Sunday, July 05, 2009

Multiple Listings R Us

Check this out:

Don't submit your URL address multiple times during the day. Also don't submit hundreds of URLs from the same website. A much better technique is to create a site map with all your links on one page. Link to the site map from your home page so that the search engine spider can find all your pages easily.

Getting Multiple Listing on the Same Search Engine
There is an easy way to get multiple listings with the same search engines. The trick to this is to change the title of your page every month or so. This tricks the search engine robots into thinking that it is a whole new page. I have also seen sites that leave out the www when submitting their site.


After all the crap I had to endure over my discovery of "Multiple Google Listings On The Same Page" I must say I found this post sort of a relief. Someone else is playing the "Cantu" game over here.... but the advice they give you here is pretty bad.

  • Are people, (outside of India) really submitting single URL pages to search engines these days? This is somewhat of a waste of time. My bets for getting listed multiple times really center around the following criteria:

  • Web Video
  • Podcasting Posts
  • PR - Press Releases

My book, "The 30 Day Business Makeover" has outlined that there are 9 families of search engines including, video, podcasting, articles, press releases, hubs, social bookmarking and so on. It is important for you to have media posted on all of these areas.

In either case - no matter what you believe - the truth is slipping out on the web after all this time. Pretty fascinating isn't it?

** Posted by Ted Cantu on July 5, 2009 at 4:18 PM - Cantu can be found in Farmington Hills, MI or Chicago and even sometimes, New York City..... Honest.

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