Monday, February 15, 2010

Instant Accessibility? Whats Your Rush?


In acting classes you get it all - drama girls, pretty boys, and psychopaths. The coach is always in your face and he is asking you = "Whats Your Motivation?". For anyone who has ever been through an acting class they know what I am talking about.

As a business coach I ask the same thing out of business owners. For those who have web site with nothing on them except a phone number -- I seriously have to ask.... "Where's Your Motivation?" -- You see, many web sites that I come across have no sense of direction. They do nothing more than have a picture of the business and a phone number.

Many sites do not sell a thing. There are no special offers, no deals, no reason to pick up a phone and contact the business owner. I see this daily.

The web sites that we come across really do a shoddy job of getting the word out. At the end of the day you want people to call your office and get more information. Many businesses are too afraid to sell.

Whats The Best Way To Do It?
For me the best way to handle this problem is to follow one simple rule. I never want to tell the complete story. I want a lot of information left out on a web site if my intention is to get people to contact me.

The less you tell, the more you sell? Hmmmm sort of.

If I give you the complete story there is no reason for you to contact me. I want there to be a reason for companies to call me. You can do that with sales copy. When you are optimizing a web site there is a distinct way you use keyword phrases. This becomes very important when you create online attention for yourself.

More to come on this.... to see how sales copy and SEO can benefit your company check this out....

Ted Cantu posted this on Feb 15, 2009 at 8:23 AM - See what he is doing for Yamaha ATV Parts at Powers Motor Sports

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