Saturday, January 20, 2007

Forget Affiliate Programs If You Use A MLM Service

Hey folks you know the best way you can really pump in profits is through an affiliate program. This means that to have a constant stream of customers you need a server that will let you attach affiliate program software.

People can sign up for your program and promote it on their sites. But beware. You cannot run this type of program if you are on a multi-level service - or MLM.

The worst thing you can do is go through the following:

Market America
Pre-Paid Legal
Mary Kay
Franchise Sites
Online Shopping Clubs
MLM Groups

Whenever you join any of these type of groups and try to run an affiliate program your basically screwed. It will never happen.

This goes double for anyone using a WYSISYG type editor from one of these services. The reason why this won't work for you is because these servers are locked down tight. You cannot run a Perl script on any of them. And you need Perl to help you tabulate your incoming orders and to track sales. It's as simple as that.

I had purchased a web site through Market America years ago and was happy with it. That is until I found out how limited I was when I wanted to market it. The other thing that really got my attention was how limited the Meta Data was by using their software.

If you are using a template based software code system you can get around this. Save the template as an HTML document and swop out the Meta Data and then re-upload it. This will save you a lot of headache and get you ranked faster.

But thats an easy fix.

What do you do when the whole system you are working on is incompatible with an affiliate program? If you're smart you will switch hosting companies.

Go Daddy offers great servers that are Linux compatible, you can run Perl scripts on them and they have a whole range of services that compliment these program languages. This is where you need to address your focus.

Plus it will be actually cheaper for you to have your own affiliate program. The hosting for these types of groups can add up. Sure, on one hand its only $50 bucks a month but then you got multiple charges going through your account simultaneously and you can be looking at an annual $4,800 bucks just to stay in business.

You don't need permission to go out and sell. I sure don't. I just go out and do it.
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