Saturday, July 04, 2009

Clueless About Online Marketing?

Everything You Wanted To Ask About Website Marketing But Was Just Too 'Gosh Darned' Embarrased.....

Face it, you are flabergasted with the world of online marketing. Not everything you try is going to work. In fact, every market I have found myself in has twisted and turned in different ways.

That not only makes the experience confusing it makes it pretty frustrating to boot. Advertising your business online is not easy. In fact, until I figured out the entire thing I found the experience very humbling.
As you know I spent uncountable hours until I got a good handle on this. I was on the radio, read over 800 books, figured out how to write compelling sales copy and even wrote a book in the last recent years. That is why I am so excited about this new project.
I am going to turn over my knowledge to all of you out there, FREE OF CHARGE. Those who know me personally know how I hate talking on the phone, (yes yes it is a necessary evil). This open format allows all of my friends out there in business to ask me detailed questions about how to promote themselves online.

When it comes to online internet marketing and web 2.0 you need to come to this site.
This is the invention of Ted Cantu, the author of, "The 30 Day Total Business Makeover". It is presented in a simple format that encourages participation and questions of all sizes, complexities and magnitude. The idea is to flourish innovative talk and help business owners out there express their concerns and frustrations... free of charge.
Give it a try. I promise not to let you down.
For more information or if you need to consult with me on the phone you can leave us a number at the studio at 1.888.305.2532

Ted Cantu posted this at 2am July 4, 2009.

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