Saturday, November 26, 2011

Published Gurus and Lack of Proof

THE PROBLEM WITH GURUS And EXPERTSYou should be terrified to live in this modern age. You can't even get your hands on a printed best seller these days without planning for it in advance. Newspapers and newstands are disappearing along with magazines. Bookstores are disappearing and now you have to map out your Barnes and Nobles route before you leave the house to avoid rush hour.

The modern age sucks.

I miss a lot of the bookstore venues we had a few short years ago. I even miss Walden Books of all places and it used to be my least favorite. But why am I going on and on about this book thing? Well in my travels and discoveries I was surprised to see that some of these marketing gurus are claiming to have pulled incredible numbers of clients and leads.

Im not going to mention names here because I will get called out on it. Many authors have read my blogs and I do get contacted occasionally - but lets stick to the point. Some of these authors claim they pulled 937,000 leads off a single website recently. I was a little bit impressed until I got in front of a computer and looked these guys up on Google. I tore their websites apart looking for trigger codes that would talk to search engines that would warrant this type of response. And guess what? I found .. NONE.. I found nothing. I also turned up zero on the links portion of the websites. This boastful author only had 40 links to one of his websites.

So you know what I thought about the whole thing right?

Thats right. I thought it was total bullshit. But the sad thing about being a crackjack SEO is that I can tell when someone is jerking my chain and trying to get me to be impressed. I meet a lot of bullshit authors and web gurus people. I got Xray eyes and can peer into any website and tell you if the guy behind the charade is the real deal or a low life nickel snatcher.

I have to live honestly because it is what I do. Its what I am all about. Gurus on the whole - seriously sicken me. And I have met dozens and maybe hundreds of them by now but I chose to only remember a select few because I have selective memory.

The Newest Kid on the Block is claiming to pull $26 grand off of each client doing what he calls, "Market Domination" --

Im disappointed after going to his site. Its a blog and it is not optimized. It is in pieces actually and is not functioning. This is somewhat of a norm among these types. I have another group out there that does social media. They claim to pull multiple amounts of money each month off of their clients. But their social media buttons on their own website are out of order.

The problem with these gurus in my opinion, aside from seeing through their smoke and mirrors, is that they attract droves of poor people. And I got nothing against poor people, (unless they are throwing up their MLM ALL OVER ME) but I find their attention span around these illusionary concepts of what money is and what money is not exhausting.

"JUST GIMME SOME TRUTH" John Lennon once said - I say INDEED, Published by Ted Cantu, Nov 26, 2011

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