Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Ted Cantu on Doing Business In Michigan

When I meet with people I do not accept the following “offers”.

1. I will not buy property from you.
2. I will not “sign up” under your MLM or MLM ventures
3. Absolutely no pornography
4. I will not join your church
5. Do not ask me for a money loan
6. I do not create companies for people I meet off the street and work for a “commission”
7. I am not looking for partnerships
8. I will not consider leasing commercial space from you
9. I am not looking to hawk your products
10. I will not join, distribute, or promote your non profit
11. No barters
12. No trades
13. No Amway, Send out Cards, Vitamin drinks etc.
14. I will not endorse your political party or charity

As you can see I am not your "Typical" Michigan businessman. I never claimed to be. But I do not succomb to the alphabetical stereotypical Midwest list of ordinary practices.

As I have claimed before. I was born in Michigan but I was not raised here. This just goes out for the record and to keep the record straight.

Posted by Ted Cantu, (raised in the East Coast) on July 8, 2009 at 5:19 PM GOD SAVE DETROIT

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