Monday, December 01, 2008

Video Mini Sites With Muscle

What Do You Do With A Runaway Hit?

It used to take nothing short of a modern miracle to get any kind of exposure on Google. But now with a few smart tactics it is possible to get real recognition in little time. I am grateful for the multiple video search engines that are out there. The web has been getting more visual for months but lately this phenomenon has exploded.

Here is a sample of why I like web video....

Thanks to web video you can now build a site that will get noticed. I like using web 2.0 video because it has multiple lifeforms. In short, I like web video because it lives on Iphones, Ipods, mobile devices, web sites, blogs and even in ebooks, (if you got the know how....). This can be a pretty powerful thing.

The other reason why I like web video is because it pre-sells my clients. I am usually up for not having to cold call people or do a hard sell in person. Pre-selling allows you to pretty much avoid the whole classic Tom Hopkins approach to selling. I noticed that even my closings are different from days of distant past.

Check out the mini site.

Its a good way to go.

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