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High Response Copywriting Is Alive And In LONDON

Alan Forrest Smith, (The Orange Beetle) is an absolute genius when it comes to copywriting. For those who are not familiar he has created a serious buzz over the UK now for quite a few years and for good reason. His work really grabs you by the lapels and literally shakes you off the floor.

Now he is back with the usual suspects in the world of online money making - Brett McFall and Stephen Pierce and are once again making history. The seats are a bit expensive but entirely worth the venture. Clients that spend time in the Beetle camp walk off with a treasure trove of information and customer generating techniques.

The notion to suddenly pack up my bags and scoot down there has crossed my mind more than a few times. These guys know something we don't in the USA. They have created something of a sensation in Australia, London, and in the Internet World Summit.

Quite interestingly enough they were writing sales copy to be intertwined with SEO pages before anywhere else. I heard them talk about secrets of writing good web copy for the search engines on a study course I purchased over a couple of years ago. Great stuff. Worth the price.

There are new DVD's out and a videos of the lessons that were taught in case you miss the boat. Here is something that is noteworthy.... Dan Kennedy is no longer taping his events for sale because of all the bootlegging that is happening on Ebay. I can't say I blame him. I do know that if you want top, relevant information that this stuff does not come cheap.

Beetle is one of my favorite copywriters for a number of reasons. One good reason is that he is able to close down a niche market at 87% !!! He is also great for cultivating a strong following for a particular product or service. Its not dry and its never boring.
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