Sunday, September 28, 2014

HOT METRO FINDS: Ted Cantu Brings AD VULTURE - A Rip Roaring Romp Thru Television Pop Culture

Definition – Social commentary has run amok on social media. Yes, the people have spoken and are making their comments known. They are speaking back to, “Big Daddy” advertisers and are sounding off. These are the – Ad Vultures – who hang mercilessly over the carcasses of advertising campaigns and pick the meat off the bones of big budgeted ads.

THE TRIVAGO GUY – Life On The Outside
Where do I start with this guy? Twitter is having a field day with this guy and rightly so. It’s one of the only places where the people can sound off in real time about the shabbily kept guy who knows the inside track of hotel rooms.  I have a theory and I’m not alone. This poor guy is the by-product of a disastrous, hateful relationship and the only place where he can find solace is in a hotel room. Maybe he is in the middle of two hateful relationships – who can really tell? But he looks drunk out of his mind and has a torn down look and in a few commercials seems to be missing a belt.

Trivago guy knows all about hotel room prices and where you can get the best price thanks to a handy new website. Despite his hobo like appearance he seems to have discriminating taste in his temporary d├ęcor.  He knows about the stars and seems to care about the quality of the rooms he calls home. Then after he delivers his pitch he shuffles out of view back to his busy day of avoiding the people he loves – and guzzling Jack Daniels.

Who does this pitch appeal to? Seriously…..

Here’s what the people are saying !!

“Why is a guy who sleeps on public benches pitching hotel rooms?”

“That Trivago guy gives me the heebie jeebies !!”

And my favorite….
I can't believe that Trivago Guy jumped the fence at the White House.

Even comedian Dennis Miller states that the Trivago Guy… “ weirds him out”

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