to continue to create epic history for our city and have taken the liberty to expand ten fold. You can find us in California these days, Chicago and we opened up in the heart of New York City in my old favourite neighborhood of Times Square, NYC.

Also in the works, I have striked up a deal with the Motor City Rock and Roll Legends, THE RUINERS for a special segment on Hot Metro Finds.

More to come --

Ted and Co.

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