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Team Bluestein To Release The Facts Regarding Website

Local Detroit PR Firm Clears Phony Allegations Concerning Frank Bluestein

Detroit, MI – Small time web forum site,, which is based out of Chicago has boldly stated inaccurate claims aimed at Metro Detroit businessman Frank Bluestein. The claims stated inaccurate information regarding Mr. Bluestein and even included threats of bodily violence, (ex: stemming from last month.

Detroit PR Rep Ted Cantu, i-Cantu Media LTD, was hired in to straighten out the matter along with attorney Joseph Dadich, (Dadich Law). The disturbing note included a death threat aimed at Mr. Bluestein. The owner of Boggleheads could not be reached for comment despite many attempts to reach him. When attorney Joe Dadich finally did get through to the sites owner he adjusted the life threatening post slightly but refused to take the post down entirely.

The site is run by Chicago based, Alex Frakt, and can be contacted at There you can find his contact information including email address and phone number.

“Its unfortunate that blogs, and forum owners take on the stance of irresponsible journalists. Not only do these types go out of their way to discredit someone but they also feel the urge to enforce death threats and other unpleasant proceedings. We are in the process right now of taking immediate and direct action against Mr. Frakt. Due to the sensitive nature of this matter I cannot go into the exact course of action. That will be left up to our legal team.”

We are also working directly with Google who is protecting the shadowy, “Ron” who is in cohoots with and has made other derogatory comments on blogs owned by Google. By law and through cooperation with law enforcement they are required to hand over personal and discreet information especially when death threats are concerned.

As a result, Cantu and Dadich will be releasing a special report regarding cyber bullying and the legal guidelines that you have as a customer and participant on the World Wide Web. The report is also going to outline the considerable amount of risk that a perpetrator puts himself in when delivering death threats, inaccurate information regarding trials in process.

At the time of this writing Alex Frakt and his cohort “Ron” were not available for comment.

The report comes out July 8,2009
Ted Cantu can be reached at 1.888.305.2532 for more information.


Frank Bluestein on Being Frank

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Frank Bluestein - A Closer Look

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Frank Bluestein - A Real American

Frank Bluestein has brought you much over the recent years. But nothing has been more incredible than his insightful, "dead on" stock pick site...

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