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TED CANTU: The Buzzcocks Are The Focus On The September Articles In Hot Metro Finds

Detroit, Michigan – The Buzzcocks are back on the road and will be stopping in Detroit at Saint Andrews Hall this month. They will also be playing at Chicago’s Riot Fest 2014 and will be doing a set there on day 2. The event in Chicago is a three day alternative rock festival that will feature many classic acts and indie bands including Weezer, Gwar, Cheap Trick, The Offspring, Anti Flag, The Picture Books, The Afghan Whigs, The World is a Beautiful Place, The Orwells, The Bots,  Face to Face, Saosin, The American Scene, Die Antwood, The Cure, Janes Addiction and many more.

The Buzzcocks hail from the UK Punk movement in 1976 and will be joined by other alumni including The Stiff Little Fingers, and TheCure. Front man Peter Shelley will be joined by another original member of the band – Steve Diggle. This years festival is going to go all out and will be featuring the manic energy from all areas of the punk and post-punk scene throughout the decades. This is sort of a best of from this genre of music. HotMetro Finds will be covering the festival and will be writing and commenting on the sets delivered by these iconic bands.

“The Buzzcocks are a phenomenal act and the contribution made to punk and post punk music is huge.” Says Hot Metro Finds creator, TedCantu. “The singles all the way up to later releases like All Set have brought pop sensibility to the overall sound. The fans love it. Many of those records can be played over and over again they aged well.” Along with the coverage of the live performance at Riot Fest there will also be series of video highlights throughout the Buzzcocks multi-decade career.

There will be other acts from the Buzzcocks era from the NewYork scene including Television and Patti Smith. This event will be a who’s who of punk and post punk and the bands will be set up on multiple stages. The Portland band The Dandy Warhols will be playing in the same time slot as the Buzzcocks on day 2. Both bands have a strong following and the fans will have to decide on who to watch. One can’t lose on Riot Fest 2014 and it should be one amazing event.

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Hot Metro is a web site that focuses on music and concert reviews, restaurants, business insight and things that are trending. It focuses on the Metro Detroit, Michigan area.

TED CANTU: Hot Metro Finds Looks At The Fabulous Return Of The Libertines In The UK

London, England –  The UK hard rock sensation, The Libertines, have patched up their differences and have started performing again in front of fans. Pete Doherty and Carl Barat have been through ups and downs that have involved drugs, court cases and bouts of depression. It almost seemed hopeless that the band would ever get things in order but the fans have never let them completely go. Guitarist and singer Pete Doherty even had a breakup with his super model girlfriend Kate Moss. Despite all of the difficulties the band has reunited and have put on shows in Hyde Park in the UK. Now the band is looking at putting on more shows in London.

The reception has been outstanding. There were reports of excited 60,000 fans crashing through barricades causing the show to be stopped two times. The show was allowed to continue as fans eagerly climbed on top of scaffolding and fences around the stage. The band seems to be on solid ground again as more shows are being planned. The only question now is will the Libertines actually tour in the U.S. or not. Hot Metro Finds looks into the history of the band and the trouble that surrounded them in 2003 – 2013.

Hot Metro Finds creator, Ted Cantu, looks into how the band first came to the surface in America despite lack of promotion and almost zero major media presence. The articles go into how the Libertines tracks would be made available through file sharing networks while the Internet matured into the big beast that it is today. Now, with the creation of online video websites such as, the music is more readily available. In addition to theLibertines Pete Doherty’s other band – The Babyshambles is also more readily accessible.

While brands like MTV now center on teen pregnancy the focus of Hot Metro Finds has always been centered on new music. Some of the music is not really radio friendly or even has any commercial like appeal in some cases. Hot Metro Finds has centered on indie bands with cult like followings that have real artistic integrity. The Libertines definitely fit into that category and the music really does have a voice all its own.

About Hot Metro Finds
Hot Metro is a web site that focuses on music and concert reviews, restaurants, business insight and things that are trending. It focuses on the Metro Detroit, Michigan area.

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