Saturday, April 07, 2007

SEO Web Coach - Blog Now Available

"Direct Marketing Podcast - Teaches Tips, Secrets, Powerplays and SEO Strategies... FREE For Serious MInded Students!"

All new blog for serious Michigan businesses who want to master the web and get high search engine rankings is now available. The need for businesses to learn strong SEO strategies is at an all time high. Online literacy must be taught to struggling businesses and companies who wish to compete in the accelerated online economy.

Metro Detroit based, SEO Search Quest has created a series of new Master Mind Groups to answer many of todays most perplexing questions. These include all sorts of tools, tips and techniques to create a more dynamic presence on the web.

These closed door sessions will be offered to a limited number of individuals who are committed to getting higher results for their businesses. We will be looking at the following.....

Keyword Density
Copywriting - Strong sales copy
Network strategy
OPT IN Customer Forms
PPC Strategy (pay per click)
Lead Capture Devices
One Page Traffic Generator Sites
Ecommerce and Carts
Web Analytics
Google AdSense
Affiliate Programs, (more marketing reach)
Direct to Desktop Technology
Toolbars and Widgets
Blog Marketing
Handheld Devices
Email Marketing

Just to name a few…

To get more information -- you can find out about it here....

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