Monday, February 11, 2008

FREE- Red Hot Marketing Articles For Your Sites and Blogs - Part 2

This is a great strategy to get spiders to come and visit your site. If you are not tapping into your niche categories and tangent markets then listen up. You Search engine rankings really depend on being relevant.

That means your content is your really your best bet for high visibility. I suggest that every site out there get some form of article base. This not only helps your customers but it also helps further explain to your public what you can provide.

The problem with a lot of SEO firms and web site owners is the lack of clarification. Many people on both parties think that you can get these type of rankings with only 5 pages. If we are talking about real market penetration and building a brand online it is going to be very difficult to be seen with only a few sparse pages.

The Power Of Numbers
I would much rather take on smaller amounts of sub categories of my main keyword, (in 47,000 or 120,000) than tackle something huge like 12 million. The category for "Hair Products" has 60 million searches every month. It would be smarter to break that category down into smaller groups and dominating every one of those fields.

For example:

Womans Hair Conditioner - 45,500
Hair Color Products - 22,000
Hair Color Removal - 55,000

Eventually you are going to be at the top of all of these markets if you put your SEO to work in your pages. You have to have the proper network to support all of these pages - whether they come in the form of blogs, podcasts, social network sites and your web site.

An article section is a great place to start doing all of this.

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