Monday, February 19, 2007

Check The Sincerity Of Your Social Networks

"Creating Mountains Of Wealth Begins With PRE-QUALIFIED PROSPECTS!"

When I first read Robert Allen book about, "Multiple Streams of Income" I got to admit I was somewhat smitten. This was the guy who jumped up to 24k in one night on the Internet. The rest of the book reads like a fairy tale. You walk away from the experience with this unshakable belief that you can do this too......

Like I said, I was smitten.

But when you break down the math of how the income relates to the actual numbers that are involved the "landslide profits" it loses something. It loses a little of the magic that you once felt. You see Allen had a sizeable number to play with in the first place. He had a phenomenal audience OPT IN list in his customer database. The actual number was around 23,000 opt-in emails which meant he had permission to market to them. They knew who he was and he had developed a relationship with them.

He managed to score 1% of the money from this group of people. That is the MAGIC number that got him on a television show where he released an email to informed his list how to order an ebook that he wrote.

This sort of takes the fun out of it a wee bit -- doesn't it?


Every one with a little budget suddenly wants to become the next They want to get awarded the next 1.65 billion dollars, (this was the amount Google paid for the network). Some of these social networks online are pretty good but most of them are just average. There are many people on these sites that are looking to hook up with other like minded people.

Podomatic, where I have a podcast show by the way, ( has a lot of people who can join your friend network. After they join it you may or may not have a lot of contact with them. I know I don't on a general basis. Oh sure, they may come by to see if I have a new show posted or not. But that about as far as our friendship goes. Thats not much of a friendship.

I certainly could use their personal email addresses.

But what about groups like WWW.LINKEDIN.COM the quality of people there are matched on profession and where you went to school etc. I am not particulary convinced that this is a sincere networking tool either.

And What can I say about this one? This site is based on who is hot or not and its somewhat of a dating/stalking site. Again. I am not convinved that the people who join your friendship database online give a royal hoot about you or not. Its very unlikely.

Here are a few more courtesty of TECHCRUNCH.COM

TRUSTED OPINIONA new social network named Trusted Opinion came out of private beta over the weekend. It has the single worst logo I’ve ever seen ( a circle with a check mark and some unreadable text), and a name that suggests they are a bland reputation based service like TrustedID. But actually they’re a new recommendation-based social network that has integrated both Flash and Ajax components very nicely.Your network of friends is viewed through a rotating, solar-system like visual module built in Flash.

Jyte is a new service that leverages OpenID to allow users to start a discussion on any “claim” they care to make. Other users can then vote and discuss those claims.

TextMarks will announce a new product tomorrow that allows publishers to charge people to receive breaking news and other information via text messages. It’s available now under a new “monetize” tab on the home page of the site.the battle rages on with

Users are restricted from uploading their own audio files (copyright concerns drove this), but Photobucket says they may add a record button to allow a narrative of the photo/video stream in the future. For now, a selection of licensed stock music is available. Users can also add transition effects, text bubbles, frames and other effects to the mashup.

There is another video system that was just released that we tried to log onto over the weekend. This thing didn't seem to work. There was another mishap over the weekend as someone on the site spammed a bunch of its members......... I got 50 emails from people who I didn't know and some of them were in other languages that I don't speak... such as French and Chinese.

This takes me all the way back to Robert Allen once again. I respect what he has done and accomplish. However I do not think that marketing to your own extended database is much of an achievement in the grand scheme of things.

............. But how likely is it that you will ever top him or equal him using these frivalous social networks like the ones I've outlined.

Try to go for more sincere efforts and find genuine people in your niche.

Cantu writes for the blog. This entry was written on 10:16 pm on Feb 19, 2007.

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