Friday, May 11, 2007

Blogmania: "I Believe In The Age of the Uber Network"

"The Secret To Great Rankings Includes Having A Great Blog Infrastructure"

This week I was in NYC. I was there for 5 bustling days - hopping cabs, jumping down subways and in and out of meetings - it was good to be back.

I hit a couple of great bookstores along the way in Borders near Madison Square Garden and Times Square. I covered about 12 books before I found a couple on Blogging that I thought would be useful. None of these books on RSS or Blogging really nailed down the concept of.... UBER BLOGGING.

What on earth is that you say?

This is a concept that i have recently come to grasp. There are so many sites out there that do not embrace the full community concept of blogging or what it can do. There are a few references to building super UBER social networks for your Blog in the book... Clear Blogging.

You can find the book here....
The Clear Blogging Blog....

There are some funny anectdotes on here about blogging and lot of it is well known information. But if you want to find out about how to create and tap into super social networks there is a really interesting chapter on it in here. The authors name is Bob Walsh........

The particular areas of UBER BLOGGING as I call it involves the instant addition of 5,000 - 10,000 NEW fans who are absolutely wild about what you are selling or discussing online. These are FREE organic hits to your web sites and blogs. And this is daily. This is not paid traffic.

But that still is not enough for me. I wanted more.

I went through the entire database at Borders and quized the staff over a potential BLOGGING BIBLE for Crikeys sake but to no avail. I needed a lot more.

The bottom line here folks is that there aren't TOO many shortcuts when it comes to creating an power surge of inbound traffic overnight. There are lot of tactics that are getting ignored rather quickly such as link buying... and excessive reciprocal link trading. These are great ways to get your site blacklisted if you are not careful. But by setting up power structures of multiple blogs that feed information to eachother would be a brilliant way to go.

Walsh's Book Says There Are NO SECRETS

I disagreed with this statement as soon as I read it. There ARE secrets. There are MANY secrets in fact when it comes to getting good rankings and positioning on the web. That secret lies within your web presence and its ability to get connected to the right niche markets online. There are social considerations you need to look at too such as DIGG.

In that list I also want to add:

* Creating new tools and toys for cool boys and girls -- from API's

* WIKI's
* Sticky Web 2.0 material
* Geek attraction

Your goal in business should be to attract as many geeks and cash spending enthusiasts on your subject. Encourage it. Don't be dry. And you shouldn't be too shy about it. You need to kick up their enthusiam. Which is why copywriting should be in your kit bag of great aresenal.

Does it always boil back down to copywriting?

Yes, in most cases.

We want to introduce our products and services into powerful hyper kinetic infrastructrures. This is the way to do it.

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