Sunday, February 24, 2008

Search Engine Recap

Are you forgetting Podcasting, (instead of radio ads), Web Video, (instead of television ads), Blogs and RSS, (instead of direct mail and magazine ads), Social Directory Sites, Industry Portals, Search Engines, Niche Marketing Hubs, and Article Submission Sites.

If you are just thinking about – “Typical Search Engines" – you are missing the BIG PICTURE. And if you know – “The Ropes” – you can take any product or service to the top of the Search Engine Heap – ANYTIME YOU WANT.


All new article base about the 8 families of search engines. There are new articles posted daily. Check this space for more information.

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Saturday, February 23, 2008

Marketing Freaks, Bullies and Pinheads Let Me Down, (Again)

"I'm Tellin' Ya, I'm PULLING A 100,000 BUCKS A DAY !!! HOW MUCH YOU MAKIN'?"

I got three people in this category. These guys are always ready to pull out their wallets and spit out huge numbers of profits. Of course, my eyes are supposed to glaze over and I am expected to shudder in my shoes. I get a lot of this from people... A LOT.

But just recently I figured out a trick on Google and I got to check out how many links they had. I got to see just how "BIG" these guys really were online and how influential they really were. I got to tell you that I wasn't shocked. But I am disappointed in them as human beings.

It sounds too outrageous to be true but I get this all the time.

I won't give you their names or even tell you what they sell online, (My God, they could be reading this!). But I will tell you their numbers.

Are you ready for this?

The one guy who told me he was netting $100,000 dollars a day only has 8 incoming links.

The other guy who told me he was an International sensation only had 7 links.

Another "expert" in his field only had a grand total of 19 links. WORLD WIDE.

So what I am saying to you is this.... Be careful who you are dealing with on the web. Chances are they are not who they say they are. There is a VERY SIMPLE way to check. In fact, I would suggest to do this with just about ANYBODY you want to do business with to see if they are the real deal or not.

Check out my article database too when you have time, (its a terrible thing to waste).

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Monday, February 18, 2008

Microsoft and Yahoo - A Good Combination?

Its all over the news. Microsoft and Yahoo could possibly merge and become one entity. What would this mean for you as a marketer? It is an exciting notion but if my Vista software is any indication this could spell out disaster. My laptop is still in the shop thanks to some foul up in the syntax -- who really knows.....

The other thing that happened recently was my Microsoft Office didn't recognize me as the rightful owner this afternoon. I had to go out and buy another version of this software to meet some deadlines. Needless to say this ruined my Monday. It also pushed all of my deadlines up and I am overworked as it is.

Now as I sit here reading my New York Times this morning it hits me. This could be one heck of a disaster waiting to happen.

Will this new merge bring new tools for the web community? Or will it just hog up resources and create more havoc? It is going to be somewhat difficult to figure out. I have no ideas what kinds of plans they will throw on me.

And either do you.... ;)

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Friday, February 15, 2008

SEO Secrets – Making Money Online – What You Need To Know

SEO Secrets – Making Money Online – What You Need To Know: "There are a lot of things you need to know before you can accept credit cards on your web site. This always seems to startle some people when I bring it up. The overall view on this topic is that making money online, (as opposed to off line) is relatively easy.

Back in the not so distant past it was fairly simple to hook up a credit card processor, (online gateway) to your web site and accept payment. There weren’t too many rules you had to follow to make this happen. The biggest hurdle you had to worry about was paying the entrance fee and keeping up with the monthly payments. But this game has become a bit more complicated in the past recent months."


Check out this link to find out what Chase Manhattan Bank and will need from you.....

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Online Marketing and Cultivating Your Inner Genius


I get a lot of hate mail and slander from a lot of techno nicotine addicted, caffinated, nerve twittering jerkaholics who never see the light of day outside their crummy office jobs. This latest tirade comes from some disgruntled dweeb out of Boston.

Ah... Boston.

Here is the skinny. This guy claims that EVERYTHING YOU EVER NEED TO KNOW ABOUT ONLINE MARKETING can be had for FREE. Thats right. Everything you ever need to know about how to create 8 out of 10 hits on Google and beyond should be found... free of charge.. on the web.

Now, you know the GOOD stuff is hard to come by. Its like BBQ. Sure you can go down to your local KFC and take whatever they hand you. Or you can make the trek down to Memphis and rub elbows with a real craftsman. Its totally up to you as the consumer. You choose your own experience.

If you know anything about marketing, (tsk tsk, and its obvious many of you do not) will know that nothing is entirely free -- especially good marketing. Why do you think Dan Kennedy programs are $2,500 +? Brett McFall is not cheap either. Ever try to learn everything you can about copywriting and find out later you have to hire a consultant or get into someones bootcamp? You buy their experience and to cut down your learning curve.

The rule of thumb is to give out SOME information but not all of it. You want to have some sort of lead capture on your pages. They get the good stuff after they commit to corresponding with you in some form, (either getting on your mailing list or buying a product or service).

I rip on Flash a lot. Thats because for the MOST part, (not always) it pops up as a big black box. If you are a certified gear head, (This guy never bothered to post any type of credentials -- only a grimacing poorly lit picture of himself) then you should have seen this in one of the many SEO books on the market.

HINT: Pick up a book next time before you shoot your mouth off.

Here is more on that subject....

And while I'm on the subject.

.NET -- SO WHAT... You use whatever it takes to get that job done.
FLASH - We all know advertising specialists are paid for their creativity and awards. They do not get paid whenever the client wins a lot of dough through their campaign.
.ASP - Depends on your order forms.
.CSS - This depends on if you have a lot of content and you want it manageable.

As marketers we can get caught up in the trivial stuff. Not every platform is going to be suitable for every job. I've popped the lid on a few .NET sites in my time and was surprised to find that there were no "GUTS" to the entire collection of pages. There was nothing for the spiders to grab onto so I wasn't very impressed.

There is a human element too in conjunction with all this techno babble. It is a pretty good idea at some point to be LIKEABLE. Think about that one.

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Monday, February 11, 2008

FREE- Red Hot Marketing Articles For Your Sites and Blogs - Part 2

This is a great strategy to get spiders to come and visit your site. If you are not tapping into your niche categories and tangent markets then listen up. You Search engine rankings really depend on being relevant.

That means your content is your really your best bet for high visibility. I suggest that every site out there get some form of article base. This not only helps your customers but it also helps further explain to your public what you can provide.

The problem with a lot of SEO firms and web site owners is the lack of clarification. Many people on both parties think that you can get these type of rankings with only 5 pages. If we are talking about real market penetration and building a brand online it is going to be very difficult to be seen with only a few sparse pages.

The Power Of Numbers
I would much rather take on smaller amounts of sub categories of my main keyword, (in 47,000 or 120,000) than tackle something huge like 12 million. The category for "Hair Products" has 60 million searches every month. It would be smarter to break that category down into smaller groups and dominating every one of those fields.

For example:

Womans Hair Conditioner - 45,500
Hair Color Products - 22,000
Hair Color Removal - 55,000

Eventually you are going to be at the top of all of these markets if you put your SEO to work in your pages. You have to have the proper network to support all of these pages - whether they come in the form of blogs, podcasts, social network sites and your web site.

An article section is a great place to start doing all of this.

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FREE- Red Hot Marketing Articles For Your Sites and Blogs

Direct Marketing Chicago: "Now you can steal and grab content and throw it on your sites. The Google spiders love it so why not add more OOMPH to your web sites and blogs?

Here is what its all about.....

'So you wanna be an entrepreneur eh? Maybe you already have a company and your online rankings absolutely suck!

Either way you need a serious game plan."


Oh sure, they're in their infancy but these articles do pack a lot of punch. And they are free. These are worth checking out and they can also be found on --

** Make sure you type in Ted Cantu - since I am the author. You will find an abundant amount of material there waiting for you. They are keyword rich so search engines will love them. Having an article data base on your site is a great way to get your pages anchored and indexed.

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Saturday, February 02, 2008

Theres A New Stock Trading Site In Town

Looking for the hottest web training - and trading - site on the web? Look no further than this great resource:

It is created by one of the top 4 stock pickers in the country. It is loaded with great information to help you get a better understanding of the world of online trading. Whether you are looking for great dividend stocks, options or want to find out whats hot in the market this is a great site for you to get some great information.

If you are new to the game and want a better handle on it then check this one out. This site is loaded with audio and video clips to give you a great position on whats happening in the market.

This is an exciting new venture and is just in its infancy. There are seminars planned to take you to new levels of online stock trading.

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