Saturday, January 31, 2009

Web 2.0 and Automotive Marketing

I was reading how an Internet lead is lost in 4 hours if not followed up. The online car buyer will actually go to your site and look around and even fill out your customer contact form. What happens next is incredible. The lead will often go unnoticed by the web staff and this gets lost in the shuffle.

A surprisingly large number of these leads will go on to another dealership and make a purchase. The percentage of prospects who actually do this is close to 50%. If the lead can somehow get re-routed back to the dealership and in the hands of an attentive sales person some serious magic can happen. This is where Web 2.0 can make a serious difference. Here is something I found online...

"TROY, Mich. (January 21, 2009) -- Today Saleztrack, a premier provider of dealership Internet lead management (ILM) software and CRM software applications, announced an exclusive partnership with automotive intelligence market leader R.L. Polk & Co. that allows dealerships to increase sales from Internet leads by 24 percent within 90 days. Saleztrack utilizes Polk Lead Scoring in its recently released Digitrack -- the industry’s newest and unmatched ILM technology -- to help auto dealers “prioritize and pursue the very best Internet leads first,” according to Saleztrack CEO Bill Lloyd

“Polk Lead Scoring significantly enhances our Digitrack product and enables dealers to easily qualify their Internet leads and gain a competitive advantage, resulting in more Internet leads converted into sales,” said Lloyd. “This is a great partnership and addition to Saleztrack’s web-based CRM software.”


The benefit of utilizing a Web 2.0 CRM software solution is that it can handle muti step lead followup. It accomplishes this through email texting, voice broadcast, automated email deployment and much more. It allows the seller to tend to other customers and new business while taking care of the prospects simultaneously. Both end up coming out looking like a winner. Plus the number of cars that have been sold through this process have been somewhat astonishing.

I have found some more information as to real case studies at this address:

This is an interesting factoid of information from this site..."

32% BUY AFTER 90 DAYS! "

I find these numbers pretty interesting. More and more of the Internet generation is turning to the web now to do their car shopping. Often times they want to fill out a subscription form on your site to get more information. Converting that into an actual cash paying customer can be quite a task. It requires the right type of followup.Web 2.0 is the missing link in this process and Saleztrack has it.

You can get on the no obligation demo call and get more information at

Nobody has a system like this on the market and the testimonials they are recieving have been incredible.

Posted by Ted Cantu on Jan 30 at 11:46. You can find more information on this company at and you can get on the special call to boost your auto sales at

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